White Collar

Season 1 Episode 7

Free Fall

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on USA

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  • Peter and Neal get called in on a diamond heist at a high end boutique. OPR which is like Internal Affairs for the FBI comes in and seems to be targeting Neal and actually arrests him. Neal's intel tells him that Fowler the OPR Agent is responsible.

    Maybe the best episode overall so far out of the first seven in this season. The twists were plentiful and they weren't the kind you necessarily saw coming.

    The episode really is set up to make you think that someone is fingering Neal for this job even though he didn't commit it. Peter of course thinks he did at first, but when Neal comes to him things change. I can't really say much more as any little piece of information gives away any little twists the story has for you.

    The cast is wonderful in this story. Noah Emmerich who plays Garrett Fowler is his usual smarmy self. He is a guy you love to hate. His cohorts are all well cast. Peter's Agent Jones played by Sharif Atkins takes a much bigger role in this episode and does an excellent job as do all of the cast members.

    A really excellent first half finale with some long term consequences for everyone involved. Very cool and entertaining. I can't wait for the next few episodes. Thanks for reading...
  • Say what! (Spoiler Free) (Although if you're on this page then you probably read the summary underneath and had the ending ruined for you)

    This was a really great episode of this show. I was not expecting what happened to have happened at all. I'm pretty sure that while you're watching it, it won't occur to you either (The pretty massive twist at the end)
    The great thing about this episode was that Neil was on the hunt again and acting like a criminal for the most part, something I felt this show was missing for quite some time now.
    I really hope that in later episodes, Neil spends some time doing short cons on innocent (and kind of simple) people.
    All in all a great episode and definitely the best since the pilot (in my opinion)
  • That was....Awesome (Spoiler Alert)

    I have start first with the ending,i wanna meet the individual who knew heading into the finale that(Drum Roll please)........................................ Burke was the mystery man that has control of KATE ! Thats bananas,total mind effer.Golden parts of the episode-Mozzie getting a lawyer degree from phoenix to be Neil's lawyer(Go Eagles !),Neil jumping from the 4 storied building.I can't wait for the next episode in January,this along with psych makes usa worth watching on friday nights.And Neil Cafferey is ridiculously charming (no homo),dude is my idol.Although collar has been pretty mundane after its great premier,the fall finale has surely made up for it.
  • Wow!

    I'll admit, cliffhangers piss me off. Not because I hate anticiptaion, but because it's so clear that they're for the advertisers, the network, and the producers as opposed to being for the viewing public. Having said that, the jewelry store heist was highly entertaining, as was the fugitive storyline, and the eventual exhonoration. Mozzie getting a degree from the University of Phoenix Online? Gold! Not to mention I added some to my minute knowledge pertaining to the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility. Knowing there most definitely are corrupt FBI agents out there, I can only hope there watchdogs aren't that hard to run rings around. The reveal at the end? Not Sure I buy it but I'll want to see where it goes. Favorite scene : Neal's escape from the judge's chambers. Check it out.