White Collar

Season 2 Episode 9

Point Blank

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 07, 2010 on USA

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  • This series has been fun for the last two years; different from run-of-the-mill cop shows. But -- What WERE you thinking when you decided to kill off Mazzie? Right now I am wondering whether I will bother tuning in again.

    This final episode started out well as it tied up the loose ends that had been collecting since the s how began. Cafferty presumably has a chance to make a new start without Kate, and may believe there are people "on the other side" who care for him and want him to be part of their world. The mystery of the music box and its secrets remain and will no doubt stay for another season, as will his female friend. The villian now has a name and a face. It is difficult, however,to see how the series can proceed without Mazzie.

    I am sure I am not the only one who believed that Mazzie was the little extra something that made this series "sing." Made it something I wanted to stop and watch. HIs quirky, resourceful, mysterious personality; his history with Neil; his importance to Peter and his wife; his refreshing unglamorous appearance -- this funny little man with the penchant for pulling the bacon off the fire at the last possible minute -- are you sure you have a credible series without him? Or maybe miricles will happen and we will find that he was only stunned or wounded -- and he will be back with us again. Please, guys, couldn't you have come up with another solution?

    I will hang out long enough to see....but will remain skeptical as to what rabbit you can pull out of the hat...before I decide whether I have something better to do during that hour!
  • Surprise, surprise

    I was seriously concerned when Neal orchestrated the whole case in order to get to Fowler and find out who killed Kate. I wondered how Pete will react, their trust will be broken. How far Neal will go for love and justice.

    I couldn't help but laugh when Mozzie and Neal were "creating" the file. But I just laughed out loud when Jones tried to sing the Batman song.

    I didn't know Neal was going to dare go that far, to get to Fowler and make him talk. Sadly for him, he wasn't completely responsible and now we know who the mysterious guy is. At one moment I thought that Alex was the one on the other line with Kate. Poor Mozzie. He cannot die.

    I love this series.... It is slick and entertaining. I love the way the characters are developed and the chemistry existing among them. That said... are you kidding me???? You cannot kill Mozzie!! It will prove to be a mistake.

    Mozzie may not be a main character but he is an essential character. His charm, wit and repartee with Neil and Peter bring this series to an entirely new level; above the trite and mundane plots used by other series in this genre. I am not sure I will enjoy this series if Mozzie is no longer in it. Neil may be charismatic and Peter may be interesting to watch but Mozzie is amusing and fun to watch... very much like the cameos by Elizabeth which make this series charming.
  • Please no!

    I quite liked this episode and it had a hell of a cliffhanger really. So let me start with why I didn't give it a perfect 10: I usually like my bad guys in shades of grey rather than just in black. For some strange reason though after all the foul stunts he's pulled, I didn't like the fact, that Fowler seems to be a notasbadasweallthought guy. But so be it, might bring along some interesting developments and I soon could be reconciled with this news.

    The rest of the episode was really good and to start with, Matt Bomer did some amazing acting. I loved how he first hesitated to take the gun at the Japanese shop and how he wouldn't use it on Fowler, because -- Peter had been totally right about that -- he just isn't that kind of guy. I would have been incredibly disappointed if he had resorted to violence really.

    What draw me in the most though (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) is what happened at the very end. I'm shocked that Mozzie was shot and here's why they can't possibly let him die: I've always liked Mozzie but during the second season he's really grown on me and has become my favourite character. I didn't really trust him in the beginning because I was always asking myself: "What's in it for him? Why on earth would he be helping Neal in a (what seemed to be) totally unselfish way?" Here's my conclusion: "Nothing really" (except for Neal's friendship and maybe the satisfaction to have a little payback on a society that hasn't treated him very nicely. Let's face it: there seems to be a little anarchist hidden in his character and I really like that! :) ). The contrary is true rather: by helping out Neal, he's put himself in danger. He's appeared on the FBI radar and so far if he wanted to, Peter could have found like a billion reasons to bust him and by being shot now, he has paid a high price. Mozzie's an important part of showing who Neal really is. Sure, Neal might be a crook, but he's also sweet and he's very loyal towards his friend. He never loses his nerves around him no matter what strange ticks Mozzie might be coming up with and I'm sure that he'd do pretty much everything to keep "the little man" save and finally Neal can let his guard down around him while on the other side he could never tell Peter every bit of truth, because Mozzie knows a part of him, Peter never will.

    So please dear writers and producers of "White Collar": keep him alive and around! This show needs him and from what I've read at the forums in here, I'm not the only one who likes him but he's got this huge fanbase of people who -- like me -- would be incredibly sad and disappointed if the shots that hit him would turn out to have been lethal.
  • The music box mystery gets solved, but we don't know the answer. Neal goes rogue, rigs his anklet, and gets a gun. Fowler is found and confesses a unknown rat in the high ups of FBI.

    Have really enjoyed this series! Near tops of my TV shows. But when the writers start killing off key characters for ratings, Mazzie, I am famous for not watching these shows anymore. I did this when Ghost Whisperer writers killed off 3 different key characters, one being Melinda's husband Jim. And brought him back to life with lousy story writing. No doubt thousands of viewers left when Jim was killed off, and the series was soon canceled. The White Collar people should be careful going this way. The viewers make or break a hit show. And this show could slowly go down the tubes unless Mazzie lives!
  • Loved the episode itself, hated the ending.

    White Collar has become my favorite show. I look forward every week to tuning in to watch not only the crime solving, but the character development as well. That is something that sets this show apart from most of the other crime dramas. Neal and Peter's relationship is something really special, and the chemistry between the two is something that I haven't seen this well done in a TV show for decades. But the show also has the added draw of an amazing cast of supporting actors, and every one of them plays a vital and unique roll in the show. And Mozzie is at the top of that list. The show cannot continue without him. Now, I know he's not really dead, but I'm still furious for what they (the writers) did to him. Shooting Mozzie is, to me, like shooting a harmless puppy. What did he do to deserve that? He's so fearful of "The Man," and paranoid with all of his conspiracy theories. It's pitiful that he was the one to take the bullet for just trying to help out. I don't know; I just feel the writers are better than that- using such a ploy to pull in ratings. And don't get me wrong; I'm a HUGE Jeff Easton fan!

    That said, the rest of the episode was great! It had me on the edge of my seat through the majority of it, and all the twists and turns were really fun! The acting was spot-on, especially the scene where Peter stops Neal from shooting Fowler. Characters that we thought were bad may actually be not so bad (or at least we found ourselves feeling sorry for him for the first time!), and characters that were starting to grow on us (i.e. Alex), for an instant, we thought might be bad. That's what I admire most about this show- you can never guess what direction the writers are going to go in!

    I am waiting for the season to return in January with bated breath. I can't wait to see how they are going to fix what they've broken; they've made a lot of people very angry with the whole Mozzie thing, but I feel confident (mostly) that they have a good resolution planned that will make it all better. Somehow. After all, remember how mad we all were at Peter during Season 1's break (after Free Fall)? And it all turned out OK...
  • NO Mozzie...noooo

    So after starting to watch White Collar since its season 2 premier, I have definitely grown to like this show a lot. You honestly gotta love the relationship between Agent Burke and Caffrey. They are complete opposites but yet they make such a good investigative duo.

    I definitely love the midsummer finale even though parts of it was a little predictable. For one, I had a feeling that Fowler was just the misunderstood guy who did bad things but he had good motives. I mean, these definitely went against how he was in the first season...a total jerk that everyone just wants to punch. At the same time, this is also how you know when the actor has done a superb job portraying his character. I also like the fact that Neil was originally hesitant about stealing the gun from the shop and then hesitant again when pointing the gun at Fowler. As Agent Burke has always said, Neil isn't like this and if Neil shot Fowler, that would be completely out of character. With this said, Matt Bomer is definitely a good actor. It's hard to believe that this is the same Matt Bomer from Tru Calling's Luc. I also love the twist at the end with the rogue special forces Army guy and the homicide of the Japanese shop owner. You also gotta love how for like 30 seconds, you think that Alex is gonna kill Neil. Heck, she even mention something about how it's all coming to an end. The writers sure love to mess with us. When the camera turned to Mozzie, I originally thought he was involved in the whole thing until the rogue guy pulled out a gun with silencer and shot Mozzie....NOO!!!

    Btw, is it just me or did the rogue Army guy kinda resemble Landon Donovan?