White Collar

Season 4 Episode 4

Parting Shots

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2012 on USA



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    • Neal: (reading from the report) It is our recommendation that he be reinstated as special agent in charge of the Manhattan White Collar Division, effective immediately.
      Elizabeth: Congratulations honey!
      Jones: Congrats Peter. It'll be good to have you back in the office.
      Diana: And we're not saying that just because we get to hand Caffrey back to you.

    • Peter: What's in the bag?
      Neal: Oh. I made a detour on my way to the bank to pick you up Manhattan's best sandwich.
      Peter: Why did you go to the bank?
      Neal: You don't wanna know where I got the sandwich?
      Peter: Marginally less interesting.

    • Neal: You'll be back, shouting down at us like Alexander the Great.
      Peter: I see myself more as a Caesar.
      Neal: You say Roman. I say Greek.

    • Sara: Who runs after nearly being kidnapped?
      Neal: Someone who feels like they're being chased.
      Sara: Figures you'd side with the fleeing suspect.

    • Elizabeth: Sophie Covington -- what is she like?
      Neal: From what I saw, she's not into murder, money, or Mailer.
      Elizabeth: So she's not the gold-digging, social-climbing husband murderer that I read about?

    • Peter: Neal?
      Neal: Well, the good news is, I'm alive.
      Peter: That is good news.
      Sara: Wait, is there bad news?
      Neal: Depends on whether you're a "glass half full" or a "glass half empty" kind of person.
      Sara: You lost half the money.
      Neal: Or a glass 10% full.
      Sara: Mailer has 90%?!
      Neal: Sometimes in life, you have to cut a deal.
      Peter: Any other good news?
      Neal: Yeah. Mailer's headed to Freddy's to destroy the evidence.

    • Mozzie: Now, you came in with a Suit-induced frown. Can I help?
      Neal: Yeah... Peter wants me to con a widow.
      Mozzie: Well, widows fall into two categories. The bereaved and the relieved. Which kind does he have you picking up?
      Neal: The kind with a $50 million bull's-eye on her back.

    • Hughes: So, your plan is to put $50 million into the personal bank account of a con man who recently fled to a remote island with no extradition?
      Peter: So that he could transfer it to a financial genius who will have made every effort to make sure that we can't trace it. Yep.

    • Neal: Where did you get these?
      Peter: Envelope on my doorstep, along with an invoice for five hours of PI work to be paid in cash.
      Neal: Honest days work for Moz.
      Peter: Yeah, for a change.

    • Peter: (looking through the photos) Oh... mhm... yeah.
      Neal: Yeah, I went for a hug, Sophie added the kiss.
      Peter: Yeah, and you couldn't deny the kiss. 'Cause you were working.
      Neal: Whatever it takes to get the job done.

    • Neal: You know, not long ago I took off for a while. Thought a break from New York was what I needed. And then a friend found a way to help me get my life back. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

    • Ellen: Neal loved school, but his mother wasn't...
      Neal: ...punctual. She was a mess, she never got me to school in time.
      Ellen: So first he broke in, and adjusted the school clock so that class started 30 minutes later. (Neal laughs) Mind you, this was when he was in second grade.
      Mozzie: Okay, that could not have worked.
      Ellen: No. It didn't. So then he tried barricading the roads and rerouting the school bus to run past his house.
      Neal: That actually worked, for a few days.
      Ellen: Then he got smart, and started forging his own city bus passes
      Neal: I was never late again.

    • Ellen: There was always a little con-man in him.
      Mozzie: I knew that. A talent like his is born, it's not made.

    • Neal: (about Mozzie spending the evening with Ellen) That's awfully charitable of you, for a weekday.
      Mozzie: Well, I do have ulterior motives. I wanna know more about you as a child. (Neal shakes his head in warning)
      Ellen: I'm not talking.

    • Neal: (on the phone) Y'know, I feel like I'm being followed.
      Peter: Yeah, we're tailing your tail. Lose him so we can follow him home.
      Neal: You're asking me to give up trade secrets?

    • Neal: Neal Armstrong?
      Peter: Well... em... Arms, arms, all those prosthetics in the evidence warehouse. At least it's better than Neal Handle-man.
      Neal: No, it's not. I like Neal Handleman.
      Peter: I should have gone with Eyes-enhover

    • Neal: They made you a consultant?
      Peter: Mhm.
      Neal: Do you have a radius?
      Peter: I have a badge.

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