White Collar

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2011 on USA
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Matthew Keller, Neal's imprisoned rival, contacts Neal and Peter to make a deal. However, the two have to realize Keller set them up to kidnap Peter and to force Neal to bargain with Jason Lang, Keller's former partner turned adversary.

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  • Caffrey to the rescue

    Wow, Neal did prove his loyalty to Peter in this case. He was truly worried about Peter and it was just great that Peter would want to talk to Neal instead of his own boss. Peter knows him very well and he knew he was going to help him get out of his problem.

    One of the reasons I love this show besides the stories, is the great chemistry among the cast and how they all relate. Diana and Neal didn't get along in the beginning, but as it should be, they had a small chance to get to know each other and it worked for them. Mozzie might dislike Peter just a bit, but he sure likes Elizabeth and worries about her. Neal too. And Neal and Peter complete them.

    The case was very interesting and one thing I found funny was Peter telling Neal about his problem with Elizabeth. It's amazing how deep their trust in each other is. I don't think this could've happened in the first episodes.

    If the characters in a show don't evolve, it's doomed.moreless
Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg

Jason Lang

Guest Star

Ross McCall

Ross McCall

Matthew Keller

Guest Star

Albert Jones

Albert Jones


Guest Star

Sharif Atkins

Sharif Atkins

FBI Agent Clinton Jones

Recurring Role

James Rebhorn

James Rebhorn

Reese Hughes

Recurring Role

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    • Elizabeth: (about the fight with Peter) The last thing I said to him was 'Have a wonderful day.'
      Mozzie: Now, I'm guessing in a fight about dry cleaning that that's pretty severe?
      Elizabeth: We're not like most couples, Mozz. We work. I don't wanna lose him.

    • Peter: (about his fight with Elizabeth) The worst part is, when she left this morning, I didn't call her 'hun'.
      Neal: Have you ever seen an actual fight? Because...

    • Neal: What's going on?
      Peter: Nothing.
      Neal: Oh, come on. Your sarcasm goes up in direct proportion to your stress level.

    • Neal: (trying to decipher Peter's message) NOT-PAM-SEES... Does he know any blind Pams?
      Diana: No.
      Neal: ONUSBORDER...
      Diana: Worthy of the Times Sunday Edition, but it means nothing to me.

    • Diana: So let me get this straight. You gave them a multi-million dollar ring, and they still have Peter?
      Neal: I'll admit the terms weren't favorable.
      Diana: (sarcastically) You think?
      Neal: What's the FBI found so far? Oooh, that's right! I got a proof of life and a message.

    • Mozzie: (referring to Kate's ring) Are you really willing to give that up for the Suit?
      Neal: Keeping Peter alive is more important than holding a candle for someone who isn't.

    • Neal: You recognize this spot?
      Mozzie: I once met a man in this park claiming to be John Lennon, and I believed him. The year was 1991.

    • Neal: What's with the second hammer? I said one.
      Mozzie: You said to surprise you.
      Neal: (in surprise) Mozz! You're worried about Peter.
      Mozzie: I happen to have an arsenal of hammers. Look, you've got half an hour before the exchange. Unless Keller's developed a hammer fetish, I imagine we're smashing something.

    • Elizabeth: What are you doing? (in regards of getting Peter back)
      Neal: Well, they want me to go home, sit tight.
      Elizabeth: But is that what you're gonna do?
      Neal: What do you want me to do?
      Elizabeth: Whatever it takes to bring him home.

    • Mozzie: The longest relationship I've had is eleven days... And then she deflated.

    • Neal: His sentencing didn't go well. Now he wants a deal.
      Hughes: Probably. But we do that sometimes, Caffrey. We make deals with con men.

    • Peter: He's an old rival of Neal's. They were baccarat partners in Morocco.
      Neal: Uh, backgammon in Monaco.
      Peter: Close.
      Neal: And we were never partners.

    • Peter: (on Keller) No, he's not what you'd expect. A little more Ratso Rizzo than Cary Grant.
      Neal: I'm Cary Grant?
      Peter: Only by comparison to Ratso Rizzo.

    • Keller: How about you, Neal, huh? Is this business or pleasure?
      Neal: It's always a pleasure seeing you behind bars.

    • Neal: Keller can bring up Kate, he can offer Peter deals, he can even beat me at chess...
      Mozzie: He's winning the chess game?
      Neal: No.

    • Neal: Oh, don't tell me we have to make a deal with Keller.
      Peter: Relax. We're not gonna release Keller on an anklet. Unless June has a spare bedroom.

    • Mozzie: So, you ditched Big Brother?
      Neal: "Brother"?
      Mozzie: Big Sister.

    • Mozzie: Well, fate has a way of putting in front of us that which we most try to leave behind.
      Neal: Dostoevsky?
      Mozzie: No, me during my blue period.

    • Neal: Why is there a tree on your dashboard?
      Diana: It's a hybrid. It's showing me how efficiently I'm driving.
      Neal: You're not driving very green. All your leaves are falling off.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Chuť pomsty (The Taste of Revenge)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: April 26, 2011 on FOX
      Czech Republic: July 14, 2012 on Prima LOVE
      Canada: September 17, 2012 on Bravo
      United Kingdom: January 29, 2013 on Alibi/Alibi HD
      Slovakia: March 18, 2013 on JOJ Plus