White Collar

Season 4 Episode 9

Gloves Off

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2012 on USA



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    • Peter: (to Diana, about Neal and Sam) Sam's got Neal convinced they can only investigate off the book. So, he can do it his way, I'll do it mine, and we'll both pretend neither is doing either

    • Mozzie: (right before the fight) How's your dental coverage?
      Neal: Run by the federal prison system.
      Mozzie: Oh. Let's go over the plan again.

    • Mozzie: Listen, stylistically, Neal is more Muhammad Ali.
      Peter: Well, historically, Ali won. Neal needs to lose.
      Neal: No problem. I'll be George Foreman.
      Mozzie: Oh, he makes a fantastic grill.

    • Neal: I think Peter told the FBI about the tape.
      Mozzie: What do you expect?
      Neal: Him to trust me.
      Mozzie: Yeah, a man who trusts no one is apt not to be trusted.
      Neal: Listen, I kept up my end of the bargain.
      Mozzie: Neal, this is me... Mozzie, the human lie detector, and I'm buzzing off the charts here.

    • Diana: Hey. I'll be the ring girl if that's what it takes to watch you two duke it out.
      Jones: Yeah, my money's on Peter.
      Neal: Now, why would you say that?
      Diana: Because we're gonna choreograph it so Peter wins.
      Neal: But you could choreograph it so that I win.
      Peter: But we won't because it's better if Dunham gives the tip directly to an FBI agent.
      Neal: I just think it's more realistic if I win.
      Peter: All right. Let's take a vote. Who thinks I should win the fight?
      Man: That would be you, boss.
      Man 2: All you. Yeah.
      Neal: But they work for you.
      Peter: As do you.

    • Peter: I want in the ring.
      Neal: I don't know if that's a good idea.
      Dunham: What's your skill level?
      Peter: About the same as Nick's.
      Neal: I've got youth.
      Peter: I have experience and a longer reach.
      Dunham: Well, looks like we got ourselves a fight.

    • Neal: Shotgun.
      Peter: No, Jones called it.
      Neal: What? I wasn't even here yet.
      Peter: He called it.
      Neal: I wasn't even here yet. He can't call it until I'm done with...
      Peter: Yeah, he can call it. He can.

    • Neal: Eric Dunham, head of Eric Dunham Capital.
      Peter: You know him?
      Neal: Yeah, our paths crossed a couple times when I was head of acquisitions for Vincent Adler. Of course, back then, my name was...
      Peter: Nick Halden.
      Neal: Yeah.
      Peter: Welcome back, Nick. The FBI requires your services.
      Neal: You want to see if Nick can get in on the action?
      Jones: Well, having worked for the biggest swindler on Wall Street might work to your advantage.
      Peter: Any idea on how to make the approach?
      Neal: Yeah. Come out swinging.

    • Elizabeth: (Watching Neal and Peter make their pact) Neal appears to be handling it well.
      Mozzie: Well, clearly, they're lying to each other, making some sort of bargain neither of them can keep.

    • Neal: A handshake? That's official.
      Peter: Would you prefer a blood pact?
      Neal: I'm not a big fan of agreements that require cutting.

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