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  • A crime drama that puts a smile on my face

    The main leads played by Matt Bomer and Time Dekay are the best part. Alone or working together. There chemistry is amazing the way they play off each other. When Neal works alone his criminal mind is fascinating how he cracks the safe and knows all the tricks of the trade. The side characters are where more of the humor is and some more amazing acting. The story telling is only another great part of the show how they have multistep plans and how they have overcome obstacles. The feeling of New York is in the air and the FBI have never been so busy. I hope they never run out of jewel thieves to catch because I could watch this show forever.


  • Smart, sassy - all that AND a bag of chips.

    I promised myself I wouldn't pick up any new shows because the quality TV pool has gotten so shallow, but when USA Networks sent me an e-mail announcing "White Collar" I couldn't resist. They said if I liked "Burn Notice," I'd love "White Collar." Boy, were they ever RIGHT! "White Collar" has EVERYTHING I love about good TV. The cast is amazing. They fit together like the cast of "Firefly" did. I don't know a lot about Tim DeKay, but he's had a lot of guest starring roles in several shows that I have loved over the years. He fits perfectly here as an agent who has scored the best wife in the world - someone who understands him and his dedication to the job and still loves him. Matthew Bomer was an expected treat for me. He is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite actors! I didn't even know he was in this show until I saw him on the screen. Matthew has an amazing talent, which was shown first in "Tru Calling," a show I loved who in it's second season quickly went south into uber-dark story lines and was finally cancelled. I first saw Matt in the series, "Traveler" where he did an incredible job playing Jay, an on-the-run action hero of sorts fighting with his friend to get their lives back again in a Bush-era, lies abound government. Matt showed up again in "Chuck," another spy series I love (apparently his character Bryce was killed off, but we've been down that road before only to find it not so). Each of these characters Matt has played seemed to be written just for his talents. Or perhaps he JUST that good. "White Collar" once again proves anything with Matt in it is worth at the very least investigation. I'm unfamiliar with Natalie Morales, but she presents her role with the same enthusiasm as Matt. She is a joy to watch. We all know Willie Garson from "Sex and The City" who is also a delight and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen who others probably know from her younger days. She shows her ability to embrace a role is equally dedicated.

    If you like "Leverage" on TNT, you will LOVE "White Collar." It has all the same components, with the exception of actual members of law enforcement involved in the take down. It's light and breezy, smart and sassy and I'm willing to bet you just might learn something of value about the world around you or it's history. I'm truly hoping they'll keep the positive aspects of this show in the forefront (much like the endearing love of the characters in "Burn Notice") and give us a chance to champion the good things about being alive. I'm a little sick of the emo/drama queen shows myself. I'd like to see more characters embracing the things in life that are important - leave the dysfunction for shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "In Plain Sight" (a show I thought I'd like, but was just too much of a downer by the 2nd season to continue watching).

    If you've got an extra hour, "White Collar" is definitely worth your while.
  • I'm in love

    I'm in love with this show and ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH NEAL CAFFREY! He is the best character that has ever been invented. He could charm a piece of ice, and he's so smart. The cast works really well together and the writers always keep us guessing!
  • one of d most iconic shows

    i have been watchin dis show on weekyl basis since start and few shows can match it..its consistenty great....not a sec of cliche feeling...phenomenal acting from matt and tim...def a smile on our faces after each episode
  • Return Faster!!

    White Collar was an amazing show! Who knew criminal's could be so smart. The characters are well developed. The little arguments between Neal and Peter are pretty funny and Mozzy is hilarious. There is a good storyline and a lot of intense cliffhangers. Also did anyone else believe that Kate never actually died on the plane? I swear through the whole of season 2 i was under the impression she survived...
  • When White Collar started it was a nice take on the police procedure without all the dead bodies and guns. Now it has risen to new levels...

    The show started out as a nice break from all the CSI and NCIS cop shows where every case is a dead body. White Collar deals with white collar crimes like forgery, fraud, etc. so it is a little more sophisticated and certainly much more original than the legion of MIS (murder investigation shows). The pilot episode was great and then the following stories were interesting enough, but not superb. However, starting with the mid-season finale (Free Fall), the show really took off with an exceptional overarching villain and lots of intrigue. There is not a single police procedural which has this level of writing on a consistent basis. There are just so many subplots the show has set up to look into that there is always something interesting going on. I definitely recommend checking out this unique show.
  • Fantastic show

    Although the ending of the last episode was clear for everyone, i hope this brings a new twist to the general plot behind it. I would love to se nick stealing a bit more (for the good reasons ofcourse) maybe in famous sites (moma, louvre, prado).

    If the shows continues until he is realesed of his sentence (which i doubt) maybe a one year spinoff of him being rich and becoming again a thief for the adrenaline and for the good reasons (giving back art to the real owners, real country of origin, maybe working in a big painting fraud like in the movie incognito) I think there is enough for one season.
  • too many gaps wil make u loose viewers

    u guys need more frequent episodes the more u air the show the more viwers u will have becuz its a great show great cast great story but theres too many breaks between seasons and episodes

  • Don't finish now, Best Series Ever!

    This has honestly been the best show on tv in a very long time, Have really enjoyed however i dont understand how they can leave it how they did on the sixth season, make a movie, have just another carry on episode where Neil comes back to New York, come up with kate coming back to the US and Neil goes looking for her or Moz being in with the death.

    This show has so much protential and proberly the best series i have ever watched.

    Bring back a new series!
  • awesome show!!!

    i love this show, it's different than most shows, i'm watching it from the beginning and so far it's great would recommend it. ugh Matt Bomer is gay,he's hot DAMN I'm glad he came out , i would high 5 him if i ever see him because he's awesome, great actor! =] GREAT SHOW i love USA, they have this show, psych, suits, in love with this channel
  • White Collar is the fresh drama for fall. It has everything you need from dramatic police evasions to quiet gourmet coffee from the best view in the city. Neal Caffrey, an alleged con artest, skips out of jail, with FBI consent, to be there consultant.

    White Collar is suave, calculating, and keeps you coming back for more each week. This show is like no other in the sense that society gives someone a second chance in a particularly odd way: assisting the FBI with crimes that he used to be personally involved in. It is truly the show for you if you like action, drama, and an interesting story line. Familiar actors are cast and talented. Matt Bomer is showcased like never before in this riveting USA hit. With every episode end, you find yourself thinking about what crime Neal will help solve next. Ingenious!

    fantastic show, Mozzie is just brilliant, Peter n Neal are amazing. WHatever episode you start watching its jusT amazing, but its more awesome if you start from season 1

    what an awsome show! seriously, you cant get anything more clever than this. it doesnt just solve the case and that's it like every other crime drama thing, they develop cliff-hangers with neal's personal life. And they couldn't have a better guy to play neal. smart, charming, handsome! he is EVERYTHING rolled into one. i love this whole thing, it's funny and dramatic but not in a obvious way. this is definatley my favourite show. perfect isn't the right word for this show. oh gosh i don't think there are any words....
  • A white collar criminal escapes from prison to find his girlfriend, who had broken up with him, & gets caught. He partners with the FBI guy who caught him & helps solve a case and now will work with him for the next 4 yrs instead of going back to prison.

    This is an awesome new show. The whole idea for the show is great, and the casting is perfect. I love the relationship and rapport between the main characters, and the guys are so handsome, they make it easy to watch. I like that 'they used to be adversaries', but now work together, and they show them getting along well--and solving the crimes. It wouldn't be good if the FBI guy didn't want to be partnered with him or gave him a hard time. It's perfect the way it is. It's my favorite new show, and I love it! I've watched the premiere twice already, and can't wait for the season to begin. Excellent!!!!
  • Don't cancel the best

    White Collar is one of the very best. Us intelligent actually can catch on to the subtle dialogue and the non competitiveness of actually having sexy men who know they are and thus don't have to prove it. This is amazing, not Junior High School show.
  • White Hot! I love this show!

    Keep this show going, there are so many things that Peter & Neal can put their heads together to solve in many scenarios. The clever humor written into the script is so enjoyable and the cast seems to work very well together. Matt Bomer's acting range is is most convincing when Neal's character is vulnerable. His and Tom's comedic timing are perfect. Mozzie is so likeable.
  • LUV IT!!

    White Collar has been an awesome show 2 watch for ME! But i don't hav the chance to watch the new ones anymore!! always 2 busy. The characters i dislike are as follows: The Sara Lady- She is a little annoying, the writers attempted to try to make a friendly connection with Neal and her.. but it just doesn't mesh well; Alex: Alex is a little fishy .... I don't know if i hate her or love her really because sometimes she seems a little annoying, like you really don't know what to expect from her.. i dont go for that! 3. Kate- The character of kate is a mystery... . She seems like she is a good person, like she really loved Neal. In the episode Forging Bonds... i could see it.. bu at the begining it made it seem like she was tricking him into loving her. So IDK! Some of my fav characters are : Mozzie= HILARIOUS,; Neal= Uber hot!!! Diana= awesome Peter= suspicous.... jk .. AWESOME So that was my long review... suprised you read all of it.. But otay
  • One of the strongest first episodes I've seen in a long time.

    This was one of the strongest first episodes I've seen in a long time. Most new shows spend too much effort in their first episode on introducing the characters and as a result end up with a weak storyline. Well, White Collar got of to a blistering start. A well crafted story with some nice twists and a very good cast that seemed to work well together right from the start. There were a lot of small touches of humour but it was handled well and aided the story rather than detract from it.

    I will continue watching this show with great interest. If the rest of the series keeps up the pace of the first episode then this is going to become one of the must-see series of 2009.
  • A Clever Show

    White Collar has everything that you can imagine, comedy, suspense, drama, romance, mystery, action, you name it, I just finished watching the last season on Netflix and I must say, I am very satisfied, the ending was a work of art! I will miss this show dearly.
  • Make a movie or continue the show

    I liked the ending, but six seasons, nah, i think they should continue and they should do it for the white collar fans, i think they should make a movie or make it at least 10 or 11 seasons
  • This show gets the SALLY AWARD for being the best in its' class

    Best show ever. Sure grabs your attention. Mozzie is the greatest. All characters are perfect, and yes, even Neil's hat!
  • Awesome Show!!

    I love this show. Matt Bomer and Tim Dekay just work together. I can't wait until july 10th!! White Collar is the best show out there right now!!
  • hooked on!!

    wen is da nx season gonna air?? awesome show... love it
  • amazing

    I love it, every chapter is a new amazingly well written story. Love them all, and Sara and Neal... yeahh nice couple, i like them
  • in short ! i LOVE it

    when any one asks me about White Collar, i just replay with: imagin the end of Catch me if you can Movie ! thats it ! i was crazy about the movie and now we have the same as a tv show, its just gr8 to watch over and over, you ganna love all charcters and the story ! thumps up.

    it got all what ur looking for, Romance, Action, Hummer and what ever you are looking in a TV show !

    For me, its one of the Top 5 tv shows.

    my advice, Watch it Now and pray to God to have more seasons !
  • Make a movie

    I'm from Germany and we love this series. In Germany only the seasons 1-4 are available, so we buy the 5th and 6th season over itunes and watch it in english... we love this show and are so sad, that the show ends at seasons 6... We love the idea of a tv movie, wo clear all the open questions... will Neal meets his friends again? What makes he in paris? is a again a criminal?
  • Stopped watching new USA shows due to prematurely ending series

    White Collar is an amazing original tv show. Why are they ending it when there is so much that can be done with the show from numerous different angles?! The whole house gets together to watch this show (ages from 16-57). It would be the reason another person stops trying to watch USA tv series. Please reconsider cancelling. Dexter, supernatural-even desperate housewives were all 8 seasons or more and they were all great captive shows!
  • Sad to see it end.

    I was sad to learn this is their last Season. Why is it that when you find an awesome show such as "White prematurely end? Great Cast. I love it.
  • This show is pretty good! Neil Caffrey kept me laughing the whole time!

    I figured I would watch this show because USA is one of my favorite channels. I actually missed the original premiere but ended up watching it a couple days later at midnight. I didn't see the end to the pilot but from what I saw of it, I think it's going to be a good show. Neil Caffrey was always messing with the FBI agent and was actually pretty funny, not to mention good-looking. The other parts of the show were good as well. I love shows where there is a mystery to be solved. I will definitely be tuning in again for another episode!
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