White Collar

Season 4 Episode 5

Honor Among Thieves

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2012 on USA



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    • Neal: Holding a one-man Irish wake?
      Mozzie: I figured it was apropos for a woman of Ellen's fortitude.
      Neal: She wasn't Irish.
      Mozzie: Well... She was a cop. Close enough.

    • Mozzie: The marshals aren't gonna share with the Suit. They're notoriously protective. Probably because of their involvement with --
      Neal: I'm not in the mood for conspiracy theories, Moz.
      Mozzie: I was gonna say prisoner transfer -- Alien prisoner transfer.

    • Jones: First case back. How does it feel?
      Peter: Like the higher-ups are watching and waiting for me to screw up.
      Jones: Sounds like fun.
      Peter: It is.

    • Peter: You're supposed to be taking some time off.
      Neal: Come on, Peter. I need to keep busy. Besides, I never pass up a chance to go into the Kessman museum.
      Peter: That's because you're not allowed in without an FBI escort.

    • Neal: (to Peter) Don't you think it's more plausible if you and Diana were the patrons? I mean, a happy couple visiting the museum. She thinks Warhol's cool. You think, "A can of soup's a can of soup."

    • Peter: You can go join Diana.
      Neal: Oh. You think she needs my help?
      Peter: No, I just don't like you walking around here without a chaperone.

    • Neal: (about Diana) Aw, she's nervous. She plays with her hair when she's nervous.
      Jones: Ah, I hadn't noticed.
      Neal: That's because she's rarely nervous.

    • Mozzie: I should really frisk her for weapons before I go.
      Abigail: Try and I'll break your little fingers.
      Mozzie: She's clean.

    • Neal: Why do I feel like I've entered a crime scene?
      Mozzie: Oh, sorry about the hats. Art requires sacrifice, and Haberdasher's not on my résumé.

    • Peter: I gave the drive back to the Marshals.
      Neal: Good.
      Peter: Really?
      Neal: Look, I said the price was too high and I meant it. Your trust is too important to me.

    • Neal: I've caused enough trouble in your life lately. I thought... I thought I could protect you from it this time.
      Peter: Lying to me is never protecting me.

    • Neal: You wouldn't have believed me.
      Peter: Should've given me a chance.

    • Abigail: Here's everything you wanted from the Marshals' database.
      Neal: I don't want it.
      Abigail: You're serious?
      Neal: I said I wouldn't take the offer. The price is too high.

    • Diana: I feel like I'm running in two different directions, and once I stop, then I'm gonna have to face reality.
      Neal: Then never stop running. I tried, and the minute you stop, it's not just gonna catch up to you, it's gonna run you over.
      Diana: What if you wanna stop running?
      Neal: You have to give something up.

    • Neal: I was standing right next to him, Moz. Peter made it so that I could come back to New York, and in return, I stabbed him in the back.

    • Neal: God, I wish I'd told Peter everything from the beginning.
      Mozzie: You couldn't have seen this coming. She set you up well.
      Neal: Probable cause, my anklet putting me at the scene, DNA... I'm not sure I'd believe me.
      Mozzie: It's a hole too deep to climb out of. The only other option is to keep digging.

    • Jones: You wanna be the docent.
      Neal: Listen, if you guys think that's best, I'm happy to-
      Peter: We don't.
      Diana: You don't think I can do it.
      Neal: No, I think you'll be great! I mean, I'm sure you know what year Rodin finished "The Gates of Hell"...
      Diana: 1917.
      Neal: (triumphantly) Trick question! He never finished that piece!
      Diana: Trick answer! He died in 1917, which means he was as done as he'd ever be.
      Neal: What if we're both docents?
      Diana: The museum doesn't want Neal Caffrey, the infamous art thief, dressed as one of their employees.
      Neal: And suddenly I find myself rooting for our mystery thief.

    • Neal: (Peter hands him the device): An AX-5000? It's a cutting edge black box designed to circumvent the best security systems out there. (hugs the device to his chest) You shouldn't have, Peter.
      Peter: I didn't. It's not a gift. Give it back.

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