White Collar

Season 2 Episode 7

Prisoner's Dilemma

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2010 on USA

Episode Recap

Saturday morning finds Peter and Elizabeth on their cell phones, both talking away as they sit down at the dining room table. Jones tells Peter that the entire team's being called in immediately. Elizabeth's client wants to add 30 extra guests to that afternoon's reception. Both of them give up on breakfast and head for the door, when Peter calls a timeout. Duty calling or not, it's the weekend. They need some time for themselves. Peter declares that tonight will be just them, wine and a movie. He'll even make his patented pot roast. Neal is bummed at being called in to work on this particular Saturday. It's the last weekend of the "White-Bored" exhibit at the Powell Museum, which is outside his two-mile radius. Peter won't give up his date night to play escort, but says Neal can go if he can find another agent to go with him. Underscoring the importance of the case, Hughes' boss Agent Bancroft is at the office. While Peter and Bancroft talk, Neal tries unsuccessfully to talk Diana into being his museum escort. Neal sees that U.S. Marshals are there too, just before Peter summons him to the conference room and introduces him to Marshal John Deckard. Bancroft says to Deckard and Peter, "I want this agent found, and I want the two of you to work it out." FBI agent Jack Franklin is on the run. He once worked in White Collar, though Peter hadn't known him well. Jack transferred to the New York office two years ago, then was later moved to the undesirable internal bank fraud division. The marshals are looking for him because they caught him trying to access their witness database. Peter asks if Deckard wants to coordinate the search. Deckard replies, "The Justice Department insisted we loop you in. Well, you're looped in. Let me know what you find." Deckard leaves, and Peter calls the rest of the team upstairs. He declares to Neal that whatever Jack's gotten into, he's one of them and it will be the Bureau who brings him in. Neal says, "This is the first time I've been on this side of a manhunt." Jack was transferred to bank fraud for having an inappropriate relationship with a confidential informant. Although Jack ended the romance afterward, Neal insists that the C.I. would be his first stop. She has three known aliases, and she knows how to hide someone. Peter and Neal visit Rebecca Vidal, a former car thief, at the Lamborghini dealership where she works in sales. After demonstrating his own knowledge of luxury cars, Peter goes on a test drive with Rebecca. While they're away, Neal gets an idea and passes himself off as a new salesman on his first day at work. During the drive, Peter pulls over and shows Rebecca his badge. She refuses to cooperate. Meanwhile Neal makes a sale and cons another salesman into logging him into the computer system as Rebecca, with whom he'd agreed to split the commission. Rebecca tells Peter she hasn't seen Jack since he ended their relationship. Peter gives her his card and asks her to deliver a message if she does hear from Jack: "I'm willing to listen." Neal pulls Rebecca's drive log from the previous day. She took "Claudia Weaver", one of her aliases, on an hour-and-a half test drive. The car was equipped with a GPS tracking device. Back at the office, Diana shows them a case file she found in Jack's office before she let the marshals search it. Jack had been working on the Sullivan antitrust case when he was transferred from White Collar. A newspaper article is headlined, "Sullivan Antitrust Case Loses Star Witness." The file also contains photos of witnesses, lawyers and U.S. Marshals including Deckard. The team huddle is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Deckard, who knows about Peter and Neal's visit to Rebecca because the marshals track Neal's anklet. Instead of sharing the Sullivan file, Peter takes it home while the others keep Deckard occupied at the office. Later that afternoon Peter is reviewing the file and tending to his pot roast, when he hears a noise outside. It's Jack Franklin, who says, "You said you'd listen, so here I am." Neal runs home briefly to see Mozzie, who's working on the plane cockpit recording. The number Kate called from the plane belongs to a burn phone. Mozzie hasn't yet connected a name to it, "but the reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Jack tells Peter that the witness in the Sullivan case was killed in a hit-and-run a week before his testimony. Jack suspected the U.S. Marshals because only he and they knew where the witness was. A few days after he began asking questions, OPR found out about his romance with Rebecca and he was transferred to bank fraud. Jack had tried to share his suspicions then, but he had no proof. Deckard is pursuing Jack now because he knows that Jack made a breakthrough, and is on to him. The previous day Jack found out that Stan Volker, the defense attorney in the Sullivan case, has a hard-copy ledger containing detailed records of witnesses Deckard had sold out to him. Volker keeps it in his office in case Deckard ever tries to turn on him. Rebecca went to Volker's office on her solo test drive, to case the place with Jack. Since Deckard knows that Jack went there, he'll go himself to destroy the ledger. Peter insists on going with Jack to stop Deckard. "Either we do this together, or not at all." Neal unsuccessfully tries to talk Jones into being his museum escort. They go into the conference room and learn that Deckard's left the office, but didn't say where he was going. Peter is at Volker's office with Jack when Neal and Jones call him about Deckard. While Peter talks to them, Jack picks the door lock and goes inside. Moments later Peter hears gunshots, and runs in to find Deckard aiming his gun with one hand and shredding the ledger with the other. After a brief confrontation, Jack and Peter run out an exit door and block it with a trash can. The two men find themselves in a parking garage with Volker's two prized Lamborghinis, "$tan1"and "$tan2". Each of them jumps into a car, then calls Neal and Rebecca respectively for help with hot-wiring them. Peter gets $tan1 started first, and he and Jack take off just as Deckard breaks through the exit door, fires at them and misses. Peter tries to reassure a distraught Jack that they'll find another way to prove his innocence. They meet up with Neal and Jones, and Neal disables $tan1's GPS device. He says he can arrange a hiding place for Peter and Jack while they figure out their next move. Peter then sends Neal and Jones back to the Bureau, saying that any further contact will be through Diana. Bancroft tells Neal that Deckard said Jack was destroying evidence, and Peter helped him flee. Neal sets the story straight. Since Deckard doesn't know the Bureau suspects him, all they need is Bancroft's authorization to mislead the marshals long enough for Peter to prove Deckard's guilt. An unenthusiastic Bancroft says, "I will let you know." Mozzie hides Peter and Jack in one of his safe houses. Diana tells Neal and Jones that Volker has one of the highest acquittal rates in the city, and he won his last three cases when a key witness disappeared or died. Neal tells Diana about his proposed plan, for him and Jones to keep Deckard occupied so that Peter can contact Diana without interference. Deckard and Bancroft join them in the conference room, and Deckard announces that he, Jones and Neal will stake out Peter's house. Bancroft has approved Neal's plan. Hearing Peter and Jack discuss Deckard and Volker, Mozzie expresses his contempt for the Lamborghini-loving defense attorney who sold out one of Moz's friends. Asked if he'd like to participate in a government-sanctioned con, Mozzie immediately says yes. Elizabeth comes home to find a houseful of smoke from Peter's forgotten pot roast, the dog still in the backyard, and Peter gone. In the surveillance van, Deckard observes Neal eyeing the ring of keys clipped to his belt. He confirms that one of the keys fits Neal's tracking anklet. Mozzie comes to the house and brings Elizabeth up to date. To clear Jack, the team will have to turn Deckard and Volker against each other in a "prisoner's dilemma." Neal will be involved, but he doesn't know it yet. Getting the word to him presents one of their challenges. Volker comes to the Bureau office in response to a call from Diana. She tells him she has some bad news about one of his Lamborghinis, and that it's probably best if he sees for himself what happened. In the van, Jones tells Deckard that Mozzie is another confidential informant. Mozzie gets a text message and leaves Peter's house. Deckard, Jones and Neal follow him to the Lamborghini dealership, where Neal lifts the anklet keyring from Deckard. Mozzie finds Rebecca and tells her to pretend she knows him, because they're about to clear Jack's name. They sit down at a table as Deckard, Jones and Neal watch from the parking lot. Deckard says, "They got to be talking about Burke and Franklin." Neal's phone buzzes with a call from Bancroft, with Peter conferenced in. As they talk, Neal sees Diana and Volker join Mozzie and Rebecca at the table. Peter tells Neal to run a prisoner's dilemma on Deckard. Neal finishes the call and tells Jones to follow his lead. Diana tells Volker that $tan1 Thwas stolen earlier that day, apparently taken on quite a joyride, and finally brought to Rebecca's dealership for parts. Volker is totally agitated and distressed when he sees a photo of his wrecked vehicle. Diana assures him the thieves are in custody, and says they just need his signature on a statement. As Volker signs, Neal tells Deckard that Volker is cutting a deal with the Bureau and is selling Deckard out. Deckard walks slowly toward the showroom as Neal continues, "Yep, there it is -- a signed confession. See, once you turned up at Volker's office, he knew it was only a matter of time before you turned on him. He made a deal." Deckard turns and draws his gun, but Jones already has his own weapon out. Inside, Diana directs Volker's attention to the action in the parking lot. "Deckard told us that you paid off an FBI agent to intimidate and kill witnesses in Federal trials." After watching for a moment, Volker caves and says, "Deckard came up with the whole thing. What do you want to know about him?" Deckard tries to escape, but is cut off by Peter and other agents. Before the corrupt marshal is taken away, Neal pats him on the shoulder and says "Good working with you" as he returns the anklet keyring to Deckard's belt. The next day Neal, Diana and Jones watch from the bullpen while Peter and Bancroft talk upstairs. Finally Peter comes down with the news they wanted to hear: Jack Franklin has been cleared of all charges, and Bancroft is reinstating him to the White Collar division. Peter congratulates the team and tells them to get some rest. As the others head out, Neal says loudly, "I'll be headed home too. Won't be going to the Powell today because it's outside my radius. Please?" The others disappear into the elevator. Neal is fingering the swiped key to his tracking anklet when Mozzie calls. The person Kate called from the plane was Agent Garrett Fowler. Their conversation is interrupted by Bancroft calling Neal into his office. When Neal enters, a seated Bancroft holds up a flyer for the White-Bored exhibit and asks, "You planning on seeing this?" Neal admits that he wanted to go, but the museum is outside his radius. Bancroft sighs and says, "I've wanted to see this thing since it opened." With that Bancroft rises from the desk, takes his jacket from the coat rack and says to a surprised Neal, "Let's go."
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