White Collar

Season 4 Episode 7

Compromising Positions

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2012 on USA



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    • Sara: For the record, I am very much not the incriminating-photos type.
      Neal: Well, there was that time --
      Sara: Neal, I thought I was hitting speed dial.
      Neal: Right.

    • Peter: (looking at Mozzie) Where did you come from?
      Mozzie: 45 years ago, an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug.

    • Bryson: (after Neal offers to testify in the trial) Thank you, Neal. But, I already have Peter and he, um, how do I put this...
      Jones: ...doesn't have a dark and sorted past as a professional con man.
      Diana: Or an on-again-off-again relationship with the whole truth.
      Jones: Or even-
      Neal: -Point taken!

    • Jones: (about Peter) He's the prosecution's star witness.
      Diana: And the only thing he loves more than arresting criminals...
      Jones: ...is testifying against them on their trial.
      Neal: Oh, I remember. Vividly.

    • Peter: (referring to the suspect) She is who you call when the CEO of your Fortune 500 company crashes his Bentley with his 18-year-old mistress' head on his lap.

    • Bryson: (during Neal's testimony) Mr. Caffrey, when you're known in some circles as a con man, and a liar, why should we believe a word of any of this?
      Neal: Oh, you shouldn't. People lie.

    • Defense Attorney: How does being a fake scientist qualify this man to identify benzene?
      Judge: I'd very much like the answer to that myself.
      Neal: Your Honor, I was convicted of bond forgery, and forgery is as much science as it is art.
      Bryson: And does the government consider you an expert in forgery?
      Neal: Of all types.

    • Neal: Sara already told Shepherd that there are compromising photos of her with another man out there. (Turns to Sara) You never mentioned who that man was.
      Peter: Which gives us creative license to make those photos real.
      Elizabeth: (incredulously) What?
      Peter: No, I mean, not real, but look real. Real-looking. And you can completely be there.
      Elizabeth: In the photos?
      Peter: No. No, I'm just saying that you can watch.
      Sara: Oh. 'Cause that won't be awkward.
      Elizabeth: Well...Huh. I hate to say it. But I think it'll work.

    • Elizabeth: (after hearing the plan) And why wouldn't she use the dirt she has against you?
      Peter: Out of loyalty to her best client.
      Elizabeth: And who's her best client? (Sara, Neal and Peter exchange glances)
      Sara: The insurance investigator... who's sleeping with your husband.

    • Neal: I know how we can take Bryson's extortion photos out of play.
      Peter: I'm all ears.
      Neal: How would you feel about sleeping with Sara Ellis?

    • Sara: (about the fixer) She's damn good at cleaning up messes.
      Neal: Saved your ass?
      Sara: I may or may not have hired her to retrieve my broken heel from Ivanka Trump's doormat. (Neal opens his mouth to speak) Don't ask.

    • Neal: So, testifying isn't as much about the questions as it is about the answers
      Peter: Exactly.
      Neal: And I stand corrected. (Peter nods triumphantly) Testifying is a two-man con.
      Peter: Go sharpen your pencils.

    • Neal: (about testifying) You're convincing a jury your narrative is right. It's a con.
      Peter: Nope. Conning involves deceit.
      Neal: Oh. A lie of omission isn't deceit?
      Peter: My testimony isn't a lie of omission.
      Neal: Are you mentioning the part where the benzene was nowhere to be found when you showed up with the warrant later?

    • Neal: (about Peter) It's like it's Christmas morning and he's unwrapping a "guilty" verdict.

    • Neal: You don't think I should trust Sam?
      Mozzie: I'm simply saying that you should go in with both eyes open. And... the Suit has the resources to be those eyes.
      Neal: You realize that somewhere pigs are flying right now?
      Mozzie: Yes, and that is the sound of Hell freezing over.

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