White Collar

Season 3 Episode 9

On the Fence

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2011 on USA
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Episode Summary

Neal seeks the help of a beautiful Egyptologist in order to catch his old foe Matthew Keller who returned to New York to smuggle Egyptian artifacts.

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    Eliza Dushku

    Eliza Dushku

    Raquel LaRoque

    Guest Star

    Ross McCall

    Ross McCall

    Matthew Keller

    Guest Star

    Ira Hawkins

    Ira Hawkins


    Guest Star

    Sharif Atkins

    Sharif Atkins

    FBI Agent Clinton Jones

    Recurring Role

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      • Neal: (reading the headline of a newspaper) "Ghost ship found with Hitler clones"?
        Mozzie: "And priceless art." Our priceless art.
        Neal: Ohh, ooh. They're also on to a vegan vampire ravaging community gardens.

      • Mozzie: Neal, this is where our treasure has reached what Malcolm Gladwell ould call a "tipping point."
        Neal: Forensics doesn't talk, nor does Peter.
        Mozzie: Yeah, but the suit and his suit cohorts brought in D.C. Art Crimes, one of whom was willing to spill the Nazi beans in a hotel bar.
        Neal: Uh-huh. She thought I was Interpol.
        Mozzie: My point exactly.

      • Peter: Matthew Keller -- Neal's ex-partner.
        Neal: That's stretching it.

      • Neal: Hey, what do you know about Raquel Laroque?
        Mozzie: Not much beyond she's an egyptologist. I hear she's spicy.
        Neal: What does that mean?
        Mozzie: I don't know. Not all my information's helpful.

      • Neal: I heard Moz did some work on your mobile office.
        Hale: Yeah, I'm still learning all the bells and whistles. Mozzie refuses to write down instructions.
        Mozzie: Obviously, we don't want any public record of our modifications.

      • Neal: Let me make the approach. Then you try to bust us. Once we successfully evade your evil clutches, I'll gain her confidence.
        Peter: That's a plan. Or... you make the approach, I arrest both of you, and release you two together after a grueling interrogation. When she sees you didn't flip on her, she'll embrace you in her evil circle of trust.
        Neal: Yeah. Early in a relationship, it's better to experience a win.
        Peter: Okay. Tell you what. When you're an FBI agent and I'm the ward of the federal prison system, we'll do it your way.
        Neal: All this time, I thought we were partners.
        Peter: We are. It's just, tie always goes to me.

      • Peter: Just wondering why you ditched me.
        Neal: I told you, Peter, she's a thief.
        Peter: And you are...
        Neal: Someone who escaped your capture in a crowded restaurant by saying two words "FBI raid."
        Peter: Don't get cocky.

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