White Collar

Season 3 Episode 16

Judgment Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on USA



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    • Judge: You caught him?
      Peter: Twice. And you should know, the last time I caught him, he was sitting alone in an empty apartment, he had nothing. No one.
      Judge: And now?
      Peter: He has a life. A real life, here. One that keeps him grounded, and decent. As you heard, there are many people who care about Neal, people who see him as more than just a criminal. He's frustrating, I'll admit, he drives me crazy on his best days. I don't always have to know where Neal is or what he's up to, but I do know that he has a good heart and a set of principles that weren't there six years ago when he was just another case file that got dropped on my desk.
      Judge: Do you think that Mr. Caffrey is reformed?
      Peter: As long as he's on that anklet, we'll never know. We can sit here and debate until kingdom come over who's Neal Caffrey. But as long as we keep him tethered, as long as we treat him as a criminal, he'll always think that he is one. Whether Neal is a citizen, a CI or a thief, is a decision that needs to be put in his hands
      Judge: Agent Burke, should Neal Caffrey's sentence be commuted?
      Peter: Yes. I'm saying that Neal should be free.

    • Judge: Mr. Caffrey, do you deserve to be free?
      Neal: That's not for me to decide. I won't sit here and give you some monologue about how reformed I am. Actions speak louder than words, and hopefully my actions while in service of the FBI say more than I can.
      Judge: And what would you do with your freedom?
      Neal: I can tell you one thing. I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
      Judge: You won't?
      Neal: No. I'm happy here. You know, someone once told me, my life is a dream with an anklet attached. If I wake up tomorrow and that anklet is still on, I have a good job, a wonderful home, a partner and a best friend. A family. But to wake up and answer only to myself, that would mean everything.

    • Jones: Caffrey understands people. You need space, he keeps to himself, you need to talk, he listens. You need a beer, he'll pour. Although he'll let you know he's slummin' it.
      Judge: Do you support his commutation?
      Jones: He's damn good at what he does. And I consider him a friend. But that doesn't change the fact that he's a convicted bond forger and prison escapee. I think he should finish out his two years with the Bureau, and be grateful. And that he's got the best damn deal I'd ever seen.

    • Elizabeth: Listen, Peter and Neal together, they argue and bicker. But in the end, when it counts, Peter puts up with Neal because he's worth it.
      Judge: Should Mr. Caffrey's sentence be commuted?
      Elizabeth: Yes.

    • Judge: This isn't the first time you've testified regarding Mr. Caffrey, is it?
      Sara: No. Six years ago I testified against him.
      Judge: Yes, at the trial where he was convicted of forgery?
      Sara: Yes. And I went after him with everything I had. I called him a liar, and a thief. And probably a sociopath. And I meant every word of it.
      Judge: So what changed?
      Sara: Neal did.

    • Judge: You had no qualms about taking in a convicted felon?
      June: Absolutely not. Not Neal. You see, after my husband passed, I... I was living in this big empty house and Neal changed all of that. I think of him as a blessing. Byron and I always wanted a son. I wish he was still alive so that he could finally meet him.
      Judge: Ms. Ellington, in your opinion, does Neal Caffrey deserve for his sentence to be commuted?
      June: Of course. Yes! And you must let him go free.

    • Neal: Worst case scenario, I stay on the anklet and on the job with Peter.
      Mozzie: For every worst case scenario, there's a worse worst case scenario.
      Neal: Isn't there a child's balloon you need to pop somewhere?

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