White Collar

Season 4 Episode 11

Family Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on USA



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    • Peter: I want you to teach Jones everything you know about whiskey counterfeiting.
      Neal: You can't bench me on this.
      Peter: Yeah. I can.
      Neal: It would take me a month to teach Jones everything I know, and you need me to make a good counterfeit.
      Peter: Are you ransoming your skills?

    • Mozzie: I must have lost my mind. I went to New Jersey of my own free will.

    • Neal: (to Mozzie) You lost a $200,000 bottle of whiskey playing "Candy Land"?
      June: High-stakes Candy Land. (to Mozzie) Darling, the next time, would you please read the rules more carefully?

    • Mozzie: Mmm, quite the bouquet of fruits. Hmm, I taste, uh, apples and peaches.
      Neal: Plus toffee and caramel, with a hint of cinnamon.
      Mozzie: No penguin feathers.

    • Neal: I don't know whether to be mad or impressed that my own dad conned me.
      Mozzie: Well, at least you learned where you inherited that particular skill from.

    • Jones: Looks like the pickle juice worked.
      Peter: Always does.
      Diana: The hangover's gone, but what about when Neal sees Flynn?
      Peter: Jones is there to step in Neal's way if he needs help. Plus, Elizabeth is armed with a very disapproving look.

    • Mozzie: I have discovered a new hobby.
      Neal: Drinking is the opposite of a new hobby for you.
      Mozzie: Hmm, I'm thinking about counterfeit tequila next time. You should stock up on limes.
      Neal: I'll get right on that.

    • Mozzie: You do realize I haven't blown glass since before they faked Reagan's death. I'm a little out of practice.
      Neal: You'll be fine, Moz.
      Mozzie: Oh, I'm gonna miss my eyebrows. Along with my bangs.

    • Mozzie: (drunk during taste testing) You Know, Whiskey comes from a Gaelic word...
      Neal: (giggles) you said Gaelic...

    • Neal: Good job, Moz. Not so out of practice after all.
      Mozzie: Yep, like riding a horse.
      Neal: You're allergic to horses.
      Mozzie: Whatever.

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