White Collar

Season 4 Episode 11

Family Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on USA

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  • Yes briiliant perfect inspiring ep - Forging Shackelton Whiskey!

    Hi all ,

    id loved this ep, of al the whiskeys in the world the chose Shackleton Scotish Whiskey for Neal and Mozzie to forge . And of course they had to do a whiskey tasting with the real stuff . I love the szenes with drunken Neal to cool . This ep is so well researched . eaven the idea to have forge a 200 000 dollar expensive bottle of this whiskey which was found in the antarktis for real in 2008 if i rem correctly !

    Yes family buissness indeed the ep title fits ... Please more eps like this ... keep working your ideas are inspiring . Thank you . Neal you rule !