White Collar

Season 4 Episode 16

In the Wind

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2013 on USA

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  • lame.

    on the plus side -the show must be saving a lot on paper, ink and electricity with all the rehashing and plot recycling that they do.
  • happily ever after ???

    Hi all, neal proposing to SARA on the top of Empire state Building - oh my they really shoot in the most wounderfull locations of New must have been the most romantic thing they ever filmed on WC, but than jeff already tweetet he did this szenes for the fans. THANKSSSSSS....... See everybody our voices are heard sometimes !!!

    Thanks everyone on the crew for a great season . Love the finale .

    But if i would have been in Neals place at the end of the ep. I would have stopped James from leaving the ap. telling Diana on the phone that he is in his ap- but i guess that would have ment Neals diciding for a side ..

    Lets see if he helps at least in getting Peter out of prison ... he should have never been in there just standing not so cool .. this look in his eyes ... poor fellow ...
  • Err In the air

    Why does his dad not record his testimony, can even send from afar via internet (air), to prove Peter is innocent? That way everyone is happy. Dad (err) gone (air), Peter exonerated (air err), Neal relieved (sigh of air). Wife Elizabeth probably still misses dinner date (see off err). Yes, bad puns - you asked for catchy title. But the show is better than this episode.

    Speaking of better, how about bigger credits, so I remember the actor names? They deserve more eye time. Pick up the pace again. When they were off to the isle, did everything move faster?

    I love the imaginative escapades, clever getaways, reconciliation of good, right, just, fair, and staying friends, that Peter and Neal work through, Moz comic relief. But this time? obvious gap? ignoring common technology?
  • weak season finale

    We've definitely had better season finales. I'm glad Sara is gone now, but she ruined parts of this episode. Neal should have been more involved in the con, instead of just waiting with Sara so they can talk about their would have been relationship.

    And the cliffhanger wasn't great, either. Good thing is that James turned out bad, that was a surprising twist. But it was so clear that Peter would get arrested. We've had that before in Burke's Seven. They should have come up with something new for a change. This is what happens when they sideline Neal, the episodes become boring and predictable.