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This week's White Collar was really interesting.
We started with Mr Suit planning an event for his anniversary with Mrs Suit. What else could a woman want other than her husband remembering all their anniversaries, right?

And since one of the important dates Peter keeps in memory is the day he caught Neal for the first time a little investigation is in order. What really surprised me was how easy it was for Neal to lie to Peter's face. We already know that that has been his job for many years, that he has always had his quasi separate agenda, but something felt different this time. Maybe the fact that he has a totally different agenda.
Then the Suits' dinner followed. Which was rudely interrupted by an old acquaintance of Peter's. She was more like his girlfriend back in Quantico. Mrs Suit handled it very well at first we must admit.

Moving on to another pair of people, Neal and his new lady friend her deep into business depicting Chapter 13. Which brought them closer. The ways art brings people closer.

But Mozzie interrupted and offered some great Shakespeare quotes:

"One that knows love not wisely but too well"

Next morning, Peter's ex partner paid a visit to the White Collar division.

What she wanted was that Peter helped her in a case of hers. Peter was in, because of course being head of a department and handling a ci is not too much. Peter and his Jill had some in depth conversations that Peter thought he couldn't have with Liz about the death of Siegel. Got into the hotel room of the guy they were looking for and took a selfie. Meanwhile Jones and Neal got a guy that had Siegel's badge, who gave them a new lead on the case.

So over the days Liz got jealous of her husband so she had a coffee party with Mozzie who gave some solid advice:

After that speech Liz persuaded Neal to help her spy on her husband's blond friend. Which led them to the same place were they were working, which seemed as a bad turn out for someone.
Things weren't that bad though. Liz was flirting with the chip guy, who put the chip in her mobile case, the ex partner duo and the guy got caught by mercenaries, and this followed

At this point I would like to point out the following: Last episode we heard Peter say that Siegel's murder was an one time incident, which I consider a huge foreshadowing. In this episode they showed that scene in the previous. When Neal and Liz went to the hotel I expected Liz to get hurt. As the scenes evolved I expected that in order for Liz not to get hurt something would happen to Peter. Neither happen. And while we know that the show does not want to hurt its' people, which is one of the things why it is so pleasant to watch, something like that, even if it turned out to not be true, it would add angst and thus make the whole interaction more enjoyable. Just my opinion though.

Anyways, back in the office Peter had a heart to heart discussion with the lady and the reasons why the broke up. She told him that he should trust Liz with all his problems, which led him to starting talking to his wife about Siegel.

Meanwhile Neal has found himself the window from the Codex AND a new girlfriend

and Peter a card.

1. Do you/ your partner remember all the anniversaries etc?
2 "The good ones keep you up at night. -The bad ones even longer"
3. Would you like to have a coffee party with Mozzie?
4. Neal's hats are back!!!
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Dec 09, 2013
I liked the episode - Jones and Neal gossiping was a nice touch - it just seems they are repeating story lines right now.
The hidden clue with the glass window reminded me of when they were looking for the sub a few seasons ago for example
Dec 08, 2013
cute episode
Peter didn't clink glasses with Liz during the toast at the restaurant but he did with Jill--that would of pissed me off if I was Liz.
I didn't trust Jill but she turned out to be not so bad.
Neal is lovable as always~same goes for Mozzie
1. no
2. ?
3. yes
4. Yay!

Great review;-)
Dec 07, 2013
I'm not caught up on this season but I look forward to catching up on the show and then reading your review(s). I'm glad someone is reviewing this show and it bumps the show up on my watch list;-)

Dec 07, 2013
Great review!
I really liked this episode!
Of course I would love to have coffee with Mozzie,
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