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    I only watched the first episode so far of this season and it's turned us off completely! Peter is an ungrateful jerk as is his wife. Neal has done so much to help them and yet they treat Neal terribly. Peter gets out of jail and gets a promotion?! Give me a break! We have continued dvring episodes for now but have not been inspired to watch them since the first horrible episode aired. Peter is a real a** and he and his wife deserve each others characters, what are the writers thinking? They're ruining a perfectly good show and at this rate I'm pretty sure it won't last long.

  • Nothing but background noise

    The plots and story lines would work but the acting, across the board, is incredibly pathetic. Starting with Neil. He's a crook with zero spine. Never stands up for himself, and can't keep his hands out of his pockets. Lose the hat too. Burke and the actor portraying him just destroy the part. Stupid lines, over zealous portrayal, stupid looking grin, inability to show power without looking moronic. Thinking he's so smart when in reality he's a complete idiot. The guy just sucks. The others just add to the absolute stupidity of the show making it nothing more than background noise when you can't watch the screen.
  • the hat

  • i miss old show

    friend told me about white collar and i watched it .it is mix of action comedy and Adventure . The characters are spectacular except Diana she is odd and annoying . if their another season i hope they don`t put her .
  • Very enjoyable if you put your brain in neutral

    Enjoyed the show .Script and balance of characters very good. Especially Willie Garson (Mozzie). I did find Caffrey being an expert on absolutely everything a bit too much , and it got too soppy sometimes , especially the Burke-Caffey connection.

    The ending was totally predicable. In fact I found it unbelievable that none of his colleagues suspected it.

  • Distracting

    When this show first came on I loved the premise of a con helping the FBI with white collar crime. And all shows nowadays have to have a continuous underlying drama in addition to the day to day crime solving. But this is getting ridiculous. True, I like the Da Vinci intrigue, but enough is enough of this constant melodrama with coded books, decoder stain glass and constant betrayal of every one, even Peter. The show is getting too much like a soap opera.
  • The Wicked Witch of Sterling Bosch

    would like to initially point out that I just finished an episode of White Collar and felt SO strongly about an issue I decided I had to write into the producers. I am a huge fan of the show and I absolutely love it, in spite of one single character: Sarah Ellis. Where do I start.... whether it is her Cruella Devile walk or poorly scripted banter, she ceases to annoy me season after season, and the writers continuously tease the White Collar fans by getting rid of her (phew!!!) then, ALL OF THE SUDDEN.... shes back and we all want to take knives to our faces because she is the WORST character on the entire USA Network. Uttering her name literally reminds me of saying 'Vol-de-mort'. I am beyond annoyed with her on the TV and on my laptop since I watch White Collar reruns constantly (FF sarah ellis scenes). Her predictable acting, clothing, size 00 waist, not to mention her voice which has come to make me and my entire family cringe.

    Please write Sarah Ellis out of the show as she has quickly become the most ANNOYING character in the existence of television. If she makes a return from her job in Europe in the next season I will honestly stop watching the show. I give White Collar -3 points because of Voldemort,


    White Collar Addict #12
  • This show is great, but...there is just no more fun.


    I don't know what happened or why. I mean I've been watching this show from the beginning. The show started out as a conman turned FBI helper. The problem I'm having with the recent season (I know it was inevitable) but it's all so serious now. If I wanted serious with minimal laughter I'd watch CSI (one of the handful of them). I like the characters but the show just gives me an icky feeling.

    I'll keep checking in to find out if they change their tune but otherwise I don't want to watch it.

  • From a slow start 2 a perfect end.

    The show took some time 2 get pace. Once it got the pace there was no stopping. Show was just getting better and better. The leads were very good. It was good to see some intelligent comedy show.
  • can we just keep sarah?

    i think one of the most interesting plots is neils relationship with sarah and also how he is always finding away out. i can't see where this show is going but i loved where it was. please dont fuck up another good show
  • Bring Kate Back

    Kate got off the plane before it exploded. She stays low to protect Neil from people using her as a pawn to get to him. However, she needs to let Neil know she really does love him so she attends Mossie's wedding in disguise. Neil thinks he sees her but doesn't know because he has been having flashbacks from the day the plane exploded. Peter and Neil get set up by Fuller again this time someone is going to get hurt, with a gun on Peter, Neil steps in front of the bullet, gets shot, ends up in ICU, Kate comes to his side, the FBI exonerates ending.
  • why rebecca????

    why rebecca???? whyyyyyy?????

    As being a huge fan of this show I should opinion for a strong continuity of season 5. It's a clever show and we all have seen what Peter together with Neal can do to their professional and personal they are the match of the decade. I pray fo4r season 5 and I know it will happen.
  • My White collar is better ...

    I'm sad about episode 1 season 4.....

    Why are they speaking spanish in Cape Verde if in Cabo Verde they speak Portuguese.... They are looking latin people and in Cabo Verde they are a mix of black people like galoes, or mestios... There is no such girl in Cabo Verde as is shown in the episode... and the house looks like a greek villa.... Have you been in Cabo Verde???... A good serie is a good serie when can join real with story... but losing my faith in the script and story...
  • Fantastic show

    Although the ending of the last episode was clear for everyone, i hope this brings a new twist to the general plot behind it. I would love to se nick stealing a bit more (for the good reasons ofcourse) maybe in famous sites (moma, louvre, prado).

    If the shows continues until he is realesed of his sentence (which i doubt) maybe a one year spinoff of him being rich and becoming again a thief for the adrenaline and for the good reasons (giving back art to the real owners, real country of origin, maybe working in a big painting fraud like in the movie incognito) I think there is enough for one season.
  • Think Leverage or Ocean's 11 with a decidedly 'Catch me if you can' twist.

    This is a fabulous and yet surprisingly unknown show. It follows the explots of a former conman/forger/thief (Caffrey) who makes a deal with the FBI agent who caught him (Burke) in order to get released from prison. In exchange for his quasi-freedom (he still ahs an ankle braclet) he helps Burke track down other white collar criminals like himself, often using less than orthodox methods.

    This show is great and I cannot understand why it isn't a bigger hit. It has a great vibe to it and some very interesting plotlines. The casting is spot on and Matthew Bomer and Willie Garson are absolutely perfect for their roles. The dialogue is good and there are some really great charcter developments throughout the first series. All in all this is a terrific new series and I hope season 2 continues to keep up the high standard.
  • You can not finish white collar now

    This TV show is one of the best I've ever seen you can not leave with the sixth season, deludereste miglioni of fun, then there are Peter and Neal that in some scenes make you cry from what they are engaging. keep white collar do for people who love this TV series
  • Come on move on!!!

    when is the series gonna start???
  • Series ending?


    This is so typical of USA. They have very successful shows. But the series end to soon. It seems like an average show span is 6 seasons. And it's either b/c the writers get lazy and the show falters. Or they stuff so much into episodes and run out of material. I have almost quit watching thier new shows. I rather be interest in a show for at least 8 seAsons. I love suits and Graceland. But have got me so afraid it will be ending soon. The show I miss the most burn notice.

  • Great show.

    I really enjoyed watching this show. The entire idea of a conman turned FBI consultant is extremely interesting. The only issue I had was the storyline going a bit dry during the fourth season after Neal finds out who his father really is.

    At the end of the day though it is a great show and the season 4 finale was truly brilliant. I am looking forward to the next season :)

  • great entertaining show, but....


    the show is great, witty, smart and entertaining enough to keep u watching...

    the only thing is the atraction between neal and sara, which is that there is NONE. you don't see it at all. they both are nice and atractive but not to eachother. find someone with more mistery and atractivness towards neal character. someone like kate ...or alex character. good luck

  • Great to watch once in a while. Main character is cute, it's a witty show.

    Usually I do not like to watch criminal shows (such as CSI etc.). But this show is not like the others, eventhough it includes the FBI and investigations. It's about sophisticated "white collar" crimes which makes it interesting. I don't like to watch murders and see blood - so this show compensates the lack of blood and crime through the use of intelligent criminal cases. It's also funny mainly because of the witty dialogues between the main characters. Also, the character Neil is sooo gorgeous, makes the show more worth watching. I don't wait for every episode impatiently but when I have time, I catch up with older episodes one in a while. It's a nice "filler" show ;)
  • One of the strongest first episodes I've seen in a long time.

    This was one of the strongest first episodes I've seen in a long time. Most new shows spend too much effort in their first episode on introducing the characters and as a result end up with a weak storyline. Well, White Collar got of to a blistering start. A well crafted story with some nice twists and a very good cast that seemed to work well together right from the start. There were a lot of small touches of humour but it was handled well and aided the story rather than detract from it.

    I will continue watching this show with great interest. If the rest of the series keeps up the pace of the first episode then this is going to become one of the must-see series of 2009.
  • Brilliant and Addicting

    Matt bomer partnered with Tim DeKay is the best tandem I've watched in a series. Neal Caffrey is a combination of a bookish and street smart type of a person. I am not disappointed with the ending because Neal is alive however there were too many unanswered questions left. Will Burke find him? Will he see Mozzie again? Will he see baby Neal? Will he fall in love with the right girl who accepts who he truly is? These unanswered questions is the reason why they should've not ended the show like that. They deserve to be aired for more seasons and more episodes. The ratings are terrific aswell, that's why I can't see any other reason why they need to discontinue White Collar. Brilliant and smart-fantastic series, I won't be shocked if I'll learn that they will continue doing the show in the future. Not a waste of time to watch White Collar!!!
  • Sad to see it end.

    I was sad to learn this is their last Season. Why is it that when you find an awesome show such as "White prematurely end? Great Cast. I love it.
  • 6 ep season???

    Do you guys think they will do the last 6 episodes in the fall????
  • Season 5 was very entertaining. Need more please.

    Season 5 was deeper than I was expecting but very engaging. Bridget Regan's character truly added a lot of oomph to this season. I didn't necessarily enjoy the story arc of Neal going back to his conman ways and his rift with Burke. But Neal's romance with the newcomer was amazing. Bridget Regan played her character so well and "brought out the best in Matt Bomer" as one professional reviewer said, goes to show what good talent can bring to a show. Warren Cole was amazing as well, wish we could see more of him. Hope they bring in more fresh talent into the show next season. Now c'mon USA renew it already! You have a gem here.
  • Geting to predictable .

    I think that it has been obvious for the past few episodes that Rebecca was not all she seemed to be .The way they conveniently helped Neil and how she would walk into his apartment when ever she liked without knocking ,even though they really did,nt know each other .And how she never cared about him lying to her about being a to convenient . It is a shame that this season has not been up to the standard as the others,and i will really miss it when the season is over as i have watched the series from the start. It,s has been one of my favourite shows Hope it will be renewed for another least Neil never told her that Mozzi has got the symbols stored in his head but she will probably figure it out watch out Moz you will be next on the list..
  • It's back to (the great) normal!

    After watching the first 3 episodes I think I was disappointed with the way things were developing. The fourth episode was however, a complete change in the direction how the show used to be! Great work!
  • A crime drama that puts a smile on my face

    The main leads played by Matt Bomer and Time Dekay are the best part. Alone or working together. There chemistry is amazing the way they play off each other. When Neal works alone his criminal mind is fascinating how he cracks the safe and knows all the tricks of the trade. The side characters are where more of the humor is and some more amazing acting. The story telling is only another great part of the show how they have multistep plans and how they have overcome obstacles. The feeling of New York is in the air and the FBI have never been so busy. I hope they never run out of jewel thieves to catch because I could watch this show forever.
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