White Collar

Season 4 Episode 5

Honor Among Thieves

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2012 on USA
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Episode Summary

An art thief blackmails Neal into stealing an important piece of art in exchange for some valuable information about his past.

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    Sharif Atkins

    Sharif Atkins

    FBI Agent Clinton Jones

    Willie Garson

    Willie Garson


    Marsha Thomason

    Marsha Thomason

    FBI Agent Diana Barrigan

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Elizabeth Burke

    Matthew Bomer

    Matthew Bomer

    Neal Caffrey

    Tim DeKay

    Tim DeKay

    FBI Agent Peter Burke

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      • Neal: Holding a one-man Irish wake?
        Mozzie: I figured it was apropos for a woman of Ellen's fortitude.
        Neal: She wasn't Irish.
        Mozzie: Well... She was a cop. Close enough.

      • Mozzie: The marshals aren't gonna share with the Suit. They're notoriously protective. Probably because of their involvement with --
        Neal: I'm not in the mood for conspiracy theories, Moz.
        Mozzie: I was gonna say prisoner transfer -- Alien prisoner transfer.

      • Jones: First case back. How does it feel?
        Peter: Like the higher-ups are watching and waiting for me to screw up.
        Jones: Sounds like fun.
        Peter: It is.

      • Peter: You're supposed to be taking some time off.
        Neal: Come on, Peter. I need to keep busy. Besides, I never pass up a chance to go into the Kessman museum.
        Peter: That's because you're not allowed in without an FBI escort.

      • Neal: (to Peter) Don't you think it's more plausible if you and Diana were the patrons? I mean, a happy couple visiting the museum. She thinks Warhol's cool. You think, "A can of soup's a can of soup."

      • Peter: You can go join Diana.
        Neal: Oh. You think she needs my help?
        Peter: No, I just don't like you walking around here without a chaperone.

      • Neal: (about Diana) Aw, she's nervous. She plays with her hair when she's nervous.
        Jones: Ah, I hadn't noticed.
        Neal: That's because she's rarely nervous.

      • Mozzie: I should really frisk her for weapons before I go.
        Abigail: Try and I'll break your little fingers.
        Mozzie: She's clean.

      • Neal: Why do I feel like I've entered a crime scene?
        Mozzie: Oh, sorry about the hats. Art requires sacrifice, and Haberdasher's not on my résumé.

      • Peter: I gave the drive back to the Marshals.
        Neal: Good.
        Peter: Really?
        Neal: Look, I said the price was too high and I meant it. Your trust is too important to me.

      • Neal: I've caused enough trouble in your life lately. I thought... I thought I could protect you from it this time.
        Peter: Lying to me is never protecting me.

      • Neal: You wouldn't have believed me.
        Peter: Should've given me a chance.

      • Abigail: Here's everything you wanted from the Marshals' database.
        Neal: I don't want it.
        Abigail: You're serious?
        Neal: I said I wouldn't take the offer. The price is too high.

      • Diana: I feel like I'm running in two different directions, and once I stop, then I'm gonna have to face reality.
        Neal: Then never stop running. I tried, and the minute you stop, it's not just gonna catch up to you, it's gonna run you over.
        Diana: What if you wanna stop running?
        Neal: You have to give something up.

      • Neal: I was standing right next to him, Moz. Peter made it so that I could come back to New York, and in return, I stabbed him in the back.

      • Neal: God, I wish I'd told Peter everything from the beginning.
        Mozzie: You couldn't have seen this coming. She set you up well.
        Neal: Probable cause, my anklet putting me at the scene, DNA... I'm not sure I'd believe me.
        Mozzie: It's a hole too deep to climb out of. The only other option is to keep digging.

      • Jones: You wanna be the docent.
        Neal: Listen, if you guys think that's best, I'm happy to-
        Peter: We don't.
        Diana: You don't think I can do it.
        Neal: No, I think you'll be great! I mean, I'm sure you know what year Rodin finished "The Gates of Hell"...
        Diana: 1917.
        Neal: (triumphantly) Trick question! He never finished that piece!
        Diana: Trick answer! He died in 1917, which means he was as done as he'd ever be.
        Neal: What if we're both docents?
        Diana: The museum doesn't want Neal Caffrey, the infamous art thief, dressed as one of their employees.
        Neal: And suddenly I find myself rooting for our mystery thief.

      • Neal: (Peter hands him the device): An AX-5000? It's a cutting edge black box designed to circumvent the best security systems out there. (hugs the device to his chest) You shouldn't have, Peter.
        Peter: I didn't. It's not a gift. Give it back.

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