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  • Nothing but background noise

    The plots and story lines would work but the acting, across the board, is incredibly pathetic. Starting with Neil. He's a crook with zero spine. Never stands up for himself, and can't keep his hands out of his pockets. Lose the hat too. Burke and the actor portraying him just destroy the part. Stupid lines, over zealous portrayal, stupid looking grin, inability to show power without looking moronic. Thinking he's so smart when in reality he's a complete idiot. The guy just sucks. The others just add to the absolute stupidity of the show making it nothing more than background noise when you can't watch the screen.
  • Very enjoyable if you put your brain in neutral

    Enjoyed the show .Script and balance of characters very good. Especially Willie Garson (Mozzie). I did find Caffrey being an expert on absolutely everything a bit too much , and it got too soppy sometimes , especially the Burke-Caffey connection.

    The ending was totally predicable. In fact I found it unbelievable that none of his colleagues suspected it.

  • Revive Show

    Please consider putting this show back on. It was a really good show. Funny, not bloody and very creative. Each show left you looking forward to the next episode. It was the best show on TV. Neil and Sarah made a great team when they would go after the people for her insurance company. It is nice to have a show that the bad guys get caught while laughing and not seeing blood and guts.

    These types of show are non existent since you took White Collar off TV. Mozzie was hilarious and he made the show. Peter, Dianna and Jones really set off the team.

    Please reconsider and revive White Collar.
  • Brilliant and Addicting

    Matt bomer partnered with Tim DeKay is the best tandem I've watched in a series. Neal Caffrey is a combination of a bookish and street smart type of a person. I am not disappointed with the ending because Neal is alive however there were too many unanswered questions left. Will Burke find him? Will he see Mozzie again? Will he see baby Neal? Will he fall in love with the right girl who accepts who he truly is? These unanswered questions is the reason why they should've not ended the show like that. They deserve to be aired for more seasons and more episodes. The ratings are terrific aswell, that's why I can't see any other reason why they need to discontinue White Collar. Brilliant and smart-fantastic series, I won't be shocked if I'll learn that they will continue doing the show in the future. Not a waste of time to watch White Collar!!!
  • From a slow start 2 a perfect end.

    The show took some time 2 get pace. Once it got the pace there was no stopping. Show was just getting better and better. The leads were very good. It was good to see some intelligent comedy show.
  • A Clever Show

    White Collar has everything that you can imagine, comedy, suspense, drama, romance, mystery, action, you name it, I just finished watching the last season on Netflix and I must say, I am very satisfied, the ending was a work of art! I will miss this show dearly.
  • There is no other show like this one.

    I'm in mourning for this addicting drama. There is so much more story to tell about these characters & their relationships. Love the classy cultural references & wardobes & clever dialogue. Feels like a death in the family to end this show. Matt Bomer should embrace this role as he is much better in it than anything else he has done. Really, the same is true of Tim DeKay & the others, too. Let them collaborate with Jeff Eastin on the writing if he finds it too burdensome. Continue the pattern of an underlying theme for each season. There are so many possibilities! And please put a little more romance in for Neal.
  • Make a movie or continue the show

    I liked the ending, but six seasons, nah, i think they should continue and they should do it for the white collar fans, i think they should make a movie or make it at least 10 or 11 seasons
  • too good for USA Network

    I waited till today to finish the last 6 episodes of the show almost 5 months later because I wanted to make it last since they only gave it 6 episode send off, I had to. I mean if they where going to let it go because of it costing too much they should have gave it a full season for the send off. But honestly I don't think they should have canceled the show yet. It should have been at least 8 seasons it was too good for less. They did a great job for the final episode. Everything you expect in the last episode. Great writing. I give the show a 10 out of 10 and USA Network -10 out of 10 for poor choices in there line up. As of now I am not watching USA network anymore with the programs that they have now. I really think they pissed the fans off on multiple shows. A rare find in deed.
  • Make a movie

    I'm from Germany and we love this series. In Germany only the seasons 1-4 are available, so we buy the 5th and 6th season over itunes and watch it in english... we love this show and are so sad, that the show ends at seasons 6... We love the idea of a tv movie, wo clear all the open questions... will Neal meets his friends again? What makes he in paris? is a again a criminal?
  • Don't finish now, Best Series Ever!

    This has honestly been the best show on tv in a very long time, Have really enjoyed however i dont understand how they can leave it how they did on the sixth season, make a movie, have just another carry on episode where Neil comes back to New York, come up with kate coming back to the US and Neil goes looking for her or Moz being in with the death.

    This show has so much protential and proberly the best series i have ever watched.

    Bring back a new series!
  • You can not finish white collar now

    This TV show is one of the best I've ever seen you can not leave with the sixth season, deludereste miglioni of fun, then there are Peter and Neal that in some scenes make you cry from what they are engaging. keep white collar do for people who love this TV series
  • Bring Kate Back

    Kate got off the plane before it exploded. She stays low to protect Neil from people using her as a pawn to get to him. However, she needs to let Neil know she really does love him so she attends Mossie's wedding in disguise. Neil thinks he sees her but doesn't know because he has been having flashbacks from the day the plane exploded. Peter and Neil get set up by Fuller again this time someone is going to get hurt, with a gun on Peter, Neil steps in front of the bullet, gets shot, ends up in ICU, Kate comes to his side, the FBI exonerates ending.
  • Stopped watching new USA shows due to prematurely ending series

    White Collar is an amazing original tv show. Why are they ending it when there is so much that can be done with the show from numerous different angles?! The whole house gets together to watch this show (ages from 16-57). It would be the reason another person stops trying to watch USA tv series. Please reconsider cancelling. Dexter, supernatural-even desperate housewives were all 8 seasons or more and they were all great captive shows!
  • Enjoyed it.

    Really enjoyed the series. Sorry to see it end. Every one of the actors was believable. No matter that the story progress was unrealistic, it was a script, for crying out loud! It was not meant to mimic life but to remove you from the realities of life for a short while. Good Job doing what you were supposed to do. Thanks for the it lasted.
  • Sad to see it end.

    I was sad to learn this is their last Season. Why is it that when you find an awesome show such as "White prematurely end? Great Cast. I love it.
  • Come on move on!!!

    when is the series gonna start???
  • 6 ep season???

    Do you guys think they will do the last 6 episodes in the fall????
  • Series ending?


    This is so typical of USA. They have very successful shows. But the series end to soon. It seems like an average show span is 6 seasons. And it's either b/c the writers get lazy and the show falters. Or they stuff so much into episodes and run out of material. I have almost quit watching thier new shows. I rather be interest in a show for at least 8 seAsons. I love suits and Graceland. But have got me so afraid it will be ending soon. The show I miss the most burn notice.

  • Season 5 was very entertaining. Need more please.

    Season 5 was deeper than I was expecting but very engaging. Bridget Regan's character truly added a lot of oomph to this season. I didn't necessarily enjoy the story arc of Neal going back to his conman ways and his rift with Burke. But Neal's romance with the newcomer was amazing. Bridget Regan played her character so well and "brought out the best in Matt Bomer" as one professional reviewer said, goes to show what good talent can bring to a show. Warren Cole was amazing as well, wish we could see more of him. Hope they bring in more fresh talent into the show next season. Now c'mon USA renew it already! You have a gem here.
  • can we just keep sarah?

    i think one of the most interesting plots is neils relationship with sarah and also how he is always finding away out. i can't see where this show is going but i loved where it was. please dont fuck up another good show
  • Distracting

    When this show first came on I loved the premise of a con helping the FBI with white collar crime. And all shows nowadays have to have a continuous underlying drama in addition to the day to day crime solving. But this is getting ridiculous. True, I like the Da Vinci intrigue, but enough is enough of this constant melodrama with coded books, decoder stain glass and constant betrayal of every one, even Peter. The show is getting too much like a soap opera.
  • Geting to predictable .

    I think that it has been obvious for the past few episodes that Rebecca was not all she seemed to be .The way they conveniently helped Neil and how she would walk into his apartment when ever she liked without knocking ,even though they really did,nt know each other .And how she never cared about him lying to her about being a to convenient . It is a shame that this season has not been up to the standard as the others,and i will really miss it when the season is over as i have watched the series from the start. It,s has been one of my favourite shows Hope it will be renewed for another least Neil never told her that Mozzi has got the symbols stored in his head but she will probably figure it out watch out Moz you will be next on the list..
  • why rebecca????

    why rebecca???? whyyyyyy?????
  • Perfect

    that ending of ep10 was just perfect


  • Master Plan

    I'm loving this season. I like how they keep you wondering what Neal or Mozzie is going to do next. I like that Peter is still cautious of Neal and vice versa. I just have no complaints. I think they're doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!
  • It's back to (the great) normal!

    After watching the first 3 episodes I think I was disappointed with the way things were developing. The fourth episode was however, a complete change in the direction how the show used to be! Great work!

    I only watched the first episode so far of this season and it's turned us off completely! Peter is an ungrateful jerk as is his wife. Neal has done so much to help them and yet they treat Neal terribly. Peter gets out of jail and gets a promotion?! Give me a break! We have continued dvring episodes for now but have not been inspired to watch them since the first horrible episode aired. Peter is a real a** and he and his wife deserve each others characters, what are the writers thinking? They're ruining a perfectly good show and at this rate I'm pretty sure it won't last long.



    I'm SO excited!!!! I miss Neal Caffrey and MOZI !!!

    This is by far one of my favorite TV shows of ALL TIMES!!!!!
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