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Discussion Thread: 2.16 Under the Radar (possible spoilers)

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    slyron wrote:
    do you guys even think of one possibility? The owner of the house where Neal live. June!! Well, we should have all known of her past as a conman criminal wife. Why dont you all think that is June who find someone else to do it and give Neal what he want. Afterall, June is well-connected and she know everything about Neal.

    To be honest, I think she would be a pleasant surprise if she turned out to have masterminded a theft from Adler. I'm just hoping it doesn't turn out to be Alex, it would be too obvious.

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    That's an awesome scenerio! I could see June and Mozzie teaming up to be sure Neal is provided for. June sure was happy to take out the training jacket for Moz to teach Peter with. Think she misses the excitement of the old days, and Mozzie always plans for a rainy day, week, or year ahead. Funds for a future score or escape plan maybe?

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