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neal while tutoring in the latest episode..

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    they show him in grey dress pants and a black blazer (two button, i think, but am judging off of the lapels in the scene i'm on and can't tell for sure, but i digress), and he isn't wearing a belt.

    my issue is that they stress how impeccable of a dresser he is, and i ultimately agree (i try my hardest but didn't have a benefactor give me my wardrobe, i have to buy it ), but for such a sheik gentleman he should know damn well no matter what situation when you're wearing dress pants, unaccompanied or not, you wear a belt with them.

    this i feel is shoddy effort on the costumes department who otherwise do an incredible job. which i guess is why i make the point of noticing, they find perfect ties, socks, cuff links, tie pins, etc to fedoras to work with the suit to incredible detail, for crying out loud, and entirely miss the belt on a pair of pants in what i can only assume will be a crucial scene in the show?

    i know the attire isn't what you should watch a show for, and that isn't the point, i love the show and i love the fashion. no different as gossip girl, but chuck bass wears his belts is all i'm saying.

    and further to the point, i'm now editing the original post, i realize the pants he is wearing are a pair of suit pants. suit pants you should not wear with anything but the suit jacket. unless you offer the jacket to a woman to be chivalrous, but you don't leave your house in a pair of suit pants and a black blazer. I taught myself mens fashion, and even i know that, let alone somebody who gets paid to dress people on television. i learned my true passion too late in life, i guess

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    In itself a decent point. But as you know he was Peters assistant in the first place. Lets be honest. Neal always overdresses Peter. If you are someones assistant you can't do that, I mean what would it look like if an assistant is classier then his boss. As far as the belt goes, I don't really have an answer on that, accept for maybe that he did that on purpose so he looks a bit more clumsy and is underestimated by the "mark".

    After he was mistaking for a teacher the whole point of his cloths turned around. But he didn't knew that in front. I'm not sure of this, but just a theory.

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