White Collar

Season 2 Episode 2

Need to Know

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2010 on USA

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  • I'm loving it!

    I don't know what it is. Is it Matt Bomer or the chemistry among the cast? Whatever it is, I'm enjoying this season more than ever.

    I liked how Neal sold himself to earn that job. He convinced the guy, with all the experience he has, and made the case work for the FBI once again.

    The scenes between him and Diana at the hotel room were good. Not because of the "flirting" but because we got to know more about both characters.

    I miss Tiffani Thiessen and I'm glad she's in a good show playing a nice character once again. Mozzie's scenes with Burke were funny and gosh can he be a pain? Can't wait for more.
  • Why this episode was great.

    I just became of fan to this show and tonights episode is one of the reasons why. I love Neal's ability to come up with a con that can help Peter and the FBI get this Politician and not really hurt anyone. He' so good at his "craft" he was able to fool even another con artist, or in othe words, con a con. It doesn't hurt that he looks good doing it. I'm glad they're giving Diana more parts. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters as well. It's great to see a strong woman character and a positive gay character who's not just the comic relief. Kudos it happens to be a black female. What a hip show. I also enjoy watching her and Neal interact. I'm looking forward to next weeks episode and basically the entire season. I will be buying season one because I like what I see. Will be buying season 2 when it becomes available.
  • Neal goes undercover to investigate a politician, Gary Jennings. Diana goes undercover as a prostitute. And Mozzie exercises his political rights to support the building of a children's park.

    Even though I have watched this episode twice, I still cannot articulate what exactly Gary Jennings was arrested for, and I can't say that this bothers me! I watch this show mainly for the character interactions. And the characters in this episode more than made up for the confusing plot. Although Peter's wife, Elizabeth, has a small role in this show, I immensely enjoy her part. I love that they have a strong, loving relationship, unlike most television couples I see. Elizabeth trusts Peter, and I love how she teases him when he is so quick to explain the Internet ad. I liked the serious moments when Neal talks about Kate with Diana and when Neal tells Peter he has never lied to him. It reminds me of Neal's drugged rant about how he trusts Peter above anyone else in the season 1 episode "Vital Signs." I have seen speculation about Neal's truthfulness in this moment, but I choose to believe that he is completely honest in these two scenes. As always, Mozzie provides great entertainment, both when he and Peter are forced to work together to help Diana and Neal, and when he takes a stand for the children's park.
  • humour and intelligence--- perfect

    it was a great episode. loved it from the beginning till the end. loved the idea neal comes up to trap the politician. peter and mozzie were super too. saw a different version of diana and liked it. neal and diana were very good in their act and convincing too. maybe i am expecting more too soon but i wanted to learn more about the plane blowing up and what has peter found about it.. ending was good and finally it was good to see neal smile and laugh about something. also felt good that neal accepted that peter has secrets too and let it go.
  • A welcome development in ensemble dynamics, some interesting rolereversals, and another clever and entertaining installment in the second season of White Collar.

    This is only the second episode in this season, and yet I can already see some major changes from the first season.
    Despite the worries that they are under "intense scrutiny", it is still quite clear that both Peter and the rest of the team trust Neal to a much higher degree now. They no longer get frantic with worry when Neal has to go off the grid (i.e. without his tracker), and Peter is willing to "go along" with Moz' scavenger hunt without asking all the awkward questions that he knew he _ought_ to ask.
    We can also see a much closer relationship between Peter's team and Neal - last season, the female FBI-agent was Lauren Cruz, and she constantly seemed to dislike Neal to the point where she was openly hostile. Now, Neal gets to continue his laidback camraderie with Jones, and seems to be developing a really good report with the "girl" on the team, Agent Barrigan.
    Making her gay seems a really good move - she fills the girl-quota, but at the same time she's immune to Neal's most obvious charms. At the end of the episode they seemed to have developed something resembling a "sibling"-relationship under put-upon "dad" Peter.
    Neal also seems much more relaxed around other agents and at the office, showing that he has "settled" in and accepted his new role in a much more profound way than in the first season.
    I like it - I like a relaxed and bantering Neal, and I like a close-knit and cohesive team behind Peter and him.

    My final observation was that it was an interesting rolereversal when Neal pointed out that he's never lied to Peter - omitted, obscured and implied, perhaps, but never lied - at the very moment when we KNOW that Peter is keeping secrets, perhaps even lying to Neal...
    Bad cop, good criminal indeed. :D