White Collar

Season 3 Episode 6

Scott Free

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

Sara wakes up in casa de Caffrey and find Neal making breakfast. She gets out of bed wearing only Neal's shirt and he tells her she's a little underdressed. He fixes this by putting his hat on her head. He calls it perfect and they kiss. They talk sweet to each other and start to kiss some more when there is a knock at the door. Sara asks if it's Mozzie but Neal tells her he's been knocking in iambic pentameter. Peter calls Neal's name from outside and Sara scurries off to get dressed. Neal answers the door and Peter comes in and starts to tell him about a con man when he notices the two plates on the table. He notes Neal made breakfast for two and Neal sarcastically tells him to impress him with more of his detective skills. Peter takes the challenge and notes two fresh head imprints on the pillows, a champagne bucket at the foot of the bed and finds handcuffs on the floor. Sara emerges fully dressed and tells Peter the handcuffs are hers as Neal is teaching her how to pick them, their version of sudoku. She tells Peter she doesn't have a drawer at Neal's or a toothbrush and Peter points out he didn't ask. Sara and Neal stumble to explain they're in the awkward undefined stage to Peter's amusement. Peter gets a text that their next case awaits and Sara is out the door. Peter recommends Neal get dressed, smirking. As Peter leads the team up stairs, he tells them that this kid is skilled at cracking safes and only twenty, possibly the next Neal Caffrey. Neal protests this kid is a hacker which he doesn't do, and when he was twenty he didn't get caught. They join Jones and Diana who are on the outside of the door. Diana tells them they tracked the kid to this apartment and there's movement inside. Diana busts open the door and they run in guns blazing, but all they find is a vase on a small moving vacuum. Neal asks why Diana and Peter find it amusing and Peter points out the kid is clever, as he cast a shadow on the door that doesn't move in a fixed pattern. Diana adds he must've known they were sitting on him and bolted. Peter is excited as he loves tracking the smart ones although Neal isn't impressed. But Diana has found something else; they join her and see a large collage of pictures on the wall that spell out F.B.I. "Alright" Neal says begrudgingly. "Maybe he is good." Neal is at his place when there is an iambic knock on the door. Mozzie comes in and tells him while they haven't been able to recover Peter's partial list of what they've stolen, it gives them time to plan their escape. Mozzie tells him to imagine not always having to look over their shoulder or memorize a new birthday every few months. Neal is against it because adopting a permanent identity that the FBI can never track involves the birth certificate of a dead infant which is where Neal draws the line. Mozzie has a way that's a tad less horrifying; stepping into someone else's shoes even though they or their shoes never existed. Neal tells him if there is a way, he's in. In the office, Peter tells everyone the suspect's name is Scott Rivers and he's been on a criminal road trip. They haven't been able to catch him because he's always in disguises. Diana asks Neal why he never uses disguises and he replies the right smile works just as well, and you don't have to worry your mustache is on straight. Peter adds Scott steals items of incredible excess from the wealthy, and every time he leaves behind a card of the charity in which he's given half the worth of whatever he's stolen in the victim's names, a different charity each time. Neal quips that Robin Hoodie steals from the rich and gives some to the poor. Everyone remarks the like the name Robin Hoodie but Neal protests it was just a lame joke. Peter asks what he knows about him, and Neal tells them Scott never had much money but was around people who did and resents them for it. He has morals, and the cards he leaves are a way to tell the people he pilfers from how they should be spending their money. Neal adds he's cocky and getting caught won't stop him. Peter asks if Scott will get bolder, and Neal answers that's what he did. Peter tells them they have to figure out where Scott's going to hit next. Elizabeth comes home when Neal and Peter are working and is happy to see Peter working from home. Peter tells her about Scott and she too draws the connection to a young Neal. Peter looks at Scott's bank account and finds a donation that doesn't link up to a robbery, possibly something he hasn't stolen yet. Neal notes he has to make the donation to get the card and the theft must come after that. Peter adds it could be happening any minute. Peter finds one to an organ donation and Elizabeth jokes he could be stealing a church organ. She tells them it could be a motorcycle, as hospitals give them away and calls them donor-cycles. Neal agrees it's worth a shot and Peter adds they need to find who owns the most expensive motorcycle in New York City. Peter and Elizabeth share a fist bump. The most expensive motorcycle in New York City is owned by a pretentious young man named Chad Stewart, who tells them calling his baby a motorcycle is like calling the Queen of England a rich old lady with a funny accent. He asks if they've ever had a hundred grand between their legs and Neal starts to answer, but Peter stops him. He tells Chad they want to set up a detail but Chad is having a party for the motorcycle and won't allow that. He tells them his security rocks and no one's stealing anything. Neal offers to make a bet on that; if he can steal something worth ten grand in the next two minutes, they get to come to the party. Chad agrees and shakes Neal's hand, during which Neal discreetly slips Chad's watch off his wrist. Chad asks if it's a joke when Neal just stands there and Neal challenges him to check his watch. He does and realize Neal has it as Neal holds it up and asks Peter if it's worth ten grand. Peter agrees at least and Chad reluctantly tells them they can set up and having the FBI at the party might be fun. Peter tells him the whole point of a covert thing is that people can't know they're the FBI. "In that suit?" Chad sneers. "Right." He stalks away and Peter tells Neal he'll be in the van and Neal will be at the party. At the party, Jones and Neal are inside and a girl comes up to them and shares that Chad told her they're FBI agents. Jones and Neal laugh it off and Jones tells Neal it's time to put the fear of God in Chad. Neal tells Peter their cover won't last long and Peter, who's in the van outside with Diana, tells Neal he has to make positive ID on the thief as soon as possible. He reminds Neal he could be wearing a disguise and Neal replies he'll look for the crooked mustache. Diana asks Peter if he's the Sheriff of Nottingham if he's hunting Robin Hoodie. Peter denies it at first but then wonders if he is. A girl comes up to Neal with a bottle of tequila in one hand and a lime in the other and tells him that Chad told her he's into body shots. Neal agrees but Peter reminds him to stay on target and Neal tells her he's a designated driver. The girl walks away and Neal spots a young guy with a goatee. Neal tells Peter he thinks it's Scott because he's wearing a suit with a hood sticking out of the back and has huge headphones clamped over his ears. Neal walks over to where Scott is admiring the motorcycle and tells him he has no idea how far in over his head he is. Scott didn't hear him and takes off his headphones and asks if he said something. Neal tells him he was just admiring the bike and Scott adds it sure does look expensive. He asks if him and Neal have met before and Peter tells everyone to stand by in case Neal's been made. Neal deflects and they talk about the motorcycle when a girl joins them. She hangs all over Scott and Neal walks away. Neal tells Peter it's definitely Scott as a beautiful girl gave her his name and he didn't give one back. He remarks there's something not right about her and Peter teases him that he thinks that because she paid more attention to Scott and Neal retorts it's not that...not entirely that. He spots the girl slip something in Scott's drink and runs into Scott spilling the drink. As soon as he does the girl runs away and Peter tells them to lock down the exits. It doesn't matter though, as Neal runs back over in time to see Scott hop on the bike, flip on his hood and sunglasses and rides it out of the party by crashing through a window. After he's gone, Neal finds one of his signature charity cards on the floor, to the organ donor group. Diana is interrogating the girl from the party as Neal and Peter watch from outside. Peter tells Neal she's been a suspect in some heists and robberies. She slipped potassium cyanide into Scott's drink which would've killed him in minutes. Peter shows Neal a picture found in the girl's purse of Scott taking off a disguise. Neal guesses that's how she found him and tells Peter that Scott is a kid having the time of his life. He's impulsive, arrogant, and has no idea how far deep he's in. Peter raises an eyebrow and Neal admits Scott has a slight resemblance to a younger version of him. Peter asks Neal if he thinks they can bring him back from the dark side and Neal answers it's hard to tell. Peter ponders what would've happened if he caught Neal earlier and Neal tells him it wouldn't have made a difference, because the con is an addiction and only when you hit rock bottom are you ready to change. Peter asks when he hit rock bottom and Neal replies, "I never said I did." Diana shows them a picture of a bustier covered in diamonds Scott stole while wearing the wig, and the diamonds are from a heist the party girl was a suspect in. Diana tells them the view in the picture is from the office of a Thomas Carlisle, suspected in masterminding the heist. Peter remarks he's been a person of interest more than a few times and leaves to talk to him and tells Neal to try and get leads on Scott. Mozzie tells Neal that a younger guy has been asking about him and Neal tells Mozzie to get in touch with him. Mozzie agrees but first they have an identity crisis to attend to. They meet a man on a park bench with a thick Russian accent. He tells them about he successfully pulled off identity farming by sending for multiple birth certificates years ago when the world was more trusting. He tells them how he treated these identities like they were real by giving them bank accounts and library cards and tax returns. He tells them he created lives which they will step into as if they've lived them all along. He tells Neal his is Victor Monroe, strong-willed, stubborn while growing up, and he is Neal's age. He says "Goodbye, Victor" and kisses Neal on each cheek. He tells Mozzie his is now Bob, who he never liked. He walks away and Neal tells Mozzie, "I like you, Bob." Diana and Peter are in Carlisle's office and Peter guesses the theme is everything is really expensive, no matter what it looks like. Carlisle joins them and tells them right off the bat it better not be about the diamond heist as it was a year ago and they never found anything. Peter assures him it's just a friendly visit and compliments the fancy new safe he has in his office. Carlisle brags it's the most expensive kind and Diana pointedly asks why he would need a new safe. Carlisle nonchalantly tells them people try to steal from him all the time, he's an important man. Diana asks if anyone has stolen from him recently and Carlisle answers if they had they'd regret it. Peter asks why that is and Carlisle answers because they would get arrested. Diana shows him a picture of Scott but Carlisle tells them he doesn't recognize him. A man comes in and whispers something to him and Carlisle tells them he has to go and Peter gives him his card. After he leaves, Peter tells Diana that's exactly the kind of man who would hide diamonds on a bustier. Mozzie is walking down the street with Scott who is excited that was the Neal Caffrey at the party. Neal spots them but more importantly spots Carlisle in their general direction. He calls Mozzie and tells him they're being followed and to create a distraction. Mozzie shows Scott how to hack an ATM and money starts flying out of it. Mozzie tells Scott to run which he does. Carlisle attempts to give chase, but is blocked by all the people going for the money that is spilling out of the ATM. Scott runs around the corner where Neal is waiting who tells him to slow down. He and Scott walk down the street and Scott asks if the FBI's near. Neal answers in the negative but tells Scott he should turn himself in. Scott points out he's the Neal Caffrey and if anybody knows another way, he would. Neal sees Carlisle rounding the corner and shoves Scott into a barber shop. Sara is furious Neal brought a wanted fugitive into his home and Mozzie pipes up it wouldn't be the first time. She guesses Peter doesn't know he's here and Neal looks out at Scott on the balcony and admits he doesn't know what he's going to do with him. Mozzie tells Neal they have to help him, it's in the code. Neal asks Sara what she thinks, and she thinks he should help Scott get out of trouble and convince him to turn himself in. Mozzie objects that Scott has a chance to make his mark on the world and Sara retorts it's Neal's chance to show him there's another way. Neal points out he's not exactly a role model but Sara retorts he's probably the closest thing there is. Scott comes inside and tells Neal he needs his help. He continues he never stole from someone who didn't deserve it and never hurt anyone. He figured Neal of all people would understand that. Neal looks at Sara who nods and Mozzie who shakes his head and tells Scott they need to find a way to get Carlisle off his back. He holds out a chair and says, "Take a seat, kid." Scott, Sara and Mozzie are on the balcony having breakfast when Mozzie comes in and joins Neal. He shows Neal his, or rather Bob's new passport. Neal remarks it's truly amazing and Mozzie tells Neal no one will ever find them. They could take off to paradise as soon as they get ahold of the list. Unless they get arrested for harboring a fugitive first, Neal counters. He adds Scott could pin this on them so he could live to plunder another day. Mozzie doesn't think Scott will do that and tells Neal he senses good in him. "Do you, Qui-gon Jinn?" Neal quips. Mozzie points out Scott is like them as Neal gets a call from Peter. Peter asks if he has any word where Scott might be and Neal lies that he doesn't know. Peter tells Neal they need to catch him soon because then they can bring Carlisle down as well. Peter asks if he's working on something more important and Neal covers by telling Peter he's with Sara. Peter looks at a screen monitoring Neal's anklet and tells Neal he likes him and Sara together and she's a good influence on him. He warns him not to be a bad influence on her and Neal tells him he'll do his best and hangs up. Sara comes inside and Neal asks if she's sure she wants to be involved in this, because what they do most likely won't be legal. Sara tells him she's stretched more laws than she cares to admit and Neal tells her that's what he likes about her. Sara muses she's usually returning things to their rightful owner and the lightbulb goes off in Neal's head. He calls in Scott and Mozzie and tells Scott to get the diamonds. Scott produces the diamond-covered bustier and Neal asks if he cracked Carlisle's safe to get it and more importantly, could he do it again? Scott tells them the safe has an electronic keypad which he cracked using his blackbox. They formulate a plan that they get Scott into Carlisle's office and put the bustier back, tip Peter off that the diamonds are in the safe, they arrest Carlisle who stole it in the first place so they would be returning it. Mozzie doubts Peter would see it that way and Neal agrees they shouldn't tell him about this. Scott adds Carlisle's goons will be on the lookout for anyone who looks like him and Neal looks from the bustier to Sara and asks how gray is the area she was talking about? Diana goes into Peter's office and sees him watching Neal's anklet monitor. He tells her Neal is at home and he thinks he's working on something to do with Scott and that Neal will lead him to him. Diana shows him a new Dega popped up on the black market the same time of the DC art crimes. Coincidence? Probably not. At Neal's, Neal, Sara, Mozzie and Scott are formulating a plan. Mozzie is keeping eyes on Carlisle to see where he goes. As it's the weekend, the only people in the building will be security with extra in Carlisle's penthouse but not so much in the lobby with the telephone box which is where they need to get Scott. The alarm system isn't their problem, it's a guard and a door that only opens from the inside. Neal and Scott enter the building, clad in suits and carrying black umbrellas. Scott opens his umbrella and uses it to block the view of Neal using Mozzie's air gun to poke a hole in the door big enough to push the umbrella through, open it, and pull on it, opening the door. Scott slips in and shuts the door so by the time the security guard gets there, he just sees Neal trying to close an umbrella. He kicks Neal out and it's Sara's turn. Sara, wearing a trenchcoat comes up the desk and tells the guard she's there for Carlisle. He tells her he's not in but he opens her coat to reveal the bustier and emphasizes she's there for Carlisle. Scott has hacked into the system, so by the time the guard calls he gets Scott who tells him Carlisle is waiting for her. He asks the guard how she looks and he replies, "Expensive." Upstairs, Sara lets Scott into Carlisle's office but he is thrown by the new safe. He states old school isn't really his style and she retorts hers isn't wearing twice stolen goods, but they adapt. Outside, Peter has caught up to Neal who tells him he can explain. Peter asks if Scott's in there and Neal tells him it's best if he doesn't answer that. Peter asks if it's better for him or Neal, but Neal states it's better for Scott. He has a plan which is contingent on Peter not knowing what it is. Peter adamantly tells him he's not the Sheriff of Nottingham, which confuses Neal because he wasn't in the van when Diana made that comparison. Peter reiterates he's not the bad guy but Scott is going to get somebody hurt, possibly himself and Peter needs to bring him in. Neal agrees but asks for an hour. He persists he thinks he can get Scott to turn himself in after that. He gets a text for help from Sara and tells Peter he has to go. Peter tells him in one hour he'll be waiting here and Neal better have Scott with him. Sara lets Neal into Carlisle's office where Scott is struggling to break into the safe. Neal tells him to go by sound while Neal goes by touch. Sara remarks they make quite the pair and gets a call from Mozzie that Carlisle is on his way there. Peter calls Jones for backup and tells him to hurry as he sees Carlisle approaching. Neal and Scott are still trying to break into the safe when Sara sees on the monitor that Carlisle is in the lobby. She tells them Peter is flashing his badge at him. In the lobby, Peter tells Carlisle he has some follow-up questions and tries to keep him in the lobby but is unsuccessful. Sara is taking off her coat as Scott reaches for the handle of the safe. Carlisle and Peter get out of the elevator and go into his office and no one is in there. Peter tells Carlisle he had some more questions about the diamond heist and Carlisle asks if it's about some kid running around robbing people. Peter sees the safe is slightly ajar and muses it got him wondering what is in the monster safe. Carlisle retorts he'll never know because it's completely uncrackable. Peter uses a pen to push the door open and remarks Carlisle must've left it open by accident. He sees the diamond bustier inside and stunned Carlisle protests those aren't his. Peter asks is he saying a thief broke into his office to crack an uncrackable safe, to give him millions of dollars in diamonds? He points his gun at Carlisle and tells him to put his hands up and Carlisle pushes a button under his desk but Jones and his team arrive right as he does. Jones looks out the window and remarks it's a hell of a view. "Oh, you're gonna miss this one." Peter smirks. Sara, Scott and Neal walk outside and Sara leaves to go put on something a little less breezy. She tells Neal to go talk to Scott and asks him what he's going to do now. Scott asks if he really thought he would turn himself in and Neal admits he hoped he would. Scott asks if Neal would've when he was his age and Neal admits he wouldn't have but Peter is the smartest man he's ever met and his catching Scott isn't an if, but a when. He tells Scott he could the best deal he'd ever get, or he could keep running, never slowing down long enough to share his life with anyone. Neal asks Scott to let him help him. He turns around and sees FBI leading Carlisle out of the building and when he turns back, Scott is gone. Neal goes into Peter's office and asks if there's any sign of Scott, but nada. Neal admits he screwed up and Peter agrees with that statement. He adds he helped get Carlisle off the streets, so he did something. Neal laments he thought he could get through to Scott and he could be anywhere. Peter sees Jones leading Scott up the stairs in handcuffs and says, "But he's not." Jones tells them Scott would only turn himself in to Peter. Peter tells Scott the more he cooperates the better deal he'll get, but he'll still have to serve some time. Scott knows. Neal asks for a minute and Peter goes back into his office. Neal asks what changed his mind and Scott tells him stealing stupid thing from rich people is already getting dull. That or something Neal said struck a chord with him, whichever. Scott thanks Neal for his help and slips one of his hands out of the handcuffs to shake Neal's. Neal shakes it and Peter asks Jones to recuff him. Jones takes Scott away and Neal tells Peter to give Scott some time, as people don't change overnight. Peter looks at Neal and tells him he works with living proof of that, but they do change. Neal tells Peter he's not the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Peter replies he's more King Richard the Lionheart. Neal is at his place looking at his, or Victor's new passport. He practices introducing himself as Victor Monroe when there is a knock at the door. He puts the passport in the safe and Sara comes in. She remarks she caught him in the middle of something and he tells her he was about to take a shower. She asks if that's a statement or an invitation and he answers in the affirmative and they kiss. She tells him she'll join him in a minute and he goes to the bathroom. She starts to disrobe when she sees the safe is slightly ajar. She opens it and finds the passport.