White Collar

Season 3 Episode 4

Dentist of Detroit

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2011 on USA



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    • Neal: (yelling, during the staged fight) Look, I-I know who's stealing the money from the registers, but it's not me!
      Peter: No, it is you. It is you! (grabs Neal by the collar and throws him against the bar, Neal looks surprised) You know what? You were trouble ever since you came to work for me, with your glossy smile and those annoying little hats!
      Neal: (looks offended) You love my hats!
      Peter: The hell I did! All right, you're insubordinate, you never do what I tell you to do, and every time I turn my back, you're off doing who knows what with God knows who! (turns away) I'm sorry, folks, I'm sorry.
      Neal: You ungrateful bastard! I've had your back since day one, and anytime anything goes wrong, I'm the first person you blame!
      Peter: 'Cause you're a con! It's who you are, it's all you'll ever be. (Neal lunges at him, Jones separates them) No, no, no, no. Hey, hey. You're fired! Get out of my sight!
      Neal: You know what, with pleasure! And the next time your hot wife gets lonely, tell her to call me! You know my number.

    • Elizabeth: I may have spent some time in jail, once... or twice.
      Mozzie: A repeat offender?
      Elizabeth: The first time I got caught with a fake ID.
      Mozzie: Allegedly! Never confirm. And the second time?
      Elizabeth: The second time, I allegedly streaked across the campus.
      Mozzie: Mrs. Suit!
      Elizabeth: It was college, I lost a bet...
      Mozzie: Does the husband know about this?
      Elizabeth: He might know about one of them. I'll let you guess which one he knows.

    • Mozzie: How many Suits do you have hiding out there?
      Peter: I ask the questions
      Mozzie: Did you find Mr. Jeffries yet?
      Peter: (to Neal) Does he even hear me?

    • Jones: Got Caffrey's tracking data cued up. What did he do now?
      Peter: Took an early lunch.
      Jones: Remind me to stay on your good side.

    • Mozzie: This isn't your fight.
      Neal: No, it isn't. But you are my friend.

    • Peter: Why The Dentist?
      : I was twelve, the dentist was the scariest thing I could think of. And it worked.

    • Peter: Jones, take him to a safe house.
      Mozzie: An FBI-monitored safe house? That's legalized torture!
      Peter: It's that, or I set you in lock down until this is over.
      Mozzie: Ah, safe house it is. But -- but I have demands. My atopic eczema requires custom-made silk pajamas. Reading glasses, slippers, sleep machine -- all vital. Oh, and and I have soft gums, so I'll be needing my electronic toothbrush.
      Peter: Do we look like your errand boys?
      Mozzie: Fine. Then no complaints when I'm forced to sleep in the nude tonight.
      Jones: Make a list.
      Peter: I'll make a list.

    • Mozzie: Before I tell you anything, I want complete immunity and the truth behind DARPA's-
      Peter: No and no. You are still a suspect in a dozen other crimes. Start talking.
      Mozzie: Fine. But the statute of limitation protects crimes committed by a minor.
      Peter: Minor? How long ago did this happen?
      Mozzie: When I was 12.
      Neal: You were 12 when you stole 500 grand from the Detroit mob?
      Mozzie: Gifted child.
      Peter: There's your immunity. Talk.

    • Peter: You're a living conspiracy theory.
      Mozzie: See, they do exist!

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: February 8, 2012 on FOX
      Czech Republic: August 25, 2012 on Prima LOVE
      Canada: October 29, 2012 on Bravo

    • Diahann Carroll (June) is credited as special guest star.
      Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis) is credited but does not appear.

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