White Collar

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

Neal meets with Mozzie to ask him about the construction of their treasure map. Mozzie is making progress as he tries to stay as close to the original design as possible.

When Neal comes home, he finds a stranger in June's house. June introduces him as Ford, an old friend of hers who just moved back to Manhattan. Generous as June is, she made a few donations to Ford's new apartment and wants to show him a few more jackets. Ford notices that Neal is wearing one of Byron's suits. Before he leaves with June, Neal asks him about his connection to Byron and learns that the two worked together. Then Ford throws to Neal the coin he was playing with and follows June.

At the FBI office, Neal asks Diana to run the prints from the coin to find out who that Ford guy is because he suspects Ford is up to something.

Elizabeth and Peter come home from the vet after Satchmo swallowed one of Peter's handcuff keys. Peter thinks his dog feels guilty about the incident, but Elizabeth corrects him that it was his fault letting the keys lay open and makes him apologize to Satchmo. Peter asks Elizabeth out for lunch, but before she can agree, Peter's phone rings. It's Diana who wants to show him what the print Neal asked her to run turned up.

Back at the office, Peter tells Neal that Diana red-flagged a murder suspect named Jonas Ganz when she ran the print he gave her. However, when Neal looks at the file himself, he is surprised to see that Jonas Ganz is not the guy he met in June's house.

Neal and Peter are still discussing how the only print on that coin belongs to someone else than Ford when Jones joins them to announce he found a connection between them. Ford whose real name is Bradford Tullman was a cellmate of Jonas Ganz. Ford's file reveals his connection to Byron. About 20 years ago, Byron and Ford were arrested for running a rooftop casino where Neal lives now. However, Neal still wonders why they didn't find Ford's print. Peter asks Jones to talk to Ganz's probation worker and to tell Diana to keep an eye on him.

Soon later, Diana takes pictures of Ganz who seems to gather a crew.

When Neal comes home, June is in his apartment to get an old photo album that Ford wants to see. Neal looks at the pictures and notices June, Byron and Ford go way back. June adds they were inseparable back then. When they come to the photo that shows the three in front of the Lenox Lounge, June notes that Byron looked so good in that particular suit and even Ford asked if she still had it. When she has left to show Ford the photo album, Neal goes to his wardroom to examine that suit from the photo and finds a receipt in one of the pockets, but the writing has vanished. Ford knocks on his door to set the record straight. June has told him about Neal's past and he hopes Neal understands him. June interrupts to ask Neal to join them for dinner that evening. When she has left, Ford reveals he is looking for second chance, and Neal answers he is glad because he thought Ford was looking for something else.

Neal meets with Mozzie to hand him the receipt he suspects Ford came looking for. Mozzie promises to try to make it more legible and agrees to hang around the house for a few days to make sure June is ok. Peter calls to tell Neal that Ganz is putting a crew together. He wants to talk to Ford. Neal tells him Ford won't go to the office and suggests Elizabeth and Peter join their dinner that evening, but Peter turns Neal's idea down. He doesn't want to take his wife to a covert interrogation and tells Neal to find another way. As soon as he has hung up, Neal uses another way and calls Elizabeth to invite them to dinner.

Elizabeth and Peter joins them for dinner. After the meal, June and Neal sing to Ford playing the piano and Elizabeht embarrasses Peter when she reveals the two of them took a Salsa and Neal asks for some pictures to show them to the guys at the office. Peter takes his chance when the others are distracted to tell Neal that he is losing his patience and that they have to find the link, but Neal's phone interrupts them.

Neal leaves the room to take the call. It's Mozzie who made the writing on the receipt legible again. The receipt is for a walnut leather coffee table which Neal recognizes as the table in Byron's study. Mozzie adds that the receipt also revealed additional charges about a modification on the table.

June takes the photo album, and before Ford can put it away, Peter gives Elizabeth a look who understands and asks to take a look. June, Elizabeth and Peter sit down to look at the photos which makes Ford slightly uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Neal examines the table from the receipt and finds a hidden compartment that holds a printing plate of an old U.S. $100 bill. When he hears footsteps, he quickly hides the printing plate again and leaves the room. Ford is coming upstairs and explains he is looking for Byron's record collection. Neal sends him to Byron's library and looks for Peter to show him what he found.

In the study, Neal shows Peter the hidden compartment, but the plate is gone. They figure Ford got it and head downstairs, but Elizabeth finds them first to tell them Ford just caught a cab outside.

Mozzie awaits Peter and Neal in Neal's apartment and regrets not being there for dinner because it would have been a fascinating meeting of the minds. Neal takes a book to show them the bill he saw on the plate. It was a flexographic for the $100 from 1991. Unlike newer bank notes, it has fewer security features, but is still a legal currency. Peter asks what else Ford need to make bills, and Neal tells him he will need some reading materials from the U.S. treasury.

After examining the material from the U.S. treasury, Neal confirms the plate is the real deal. He adds that Ford still needs the right press, cutter, inks and paper and Peter suspects Ganz pulled a crew together to steal these things. Diana shows up to tell them they were able to grab Ford when he left Ganz's place before anyone saw them.

Neal and Peter question Ford. He reveals that Byron stole that plate from him many years ago to stop him from using it. He told Ganz about the plate in exchange for protection while their were cell mates. Neal tells Ford to his face everything he told June was a lie, but Ford claims he only took the plate to protect June from Ganz. Peter asks about Ganz's next move and Ford answers he told him what else he needed. Before they end the interrogation, Neal asks Ford from one professional to another why he doesn't have any prints and Ford reveals he scrubs his fingers with a pumice stone every morning.

Neal and Peter discuss Ford's statement and while Neal believes him, Peter doubts he came back to protect June, but to look for that last big score. To shut the operation down, Peter suggests to send in Neal and Ford to get Ganz and his crew to confess to a premeditated crime on tape.

In a surveillance van, Peter informs Neal and Ford that the FBI took Ganz's forger out of the play so Ford can introduce Neal to replace the forger. Then Jones gives Ford a watch containing a one way radio and GPS.

Neal and Ford go in and tell their cover story. To validate Neal's competence, Ganz hands him a few IDs to find out which one is the fake. Neal impresses Ganz when he identifies all of them as fakes. Neal wants to see the equipment, but Ganz tells him they have all he will need and adds he will contact them sometime that week. However, Ford makes a huge mistakes when he reveals he knows that the previous forger was busted for a phony baseball, a detail Ganz didn't tell him. Peter who is listening to the conversation tells his team to gear up, but Neal is able to save the day. He lies he called the feds because he learned from Ford about the job and wanted in. Ford adds he didn't want a half-wit to be on a job that important. Ganz kicks Ford to the sidelines and let's Neal in.

Back at the office, Peter takes Neal's tracking anklet to hold on to it for a while because Ganz had killed Neal if he had seen it. They figure Ganz still needs ink, paper or both. When Neal takes a look at the booking slip from the forger, he notices two different inks on the paper, so he already mixed the ink.

The next morning, Diana has good news for Peter and Neal. One of the aliases Neal remembered from the fake IDs showed up. He is staying near the BCU which provides the paper stock for the bureau of printing and engraving. So they have found the source where Ganz is planning on getting the paper he needs.

Neal meets Mozzie at June's place who came for June and his book club. Neal reveals that Ford is now working with them which Mozzie calls a shame. Neal believes Byron had it better because he chose a life with June and a home. And he hid the plate instead of using it. He resisted the temptation, but Ford can't, and Neal adds only few of them can.

Meanwhile, Peter learns that Ganz and Ford slipped their surveillance and that the paper is in transit. He sends someone to Neal's place, but they are too late. Ganz already picked up Neal. When Peter calls Neal to warn him, he only reaches Mozzie who tells him he is too late.

Ganz, his crew and Neal wait in a car for the truck with the paper to hit it en route. They need Neal to identify the archived paper. Before the FBI can find them, the heist goes down and they get away with the paper.

Soon later, Diana informs Peter that the hit went down and Neal was probably on the crew, but none of them matched Ford's description. Peter suspects Ford is up to something, otherwise he wouldn't run from them.

At the place where Ganz brought the equipment, Ford prepares a briefcase with newspaper cut to the of bills. Ganz brings Neal in who asks Ford "one last score, Ford?" Ganz waves his gun and suggests Ford and Neal get started.

Peter meets Mozzie who learned that Ford let the word about a potential job slip so someone else would do it for him. Peter asks Mozzie where he would hide if he was Ford, and Moz tells him it would be a place he was never caught, but his tracks would be well covered as well. Peter remembers Ford's reaction to the photo album. They look through the album again and stop at the one with the Lenox Lounge. Mozzie remembers that June mentioned it before. Byron run the back room about 25 years ago.

Ford closes another briefcase filled with the money they printed when they suddenly hear sirens. When Ganz goes to the window to take a look, Ford switches the briefcase with the one he stuffed with newspaper. He then joins Ganz at the window who wants to know why there is police outside when Ford said the place was clean. Meanwhile, Neal uses the distraction to switch the briefcases again just in time before Ganz pulls his gun and forces Ford to give him the case. Ganz leaves through a backdoor. Ford takes the other briefcase and prepares to leave as well. Neal asks him about the switch, and Ford reveals he stuffed one with newspaper. Neal figures Ford called the cops himself who adds he thought he saw a cat stuck in a tree. Neal realizes Ford planned the whole thing from the start when he gave Neal the coin with Ganz's print. He also risked June's life. Once again, sirens come closer which surprises Ford, and Neal notes someone is really worried about that cat.

Meanwhile, Ganz leaves the building, Diana already awaits him. Peter opens the briefcase and finds the false money. Inside the building, Ford takes a hidden gun and wants to go, but Neal tries to give him another option. He offers Ford to back his story and to become a cooperating witness and to take June dancing. The other option would be to take the case and to run as long as he can. Ford asks Neal to tell June he's sorry, then he leaves.

Before Peter and his team storm the building, Neal opens the door for them. Neal tells Peter which direction Ford went, but adds that the place has many exits. Peter tells Neal they arrested Ganz and that Diana and Jones are pickung up the rest of the crew.

Outside, Ford opens the briefcase and has to realize he walks away with nothing because it's filled with newspaper.

Neal visits June, but she already knows. She tells him she knew what kind of man Ford was, but when Neal wants to know why she let him in, she answers she wanted to remember what Byron and she had and to dance again. So he approaches her and asks her for a dance.

Mozzie meets Neal outside to tell him he will have a working prototype for their antenna soon, but Neal isn't listening. He asks Mozzie if he has ever thought about how it will end, big score or big house. Neal adds Byron found a third option, true love, but Mozzie is a cynic and calls it the biggest con of all. He starts "old con men never die," and Neal finishes "their smiles just fade away." Mozzie asks if Neal got rid of the printing plate, but Neal admits it may have found its way back inside the table just in case for a rainy day.