White Collar

Season 1 Episode 14

Out of the Box

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on USA

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  • Neal goes ahead with his plan to steal the Music Box and not tell Peter. Fowler promises him his freedom and Kate. Neal, Alex, and Mozzie go after the box and Peter gets suspended when Fowler goes after his wife. There is a big surprise in the end.

    Entertaining yet a little frustrating as it goes against everything the show has really been about to this moment. Yes, Neal has been trying to get Kate back. We know things Neal doesn't, but in the end whatever we knew was not reality based on the episodes ending. Perception is not reality in this case!

    Peter does what Peter does and he doesn't stand by and not do nothing. I still wonder when Neal will finally really trust Peter after all this time. I also get the feeling we are going to see a lot more of Alex in the future after the way things went or she was involved somehow in some way. She wants back into Neal's life and maybe this was the doorway for her to walk through?

    Fowler plays dirty and it was nice in the end to see him take what looks like a fall. I do think that all of that part of the episode went a little too easy and it felt strange as well. I think we'll be seeing more of Fowler in the future as well though.

    I think people are a little upset with the fact that this really was a major cliffhanger. What happened? Nobody really knows. The gig didn't go as planned and that was a little unnerving. I think in a lot of ways the show had an uneasy feel to it in general. Still it was enjoyable and it makes me want to see what happens this summer in the second season. So I give it a credible score for that. Thanks for reading...