White Collar

Season 1 Episode 4

Flip of the Coin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2009 on USA

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  • Elizabeth has a friend whose husband is arrested by the FBI for stealing antiquities from Iraq. The problem is it looks like a set up so Burke and team need to figure out what happened. Neil and Mozzie become an integral part and Burke meets Mozzie.

    A pretty good story this week dealing with the subject of looting antiquities and gold from museums in places like Iraq. In this case some gold and antiquities are taken from a museum and imported into the country by thieves who then pin the deed on a war veteran.

    Peter and Neil must figure out the scheme from a number of suspects including a former government official who now works for a security firm and a well known TV interviewer who was embedded with the veterans unit in Iraq.

    The biggest problem with this episode was the highly emotional level of one of the participants. The performance was almost absurd and who knows if it was the writing, the directing, or the acting that was to blame. Supposedly it was so bad that Peter could not go home. Once when Peter asked completely reasonable questions the wife broke into tears because her husband maybe was cheating. So they portrayed this women as an emotional wreck.

    The other problem was the reporter who withstood shooting in Iraq and also pressures people for a living couldn't keep a straight face for a few minutes. Luckily the story was pretty good otherwise. Maybe a little too simplistic, but the development of the relationships overall for the important characters was really good. It was nice to see Peter and Mozzie bond and let's face it in the long run it really helps Neil that everyone is as above board as possible. Thanks for reading...
  • Innocent man exonerated. Always a crowd-pleaser.

    Desperate for help, the wife of a marine wanted in connection with the theft and smuggling of Iraqi antiquities knocks on Elizabeth's door. Suddenly Peter finds himself sticking his neck out for a man Elizabeth could use as a character reference but whom Peter only knows as "Hot Wings Guy". Once arrested, the Marine's wife camps out in Peter's den turning him into a refugee because he "can handle everything else but women crying." Seeking solace in Neal's apartment, we soon find Neal, Peter, and Mozzie bonding over brews. When the real smugglers are identified and captured it's due, in part, to Mozzie's valuable assisstance. Or should I say Haversham's?