White Collar

Season 1 Episode 11

Home Invasion

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2010 on USA

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  • This series continues to make me laugh while keeping me on the edge of my seat. If only those two men could resolve their trust issues.

    Again a fun episode with little twists and turns. Neal reaching out to old friends and Peter not trusting him and almost getting him shot when Alex retaliates at the FBI's interference. The argument outside of the bar made me pretty angry. Peter never lets up on Neal. Neal who has been shot at more than anybody else in the series, who suffocated so Peter could find the off switch and who has risked incarceration to save Peter's reputation.
    Neal who has been progressively more and more honest about Kate, only to have Peter holding things back from him. Not to mention Neal who offered Peter a place to stay, when Peter would never offer the same to him.
    You would think that by now Peter could take a bit of a chill pill and instead of forcing Neal to be secretive actually assist him in finding out about the music box. It is after all an investigation into Fowler's involvment...

    Looking forward to seeing what choice Neal makes with Alex dangling the knowledge of where the music box is located, but only willing to tell him if he leaves the FBI.
  • Neal is trying to get an old friend named Alex to work with him. Peter stays over with Neal as his power is turned off to do some remodeling. The case is about five Jade Elephants that belong to the Japanese people. Peter and Neal do a lot of sparring.

    One of these days Peter is going to loose that stick that is up cross-ways and realize Neal for the most part is on his side. Of course he has issues with his past life but to a point I think Peter needs to respect that. With this stunt he almost blew the case wide open when the old friend walked in on Neal in the middle of an undercover case.

    Neal on the other hand has to be a little more honest with Peter. If he would he probably get a lot more leeway to do the things he wants and needs too.

    This case was a little different than some of the rest and a little out there. The guy who had a crush on the FBI? A woman basically going through five men to find the statues? Let's face it, every case Neal is involved in he has done a great deal of the leg work. I would say at this point he should be in pretty good standing with the FBI. I think they can lighten up on the we're sending him back to prison routine every week.

    This can be a very clever program. This episode wasn't necessarily one of their better efforts. It is worth seeing what they'll do next though. So see you in two weeks! Thanks for reading...