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what the hell?!?!

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    [41]Dec 14, 2009
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    I read a lot of interesting theories here about what could be going on. At first I yelled at the screen, cursing at the writers, how could this be possible? But reading all your theories here got me excited again. This could still go many many ways. I agree it's a bit early for a new show to pull this kind of stunt, I hope it won't hurt them rather then helping the show grow.

    And I really hope they think of an amasing storyline to pull this all together in a surprising way that will please the viewers. I really hope they pull this off, because I really like the actors.

    I also really hope they are not going to destroy the Neal/Peter relationship. That is the best thing of this entire show. The first scene that pops into my mind is the scene when Neal has to tell Peter he took the painting to give back the girl. He really sat there like a little kid trying to fess up to something and the way Peter kept cutting him off when he tried to explain. It was hilarious... Though I agree that the story lines aren't that great, the acting is awesome... And Neal still keeps reminding me of Charlie Crews a little in 'Life'. They have the same kind of naïve but confident humor about them... I love it

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    [42]Dec 16, 2009
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    I'm not sure where they're going with this one. I hope the end of the episode is as un-predictable as Matt Bomers character! I don't want anything to bring this show down. I'm totally into the show and Mr. Bomers character. Where has he been? Or why have I not noticed before now? He is talented and did I mention gorgeous?
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    Just was thinking that maybe Peter really was searching for Kate, found her room, entered, found the ring lying around (for whatever reason, maybe the bad guy left it, maybe Kate is really trying to play Neal), he took the ring, tried it on and couldn't get it off anymore. When he hears Kate come home he tries playing it cool. Would be funny, everyone thinks he is the bad guy and in a flashback we see im struggling to get the ring off his finger like the clumsy FBI-Agent he sometimes is.
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    For me, it will take absolute genius to save this one. I'll certainly watch the first new episode, but so far, I've not seen any suggestion at all that will not destroy what was, so far, a very enjoyable show. The show lived on the interrelation between Neil, Peter, and Neil's wife as a moderator between them. Again, it is not impossible that this could be replaced, but it is hard to imagine. One thing no one has mentioned in the discussion is that Peter was the only person to catch Neil, but if he was, then this may make even less sense. Was Kate the reason he caught him -- which destroys the careful balance that exists because Peter works only because we assume he is as smart as Neil.

    The funny thing is that the cliched Kate thread was the weakest part of the show. We saw it on LIFE, we see it on THE MENTALIST, we didn't need a third and weakest version of the 'secret hunt behind the series.' Anyway, I'll watch the return. but unless it pulls off a miracle, I won't be running my DVR on Tuesdays at 10:00 after that first episode -- and especially not if the 'gimmick' is that 'we know it, but Neal doesn't.'

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    [45]Dec 18, 2009
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    I don't think a lot of you guys have thought this out fully. This whole twist makes perfect sense. Of course Peter isn't going to be wearing the ring that would implicate him all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if he purposefully put the ring on and made sure it was caught in that picture to send Neil on a wild goose chase. He is a trained FBI agent who undoubtedly knew Neil would conduct his own investigation into Kate. He played the whole situation to make Neil genuinely believe Kate was in danger. And it also makes sense that he would "betray" Neil. Before they started working with each other, all Neil was to Peter was a common criminal, someone who needed to be stopped and who had possession of lots of stolen goods.

    You guys are all wrapped around the idea that Neil is the "good guy." And that is how he is portrayed on the show. But he is a thief who, if his girlfriend had not disappeared, would have likely returned to stealing goods after being released. Peter isn't necessarily a bad guy for working a long con on Neil, Kate certainly didn't look harmed in any way. He is a FBI agent trying to recover millions of dollars worth of lost goods. And I enjoyed that the writers developed Peter beyond the character he was. He was a one-note character before the end of "Free Fall," and though I liked him well enough, he was nothing special when compared to the hundreds of other good cops on TV.

    The show was boring me with its repetitive storylines up until now. Every episode had Peter threatening Neil with jail time unless the case was solved and it was just dumb. Now, maybe, the writers can open up the story a little more and create more memorable episodes.
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    [46]Jan 12, 2010
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    I hadn't noticed the ring switching hands between the photo and the turning on of the lamp, but that suggests another cliche theory that no one has posted yet. There's a conspiracy within the FBI/US government. Neal unwittingly stole a crucial piece of evidence, the conspiracy wants it back and are using Kate who was picked up by an operative in San Diego and now Peter is acting as her handler in New York. Of course Peter is actually undercover trying to expose it and can't tell Neal. This gives the agent who was tapping Peter's calls three possible motives, one he's legit and is acting under reasonable suspicions, two still legit but is being used by the bad guys to monitor Peter without knowing it, and three he's crooked and is keeping an eye on Peter for them.

    Of course Peter could be a bad guy whose scheme will be revealed in the season finale and the next season will then have Neal and a new partner hunting Peter while dealing with other cases. The problem is finding someone with the right chemistry between them and Neal to replace Peter.

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    [47]Jan 19, 2010
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    If Peter really is a bad guy, i'm gonna quit watching this show. plain and simple.
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    [48]Jan 20, 2010
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    The whole Kate thing kind of came out of left field. But I have to agree with a couple people's replys earlier. I'm not sure there's a true "bad guy" moreso than people using each other to get what they need.

    I have the feeling Kate is calling the shots and more likely using Peter to help Neil in some future way than vice versa.
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    [49]Jan 20, 2010
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    Peter may still be bad.
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    UltraTraveler wrote:
    Peter may still be bad.

    That's what I thought. The explanation given sounded a bit cheap and even though I wouldn't have liked the uncertainty to stay for too long, it also came a bit too quick really for my taste.

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    [51]Jan 23, 2010
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    all I know is that if Peter keeps yelling at my baby daddy like that I'm gonna have to beat that ni99a's a$$..


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    [52]May 16, 2010
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    Like alot of you I thought WTF? Peter has Kate? No!

    I continued to watch the show and it makes sense when you do but if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it for you. But prepare to be surprised especially regarding the Finale. Bring on season 2.

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