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This episode started with Mozzie (or should I say Theodore?) training Neal in order to get past the security cameras in the evidence room, or corridor to be more exact. A scene that reminded a lot of that time Sean Connery was training Catherine Zeta-Jones.

As a result Neal was late for the briefing, as was Peter apparently.

And nowadays you just can't interrupt can you? We also got to know that Diana was 8 months pregnant. Which basically means that at the time when Peter got arrested she was 6 months on and she had a flat belly. But! We also saw Neal's new handler. Who seems like a nice guy. Even Neal appreciated him. But then he basically admitted of playing Neal and most of the times someone who is deliberately deceives the main character does not gain appreciation.

Still the guy was doing his job. A job that led directly to... Mozzie. Which of course would lead to funny circumstances.

Back to the office the Suits immediately thought that the bold short guy was Mozzie. But Neal pull some sketching tricks and all was good.

Until they found out the Teddy Walters name. Which turned out to be Mozzie's real name. It did suit him. But he prefers Theodore. So there was only one solution: fake his own death.

That might have worked if Diana wasn't so terrified about being a mamma that she had to go investigate more. And what did she find?

But then she went into labor. To be honest, from the moment she went alone to the warehouse I was certain she was going into labor. Wasn't certain she would run into Mozzie/Teddy/Theodore, though. Of course the possibility of him leaving her alone was non-existent. These guys might be criminals, but they are not bad people, you guys! So meanwhile in the FBI building some big things were going down. First of all we found out that the new handler is not kidding. If Neal does something wrong he'll just go to prison. Didn't add any points to the likable thing. Still doing his job though. And then Peter was of course suspicious of Neal going up and tempering with the evidence. Which doesn't make sense, because why on Earth would Neal want to temper with the evidence? But he did want to. These scenes brought up so many questions about the security in this building. First of all, I never understood why their offices do not have cameras. Or the elevators. But let's for argument's sake say it's a privacy matter, or it is not required (that might be true, I don't really know). Isn't it totally irrational to have surveillance on the corridor leading to a room with evidence and not to the room itself? And does the camera movement apply only on entrance? Because Neal didn't seem that troubled for his exit. As if cameras do not record everything in tapes that can be watched a long time after. Meanwhile, Diana had been transferred to a hospital and everyone was gathered to say hi to her new baby-Theo.

Because of course you name your baby after the one that helped you deliver it. And it's also a nice name. Mozzie/Teddy/Theodore was very touched! But the Suits were not so apprehensive. Because, I'm sure that no criminal was ever called Peter. Or whatever Jones' name is. And despite all Mozzie did help her when she was giving labor, he deserved it. Finally, back at home the two criminals were discussing the whole Dutchman thing. Which will more likely follow us for the near future, judging from Neal's conclusion:

That's all folks. I thought the episode was a Little bit messy in the beginning, but it worked out in the end. And it introduces us to the things we will see next: that is basically Neal trying to handle his con past (and present, due to the Dutchman's arrival) with his new handler who wouldn't mind putting him back in jail.
- Do you prefer Mozzie, Teddy or Theodore?
-Did you like the new handler?

- Do you think Peter likes his new job?
- Have you missed the hat trick?

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Oct 27, 2013
Okay I just finished the episode and I gotta ask why is Diana so pregnant so fast.And why is she anywhere near a crime scene or out in the office usually they kick you out by 5 months! I am happy to see Peter and Neal acting like actual friends even if its suspcious friends
Oct 26, 2013
Mozzie was the best of this ep, as so many times before. Wouldn't it be better if he gets his own show? The ep had so many holes... is this becoming more a comedy than ... what it was supposed to be? I did laugh quiet few times, so no problem for me. But had I been in Neal and Mozzies shoes, and this point of their lives I had run away back to some island where they can never find me again. But of course, this is kind of a comedy and the bad guys never really get a hard time ;)
Oct 25, 2013
The problem I had with this episode was Neal's anklet - in the last episode, they showed that they are able to view old location data, so why was he at Moz's front before it exploded and in his hideout near the end?

The fact they could track his location meant he didn't swap the anklets last week and he is wearing the new one.

It was messy in parts, but I liked it better than the last episode

Line of the night -

Moz "I'm a dad!"
Diane "Not even close"
Moz "I'm a mid wife"
Oct 25, 2013
While I do agree that any decent, regular analysis of Neal's movements would reveal a lot of his activities, it's not too far-fetched the FBI wouldn't have caught on to the things you've mentioned. First of all, Neal has only just recently gotten a new handler. Previous to this Peter was still his handler, and I don't think he examines Neal's movements all that much. Usually he only reviews the anklet's movements when he sees something suspicious about Neal's behavior, let he did in the fire station. He's also been in jail for the past several months, so it would be up to Diana and Clinton (Jones) to check up on Neal, and neither of them would go out of their way to do that unless they had a reason.

There's also the fact that Peter, Diana, and Clinton are all well aware that Mozzie is a thief, yet they've historically let this slide and not tried to actively bring him to justice, especially in the most recent seasons. So while they could monitor Neal to monitor Mozzie, and then track him until they catch him doing something illegal, they haven't done that in the past because Mozzie is kind of one of the good guys. He's more useful than he is a detriment to society in their eyes.

As to why Neal's new handler didn't notice that Neal was at the hideout, I think that has more to do with the fact that even if the handler were watching, all he would see is that Neal was at a scene relating to a case they'd been investigating. Remember, he wasn't suspicious at all about how things went down. There was that one bit where Neal went into the building and was alone for a while, but other than that there wasn't anything odd about Neal's behavior. The handler bought that Theodore Walters, their target, was dead, so in his mind the case was as closed as it would ever be. And if he happened to see that Neal went back to that scene, then his first assumption was probably that Neal was looking at it one was time, searching for any evidence they might have missed, etc. Remember that the tracking system doesn't give elevation (Senator Pratt had a very difficult time finding Neal in the Empire State Building), so he wouldn't know that Neal was underground.

Now, this only goes to explain why Peter, the new handler, and the FBI in general haven't put those pieces together yet. It's certainly possible that either of them will go back over Neal's tracking data if the Theodore Waters thing doesn't die down. And now that Diana is part of it, it's almost guaranteed that Peter will find out at some point. My guess/hope is that Peter will eventually decide to protect Neal and thwart the new handler from finding out what happened.
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Oct 25, 2013
First of all, you better bet that Theo is a nice name. If I have it then you know it's gotta be good.

And second of all, yeah, the security in that building is terrrrrrrrrrrible. You pointed out that there's cameras in the corridor but not in the evidence room itself, and that Neal didn't do any of the motions when he left. This latter issue can only logically mean (in my mind at least) that those cameras aren't actually recording any footage, which makes absolutely no sense. And then there's the huge gaping hole in their security which I noticed, which happens to be the fact that you have something like four cameras in the hallway, swiveling about, but none of them are above either entrance into the hallway. That just boggles my mind. What is the use of having three or four cameras every several feet on only one of the sides of the corridors (at least make it both sides, people), when you could just have two cameras at either end of the corridor? You get to help the budget out a little by only having to buy two cameras, and they don't ever need to swivel at any time.

Obviously, the only reason that the evidence room has security like that is so that Neal could do a fun little dance to get past there. To be honest it's more enjoyable to see Neal pull that kind of break-in as opposed to Mozzie clicking a few keys on a computer and saying "Cameras are looped." And I'm sure that in the writers' room they probably work backwards on these things (come up with fun visual ways that Neal can steal things, and then invent a security system that can be bypassed by said fun methods) to ensure that they don't create the security system first and then realize that the only real way to break into it is rather boring. But I don't want the writers' to be so easily caught red-handed in these things. I don't want the security system itself to be so obviously constructed for the sole purpose that someone could easily get past it if they danced a little underneath the cameras. It's like the person who invented the system got a memo that said: "make sure that uncoordinated people, and only uncoordinated people, will never slip past us."

Anyway, that irritation with the horrendous security system aside, I did enjoy this episode quite a bit. It was nice to see Neal fighting for something he believed in (saving Mozzie/Theodore) this episode. If he's going to be going against the FBI, the it should be about something that we can get behind.
Oct 26, 2013
That was my only issue with the episode...even just one camera really...right?
Other than that i'm lovin this season!!
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