White Collar

Season 3 Episode 13

Neighboorhood Watch

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2012 on USA

Episode Recap

Peter brings home a scanner and it's left on, which piques Elizabeth's curiosity when she hears someone apparently planning a robbery. Peter and Neal are initially skeptical that Elizabeth heard what she thought she heard, but Mozzie agrees to help. He and Elizabeth keep tabs on the scanner and discover that the two voices on the radio belong to the Burkes' new neighbors, Ben and Rebecca Ryan.

Elizabeth takes it on herself to investigate the neighbors, and she introduces herself to the Ryans, suggesting that they have a dinner together to get acquainted. She also lies, saying that their kitchen is being remodeled, so the dinner will have to be at the Ryans. Elizabeth and Peter head inside, while Neal and Mozzie are sitting in a car outside. Luckily Elizabeth also packed them a meal so they won't starve during their stakeout.

Elizabeth excuses herself to go to the bathroom, but she starts poking around the house instead. She accidentally locks herself in the bedroom, however, and Neal must talk her through picking the lock in order to help her escape.

There appears to be enough evidence now to dig deeper into the Ryans' lives, so Peter asks Diana to look into it. It turns out that Ben had done some time in prison for armed robbery. Peter readies to tell Elizabeth that she was right, but then Ben arrives at their door. And he sees that Elizabeth lied about remodeling their kitchen. Ben warns them to stay away. Jones follows Ben and figures out that his partner is Connor Bailey.

Neal goes to the parole office to meet Ben, bonding with him as a fellow felon. Neal notices that Ben has written down a phone company work order on his napkin. With that number, he and Connor could go anywhere without raising any suspicions. Peter figures out that their target is a luxury hotel, but the team arrives too late.

Elizabeth notices that Rebecca is leaving the house, so she and Mozzie follow her. Since it doesn't look like Peter and the team will make it in time, Elizabeth pretends to be an FBI agent in order to stall Rebecca. This backfires, but luckily Peter arrives before things get worse and he hopes that things get back to normal after this little adventure.