White Collar

Season 4 Episode 6

Identity Crisis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2012 on USA



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    • Peter: The flag, the letters, the infirmary? Are they making it up as they go along?

    • Peter: That's a mark against Mozzie's theory.
      Neal: Oh, he'll find a way to ignore it.

    • Neal: (looking at the toys on the table): What are these?
      Mozzie: I made them in the third grade to impress the kids at the orphanage about my parents' story. A secret shadow-puppet show with lights out.
      Neal: I might need to see that. Immediately.

    • Neal: How'd you get to him if he'd only talk to Washington's descendants.
      Peter: I may have quoted out founding father.
      Neal: You tricked him into thinking that Washington was your ancestor?
      Peter: I gently guided him.

    • Mozzie: You know this is psychological torture, making me stay in here and watch my dreams die.
      : Then go home.
      : Please, your part's over.
      : Well,fine. I know when I'm not appreciated.

    • Mozzie: You do know I'd be more of an asset in the room with them?
      Peter: Neal's enough of a live wire. I don't need a spark plug in there, too.
      Mozzie: This spark plug got him here, didn't he?

    • Neal: You know Mozzie is an orphan.
      Peter: Yeah.
      Neal: Well, an orphan's gonna wonder about his parents. So, he imagined they were spies.
      Peter: Mozzie's first conspiracy theory and his coping mechanism.
      Neal: Occasionally, something happens that triggers Mozzie to revisit his childhood.
      Peter: He falls into a spy cycle?
      Neal: Do not mention Valerie Plame in his presence.

    • Peter: (to Mozzie) You're a nightmarish Goldilocks.
      Neal: Minus the golden curls.

    • Peter: Neal, I'm using an outdated CIA spy kit that, according to Mozzie, he once hoped belonged to his parents. Tell me why you're encouraging this before I get sent back to Evidence.
      Neal: I don't think you wanna know, you'll get all tense and you'll make that grimace and...

    • Mozzie: Mrs. Suit! It's been way too long.
      Elizabeth: Oh, it has. And I see you've fallen back into the routine of torturing my husband.
      Neal: Old habits. (Peter shoots him a dirty look)
      Mozzie: Ah, the Suit will see it my way. Time makes more converts than reason. Thomas Paine's Common Sense.
      Peter: You are the last person who should be quoting common sense.

    • Peter: That's them, about to ruin a perfectly good Saturday.
      Elizabeth: Well, honey, you get to go on a treasure hunt. You love treasure hunts.
      Peter: I'm only going on the off chance that the gunman sees this ad and shows up.

    • Peter: Neal, could you-
      Neal: -Help Diana research the family.
      Peter: Mind reader.

    • Neal: He called you 7-2-3?
      Peter: And he wanted a flag?
      Mozzie: I had no clue what he was talking about either.
      Peter: Well, that makes all of us.

    • Mozzie: Seriously, Suit, what would you have done in my situation?
      Peter: I would never be in your situation.

    • Mozzie: Whoever this guy is, he was definitely on to something.
      June: Or on something.

    • Peter: He used June as a plant to up the price of the worthless unit.
      Mozzie: Well, it helps drain their resources, so I'm flushed when a valuable unit comes up.
      Peter: And June was okay with that? (Mozzie points to Neal)
      Neal: Most likely it was her idea.

    • Mozzie: (to Neal) Someone's trying to kill me.
      Peter: What? Why am I not surprised?

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