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  • the hat

  • i miss old show

    friend told me about white collar and i watched it .it is mix of action comedy and Adventure . The characters are spectacular except Diana she is odd and annoying . if their another season i hope they don`t put her .
  • I love how White Collar takes crime show to a new level

    This show is a breath of fresh air because it changes the view on other crime shows in a new and exciting way. It is a cross between leverage and CSI. The relationship between Peter (the fed) and Neil (the thief)is an interesting one. They decide to work together to catch criminals or in Neil's case, other criminals. The dynamic of the two characters makes this show enjoyable. White Collar has a lot of potential. And I hope it gets the praise it deserves.I will definitely be watching season 2 when it airs but I hope Neil isn't sad or depressed for long.
  • "Catch Me If You Can" with Ocean's Eleven style, Jeopardy smarts and Tiffani Thiessen - smart and beautiful!

    Smart show that sometimes stretches the edges of believability but always a good story line. The back story is not complex but certainly a mystery. Not that it matters until some point down the road when it will come clear. Until then, meh.

    The ankle bracelet is comical. They don't work that way. But it is good for good plot points when needed.

    Nice to see the early 60's Rat Pack style back in a decent show. I like skinny ties and skinnier lapels. It is interesting to watch the situational ethics of the FBI guys - should we bend the rules to catch a really bad guy. As in what appears to be real life - they often do. Of course, justified by the results. :-0

    Mozzie. Star of the show. Nuff said.

    Overall, I enjoy this show very much on many levels. I hope they break new ground....and don't try to keep a one race pony running too long...
  • Neal Caffrey gets to see what is life like being on the other them - the good guys.

    Neal Caffrey, pro-criminal, is about to get out off jail legally, but escaped to finad her lost love, Kate. When he gfets there he finds just a bottle. Peter Burke, FBI officer arrests him asgain (he is the only guy who could catch him before). So when Burke has trouble catching a criminal called the Dutchman, Neal offers him his help to find him. And after some negotiations and an ankle tracker, he is an FBI agent. After he catches Dutchman, he becomes a regular. It is a very good show, and is my second favourite police-drama after Bones. 100.
  • Perfect

    that ending of ep10 was just perfect
  • Distracting

    When this show first came on I loved the premise of a con helping the FBI with white collar crime. And all shows nowadays have to have a continuous underlying drama in addition to the day to day crime solving. But this is getting ridiculous. True, I like the Da Vinci intrigue, but enough is enough of this constant melodrama with coded books, decoder stain glass and constant betrayal of every one, even Peter. The show is getting too much like a soap opera.
  • Bring Kate Back

    Kate got off the plane before it exploded. She stays low to protect Neil from people using her as a pawn to get to him. However, she needs to let Neil know she really does love him so she attends Mossie's wedding in disguise. Neil thinks he sees her but doesn't know because he has been having flashbacks from the day the plane exploded. Peter and Neil get set up by Fuller again this time someone is going to get hurt, with a gun on Peter, Neil steps in front of the bullet, gets shot, ends up in ICU, Kate comes to his side, the FBI exonerates ending.
  • The Wicked Witch of Sterling Bosch

    would like to initially point out that I just finished an episode of White Collar and felt SO strongly about an issue I decided I had to write into the producers. I am a huge fan of the show and I absolutely love it, in spite of one single character: Sarah Ellis. Where do I start.... whether it is her Cruella Devile walk or poorly scripted banter, she ceases to annoy me season after season, and the writers continuously tease the White Collar fans by getting rid of her (phew!!!) then, ALL OF THE SUDDEN.... shes back and we all want to take knives to our faces because she is the WORST character on the entire USA Network. Uttering her name literally reminds me of saying 'Vol-de-mort'. I am beyond annoyed with her on the TV and on my laptop since I watch White Collar reruns constantly (FF sarah ellis scenes). Her predictable acting, clothing, size 00 waist, not to mention her voice which has come to make me and my entire family cringe.

    Please write Sarah Ellis out of the show as she has quickly become the most ANNOYING character in the existence of television. If she makes a return from her job in Europe in the next season I will honestly stop watching the show. I give White Collar -3 points because of Voldemort,


    White Collar Addict #12
  • This show is great, but...there is just no more fun.


    I don't know what happened or why. I mean I've been watching this show from the beginning. The show started out as a conman turned FBI helper. The problem I'm having with the recent season (I know it was inevitable) but it's all so serious now. If I wanted serious with minimal laughter I'd watch CSI (one of the handful of them). I like the characters but the show just gives me an icky feeling.

    I'll keep checking in to find out if they change their tune but otherwise I don't want to watch it.

  • Geting to predictable .

    I think that it has been obvious for the past few episodes that Rebecca was not all she seemed to be .The way they conveniently helped Neil and how she would walk into his apartment when ever she liked without knocking ,even though they really did,nt know each other .And how she never cared about him lying to her about being a to convenient . It is a shame that this season has not been up to the standard as the others,and i will really miss it when the season is over as i have watched the series from the start. It,s has been one of my favourite shows Hope it will be renewed for another least Neil never told her that Mozzi has got the symbols stored in his head but she will probably figure it out watch out Moz you will be next on the list..
  • A highly intellectual, white collar criminal breaks out of prison to find his girlfriend. He is then caught by the FBI agent, that same one that originally arrested him. This criminal negotiates a deal to help the agent hunt down another criminal.

    This is my kind of show filled drama, suspense, intellect, and white collar crime. After watching the first episode on TiVo I was hooked, wired and could not sleep for hours. The intellect used in the show was intriguing and reminded me of "Catch Me If You Can" movie and some aspects of Will's character in "Good Will Hunting". I just watched episode 2 last night and I am still impressed with the show, cannot wait to see future episodes and new characters along the way. I am hoping they weave in some more techy stuff into the story line, such as twittering. Past episodes have including text messaging.
  • Enjoyed it.

    Really enjoyed the series. Sorry to see it end. Every one of the actors was believable. No matter that the story progress was unrealistic, it was a script, for crying out loud! It was not meant to mimic life but to remove you from the realities of life for a short while. Good Job doing what you were supposed to do. Thanks for the it lasted.


  • Master Plan

    I'm loving this season. I like how they keep you wondering what Neal or Mozzie is going to do next. I like that Peter is still cautious of Neal and vice versa. I just have no complaints. I think they're doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!


    I'm SO excited!!!! I miss Neal Caffrey and MOZI !!!

    This is by far one of my favorite TV shows of ALL TIMES!!!!!
  • marta52

  • One of the great show......

    Matt Bomer and Tim Decay won't let you miss sherlock in their own style.....
  • bibobrodemon

    what is that ?

    that so cool i with to be best.

  • A clever title goes here!

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  • can't wait!!!

    can't wait to see the next episode and peter return to white collar with neal diana and jones. what a team.
  • Very enjoyable if you put your brain in neutral

    Enjoyed the show .Script and balance of characters very good. Especially Willie Garson (Mozzie). I did find Caffrey being an expert on absolutely everything a bit too much , and it got too soppy sometimes , especially the Burke-Caffey connection.

    The ending was totally predicable. In fact I found it unbelievable that none of his colleagues suspected it.

  • why rebecca????

    why rebecca???? whyyyyyy?????
  • Think Leverage or Ocean's 11 with a decidedly 'Catch me if you can' twist.

    This is a fabulous and yet surprisingly unknown show. It follows the explots of a former conman/forger/thief (Caffrey) who makes a deal with the FBI agent who caught him (Burke) in order to get released from prison. In exchange for his quasi-freedom (he still ahs an ankle braclet) he helps Burke track down other white collar criminals like himself, often using less than orthodox methods.

    This show is great and I cannot understand why it isn't a bigger hit. It has a great vibe to it and some very interesting plotlines. The casting is spot on and Matthew Bomer and Willie Garson are absolutely perfect for their roles. The dialogue is good and there are some really great charcter developments throughout the first series. All in all this is a terrific new series and I hope season 2 continues to keep up the high standard.
  • Great show.

    I really enjoyed watching this show. The entire idea of a conman turned FBI consultant is extremely interesting. The only issue I had was the storyline going a bit dry during the fourth season after Neal finds out who his father really is.

    At the end of the day though it is a great show and the season 4 finale was truly brilliant. I am looking forward to the next season :)

  • great entertaining show, but....


    the show is great, witty, smart and entertaining enough to keep u watching...

    the only thing is the atraction between neal and sara, which is that there is NONE. you don't see it at all. they both are nice and atractive but not to eachother. find someone with more mistery and atractivness towards neal character. someone like kate ...or alex character. good luck

  • Great to watch once in a while. Main character is cute, it's a witty show.

    Usually I do not like to watch criminal shows (such as CSI etc.). But this show is not like the others, eventhough it includes the FBI and investigations. It's about sophisticated "white collar" crimes which makes it interesting. I don't like to watch murders and see blood - so this show compensates the lack of blood and crime through the use of intelligent criminal cases. It's also funny mainly because of the witty dialogues between the main characters. Also, the character Neil is sooo gorgeous, makes the show more worth watching. I don't wait for every episode impatiently but when I have time, I catch up with older episodes one in a while. It's a nice "filler" show ;)
  • 6 ep season???

    Do you guys think they will do the last 6 episodes in the fall????

    It is the best show and i cant stop watching it
  • Just one question... WTF is Tiffany Thiessen doing on this show?

    Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't like her, but her character is simply a patch. She is just someone's wife and we have no idea why she is important to the plot. It's like the writers thought "Let's put Tiffany Thiessen on the show. Oh, but we need to create a role for her, because all of the others are taken."

    Anyway, the leading guys are simply awesome! They click together perfectly. Matthew Bomer is charming, adorable and you cannot take your eyes off him. Even if I knew he was a con artist, I would still let him trick me. There are a lot of laughs and Aha! moments and the show generally does offer something new in this overexposed genre. It's a win. Hopefully it will last.
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