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  • season 4 finale - yeah go for it Neill -make sara stay in New York

    I LOVE WC - PLEASE I WILL WAIT AND WAIT PAITENTLY , BUT NOW THAT WE GET A SEASON 5 !!! Of COURSE WE WANT A SEASON 6 and 7 to ... Just keep going forever as newl Matt !!!! We Love your portraityl of Neal Caffrey sooooooo much !

    Season 4 Finale !!!!

    Best show ever - excuse the typos earlier -Yes !!!!! NEAL proposed to SARA !

    ( even through it was part of the con, no one told him make it so real ... so yes he could change her mind make SARA stay in New York . Or move back later in the year.

    As to the last szenes of Neill and James . If i would have writen this Neil szene I would have made sure James stays there not have Neil stand there -doing nothing like neil did in the szene , and just watch him leave after Diana told him on the phone what he just did -Neal should have sided right away and told Diana that James was in his app right now... alowing James to leave his nothing in this moment just like he did was not cool writing for the caracter ,yes we know Neal is still dividet wont face the fact that james isent innocent- like Mozzie felt right from the beginning . Neal should have actively made James stay .It also shows how little James actually cares about his Son. Which is really sad . Was a very unreal szene those last couple minutes , Neal should have stoped him ,yes i gladly repeat myself . Neill trust Mozzie to know a person !!!

    Please more Neill and Sara those szenes on the Empire state building where so super romantic, i wish i could have been one of those extras on the observation deck .. watching him propose to Sara . He said it was a fake just for show ... but both felt that its real .. please let us dream more .. they are the cutest couple in TV right now .

    And yes i like Neill with his feodora , but Sara looks cool wearing it to .

    thanks jeff easteon for a great Season , just wish we dident had to wait extra long till fall this year .

    Stupid Graceland trailer and this show isent eaven about Elvis , why use this name from his House ? Not cool . But you do great work with white collar as a creator .. so i have great hopes for season 5 , eaven through i have to waitl until fall , and not like sommer like in 2012.
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