White Collar

Season 3 Episode 9

On the Fence

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2011 on USA



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    • Neal: (reading the headline of a newspaper) "Ghost ship found with Hitler clones"?
      Mozzie: "And priceless art." Our priceless art.
      Neal: Ohh, ooh. They're also on to a vegan vampire ravaging community gardens.

    • Mozzie: Neal, this is where our treasure has reached what Malcolm Gladwell ould call a "tipping point."
      Neal: Forensics doesn't talk, nor does Peter.
      Mozzie: Yeah, but the suit and his suit cohorts brought in D.C. Art Crimes, one of whom was willing to spill the Nazi beans in a hotel bar.
      Neal: Uh-huh. She thought I was Interpol.
      Mozzie: My point exactly.

    • Peter: Matthew Keller -- Neal's ex-partner.
      Neal: That's stretching it.

    • Neal: Hey, what do you know about Raquel Laroque?
      Mozzie: Not much beyond she's an egyptologist. I hear she's spicy.
      Neal: What does that mean?
      Mozzie: I don't know. Not all my information's helpful.

    • Neal: I heard Moz did some work on your mobile office.
      Hale: Yeah, I'm still learning all the bells and whistles. Mozzie refuses to write down instructions.
      Mozzie: Obviously, we don't want any public record of our modifications.

    • Neal: Let me make the approach. Then you try to bust us. Once we successfully evade your evil clutches, I'll gain her confidence.
      Peter: That's a plan. Or... you make the approach, I arrest both of you, and release you two together after a grueling interrogation. When she sees you didn't flip on her, she'll embrace you in her evil circle of trust.
      Neal: Yeah. Early in a relationship, it's better to experience a win.
      Peter: Okay. Tell you what. When you're an FBI agent and I'm the ward of the federal prison system, we'll do it your way.
      Neal: All this time, I thought we were partners.
      Peter: We are. It's just, tie always goes to me.

    • Peter: Just wondering why you ditched me.
      Neal: I told you, Peter, she's a thief.
      Peter: And you are...
      Neal: Someone who escaped your capture in a crowded restaurant by saying two words "FBI raid."
      Peter: Don't get cocky.

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