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bye, bomer
Sep 12, 2014
White Collar's Sixth (and Definitely Final) Season Has a Premiere Date
The shortened six-episode season will wrap up Neal's story once and for all.
bye, bomer
Mar 21, 2014
USA Renews White Collar for a Sixth (and Likely Final) Season
Neal and Peter are expected to wrap up their story with a six-episode final run.
Jan 11, 2014
White Collar: Revelations in Brooklyn
Hey people!

Even thought the hiatus wasn't long, I missed the show!! And what a great way to come back, wasn't it?

Everything started with Peter jogging his stress away.

And getting a call from the DC guy offering him the job he had postponed taking. And practically ...Read more
new wardrobe
Dec 09, 2013
USA's Midseason Schedule: Suits Returns to Thursdays to Launch New Series Sirens, and Psych's Probably Final Season Gets a Premiere Date
Harvey and Michael will help launch the new EMT comedy Sirens, and White Collar returns in January.
Dec 06, 2013
White Collar: Visit from the Past

This week's White Collar was really interesting.
We started with Mr Suit planning an event for his anniversary with Mrs Suit. What else could a woman want other than her husband remembering all their anniversaries, right?

And since one of the important dates Peter keeps in memory is the day he caught Neal for the first time a little investigation is in order. What really surprised me was how easy it was for Neal to lie to Peter's face. We already know that that has been his job for many years, that he has always had his quasi separate agenda, but something felt different this time. Maybe the fact that he has a totally different agenda.
Then the Suits' dinner followed. Which was rudely interrupted by an old acquaintance of Peter's. She was more like his girlfriend back in Quantico. Mrs Suit handled it very well at ...Read more
Nov 15, 2013
Photo Recap: White Collar: Once in Santorini...
Hey everyone,

This week's episode was only a case one and however enjoyable it might have been, it did not promote the plot at all. So let's see what happened in yesterday's case.

Everything started with Mrs Suits finding out that Mr Suit was hot. Literally. He ...Read more
Nov 09, 2013
White Collar: Psychoanalysis session

In this episode things continued being serious. Well, not so much continued, as became serious by the end of it. It started with the White Collar team deciding that after 15 Days they will leave the investigation on Siegel's murder aside. Which seems like something that the NYPD should be doing or even the FBI but a branch that solves homicide and not frauds, heists, etc. Maybe each division can investigate the murders of their own. And they offered counseling to anyone facing problems. I can understand that losing someone you work with can be hard, but I was under the impression that the only people Siegel even spoke to were Peter and Neal. Anyway, it might be protocol. Or he might have developed relations with more people than we know of.

Meanwhile, Neal was in house arrest. Why? Was he considered a suspect? I doubt it, it would ...
Read more
Nov 01, 2013
White Collar: Death in New York

So guys, things got serious. Let's dig in.
At first we saw a sunny New York, coffee drinking, chit chatting and apartment shopping. Agent Siegel was apparently checking Neal's anklet on and off to keep an eye on him.

Back in the office Peter informed Neal that the ...
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