White Collar

Season 2 Episode 3

Copycat Caffrey

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2010 on USA
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Neal's friend Alex reappears and needs help because someone put a price on her head because of the music box. Meanwhile, the FBI investigates an art theft which copied Neal's M.O. The trace leads the team to a criminology class at a local university.

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  • Amazing!

    This episode is real amazing, it puts the word "Me" with gorgeous smile :) OMG I watch it for several time already.

    This episode showed that Neal has super skill in observation plus his smart brain , just looking the fake painting, can tell when and how does it make. Even though he didn't go to college, but his skill is real master. I think if I were him I would be really happy. To come out with "be proud of himself" made the whole episode is so funny. The highlight is on the professor with his student can deliver a good lesson for the one who think they smart but actually somebody might be smarter than them. I love this plot , people become to see Neal as an expert, not just a criminal.moreless
  • Copying Neal Caffrey

    This was a fun episode to watch. To have Neal Caffrey learn that his crimes were being studied in a university was interesting, because of the way Neal reacted, with pride and excitement.

    I know I've mentioned this before, but the chemistry between Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer gets better with every episode. The lines were funny and case related and even Mozzie was hilarious with his constant quotes.

    I like how the Alex character fits in the story and it was good to have her back to well, have her gone again. It was good to see Aidan Quinn again.moreless
  • Definitely one of the best episodes of white collar.

    neal is overwhelmed with happiness when he hears that he is actully being copycatted. the look on his face when he said "me" after diane askes who they are coppycatting was pure and genuine. his smile was amazing and funny. those few minutes were the funniest i've seen on tv since the 'Psych' permier episode. i couldnt stop laughing and i kept rerunning.

    Also, the scene with the university class was just outstanding, almost as great as the bar scene with Alex Hunter, Neal and the wise guy who thought he was the smartest in the room. Overall this episode was very well written and preformed and it deserves a 10/10.moreless
Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn

Professor Oswald

Guest Star

Rosa Arredondo

Rosa Arredondo

Mrs. Jeffries

Guest Star

Michael Boatman

Michael Boatman

Russell Smith

Guest Star

Sharif Atkins

Sharif Atkins

FBI Agent Clinton Jones

Recurring Role

Gloria Votsis

Gloria Votsis

Alex Hunter

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The description of Neal on the criminology syllabus reads,

      Neal Caffrey

      A new breed of forger, technological virtuoso with a classical artistic foundation. Suspected of art forgery, theft of the Antioch manuscripts, and convicted of bond forgery. Caffrey was suspected of hundred of thefts before Agent Burke of the FBI apprehended him. His highly sophisticated schemes made it difficult for the FBI to follow his trail, along with his mastery of the arts made many of his crimes go unnoticed for many years, long after the trail was cold.

      He had a few accomplices, none on record, most of the time choosing to work alone, keeping the number of people that could turn on him to near zero. It is estimated that he forged over 10.3 billion dollars of priceless antiquities. Never the wiser, the FBI pursued him for six years and finally caught him.

    • When Peter shows Neal the syllabus from the criminology class, you can see that Neal's name is misspelled as "Caffery".

  • QUOTES (12)

    • (Peter finds Neal reading an article about the Thayer painting theft)
      Peter: I hope you're not admiring your own work.
      Neal: I wish I was. But I got a pretty good alibi. I was working with you yesterday.
      Peter: I'll be sure to back you up when we talk to Lamson Gallery.

    • Neal: I love a good art heist.
      Peter: Solving a good art heist.
      Neal: That's what I said.

    • Neal: Do you mind? I need to check my street contacts.
      Peter: Calling Mozzie?
      Neal: He's good at this kind of thing.
      Peter: You sure he didn't do it?
      Neal: (shakes his head) Slash and grab. Frames too high.

    • Alex: I can't believe I'm saying this. I saw a mockingbird in the park.
      Neal: What color was the mockingbird?
      Mozzie: The bird died. Let's go.

    • Diana: You've seen this scam before.
      Peter: I know someone who...
      Neal: Allegedly
      Peter: Allegedly pulled it off before. We have a copycat on our hands.
      Diana: Who are they copycatting?
      Neal: Me.

    • Peter: What's that on your face? I haven't seen you this happy in a while.
      Neal: You know, it's a beautiful day.
      Peter: You're excited someone's copycatting you.
      Neal: Imitation, flattery... You know what they say.

    • Peter: You ever been on a campus before?
      Neal: Not as a student.
      Peter: And yet you have three MBAs and two doctorates.
      Neal: Clearly something's wrong with the system.

    • Peter: Oh, look at you. You'd think being copycatted was like winning the crime Oscar.
      Neal: What, am I not allowed to revel?

    • Neal: You guys should invest in some of those little, um, Christmas-tree air fresheners.
      Peter: You don't like the van. Noted.

    • (In front of the criminology class)
      Neal: For the record, I still maintain that I basically turned myself in.
      Peter: The full weight of the FBI was bearing down on you. (To the class) I wear a badge. He wears a tracking anklet.

    • Peter: I'm The Peacemaker.
      George Oswald: Well, I don't recall starting any wars.

    • (Referring to the Thayer painting)
      Peter: Would you pay $4 million for that?
      Neal: Pay...
      Peter: Yeah. You're the wrong guy to ask.

  • NOTES (3)