White Collar

Season 4 Episode 14

Shoot the Moon

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2013 on USA

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  • Yes Sara and Neal together on screen again...


    What a start to an ep ... Neal and Sara taking a walk around and kiss by the Worlds Fair unispere Fountain in Corona Park in Queens - I loved the Neal/ Sara Parts of this storyline and of course Mr. Rathbone as special guest a villain to fall in Love with right away. Yes the Hall of Science szenes where so damm good to . ... Sara watching and actually helping Neal steal the moon -love it !

    Neal to the Rescue of Peter for a change !!!

    I could easy survive without all this El and Peter couple crap go on a weekend trip yeahhh... like we know in advance something will come up ... but Rathbone played tham to the wall with his brilliant acting and apparent poor cooking skills:) So many jokes and cool one liners in one ep. Absolutly not a damm Monday ep. More like this please ! Thanks Jeff i just spend a whole day revisiting corona park:).
  • something missing

    I was a little disappointed with this episode. Unlike a previous comment, it's not like I don't like Peter/El or Neil/Sara and this episode had some great scenes with both couples, but I missed the Peter/Neil just as much as the other reviewer.

    One thing that really surprised me was how releaxed Neil was, even after finding out that Peter and El were kidnapped. I see that it is usually Peter worrying for Neil that is the core of their relationship. But due to his devotion and friendship to Peter Neil would usually do a lot of crazy stuff. Here, however, with Peter and El in danger he takes the time to sit around with Sara and talk about her leaving for London and all. While Jones and Diana's scenes are much more hectic, these two really seemed to be worried.

    It picked up a little in the last 10 minutes - . The "It's Peter and Elizabeth - I'm not waiting" -line by Neil made up for some, but it still felt like there is something off in this episode. To me this show is about Peter and Neil and even though I really like the supporting cast, especially Elizabeth and Mozzie, the show is nothing without these two guys and their conversations... (the previews looked promising though)
  • Way too much El!

    Why is there so much El lately? Makes the show much more boring. I want more Neal and Peter interaction and don't really care for Peter/El.