White Collar

Season 3 Episode 16

Judgment Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on USA

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  • Exceeded expectations

    They really know how to throw one final twist in there! I really loved the final scenes where Peter said,"Yes, Neal deserves to be free..." (or something like that) And then it cuts to Neal sitting on the plane with only a half smile, as if he's second guessing his decision. At the same time, you know that he knows he made the "best" call and in reality the only reason he's not fully enjoying his "freedom" is that he will miss his life in NYC. Great finale!
  • Attention Grabber

    So intense!
  • What's Next for Neal?

    I don't understand why this episode's rating is just 8.2?! I can't wait for the next season to start. The season finale was really a cliff hanger. It left viewers wondering what Neal would do next, what would happen after, how the tv execs would turn the storyline around.
  • What an episode

    All I can say is wow. White Collar built up so much tension during this episode. Will Neal have his sentence commuted? What will Burke say during the hearing?

    I think we got a real sense of the characters - the bond between Peter and Neal is so heartfelt, and his rekindled relationship with Sarah is great to see. But perhaps the most interesting is Neal's past. His father, the fact that Neal wasn't lying when he said his dad was a corrupt cop, and E. Parker. I can't wait to see more. What an ending! We've come full circle.
  • Wow- that was awesome!

    Great finale. Truly dislike "Kramer" but that means salute to Beau Bridges for playing his role too well. :) Hurry back Season 4 before 21 Dec 2012 or most of us too will be on the run for safety when that final world commutation really hits! ;)
  • Superb episode.

    This episode was perfect. It left me with several questions that I cant wait to see! Like Neal's father was a corrupt cop. Who is his father and why does Kramer want Neal so badly. Is there an unknown link between Neal and Kramer. This will be interesting for next season.
  • Right decision?

    Great season finale! Can't wait to see what happens next.

    But I was just wondering if Peter wanted Neal to run? One of the last moments when Peter saw Neal and shook his head, what was he trying to tell him?

    Anyway, true or not, I would like to see how they're going to resolve the situation and resume back to the usual- "Case-teamwork" relationship between Neal and Peter.
  • Fitting Finale

    This episode has the right twists and turns, though some are outright foolish, but a truly amazing episode to end the third season.

    The ending has opened up all possibilities for the next season right from getting caught at the airport while landing to being fully underground and invisible thanks to the huge amount of stolen goods still stashed away abroad by Mozzie.

    Eagerly waiting for the next season to begin :)
  • OMG!!!

    that ending was amazing!!!! i cant wait for next season, evil kramer!!!