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Discussion Thread: 3.16 "Judgement Day" (possible spoilers)

What does the future hold for White Collar?

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    Well, folks, is that it .. the series final episode?

    The law abiding part of me says Neal should have stayed and (A) let the chips fall where they may and (B) trust that Peter could fix it for him.

    On the other hand, I have to agree with the reviewers and say seeing him fly off and be on that island knowing he's safe and that Peter is fine with it is GREAT. If Neal left hurting Peter then NO I would not find it acceptable, but the writers allow Neal to leave without hurting Peter or his "NYC FBI family."

    Part of me would love to see future seasons of White Collar, BUT I would NOT want to watch if Neal has to treated like an harden criminal -- a second time escapee, etc. No, Neal shouldn't come back unless the writers can insure his leaving doesn't hurt his record. Yeah, I can see -- maybe -- Peter and other could arrange it (like the way they did with the painting), but they played this card. Maybe the best way to leave it is as a 3 season series.

    Now the other half is taking over and saying if Neal really did believe in his family ... well, he'd stay and fight, but Neal never said he really had faith in his family. He said Peter and the team were his family and honestly, Neal wasn't that far developed to trust Peter and them to work it all out.

    Maybe that is how it will continue: Neal will have second thoughts about trusting Peter and the team, but honestly, his going back is now really difficult and things wouldn't be the way they were before -- couldn't be and won't be for him or Peter. He left before the ruling and that is escape.

    ANYWAY, if any of the WRITERS are out there reading this please note that this fan won't watch episodes where Neal is trying to get back into the good graces of the FBI or win his freedom. I would start watching again once it is all worked out or simply see "Judgement Day" as the last episode of the series. Any future season, simply as a poor follow-on. HOPEFULLY, this won't be the case and they have plans to continue without making end back at square one.

    So, what do other think?

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    Did anyone notice in the last scene that Neal was wearing the Private School tie the teenager gave him in an earlier episode?!
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