White Collar

Season 3 Episode 15

Stealing Home

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on USA

Episode Recap

Neal's commutation hearing is a week away, and Peter still isn't sure if he wishes to testify for him or against him. Meanwhile, Agent Kramer is digging around, trying to find info which would prevent the commuting of Neal's sentence.

Gordon Taylor, notorious con man, is in town, and the FBI are under high alert. It turns out that Taylor has contacted Mozzie about joining his team. Naturally he says yes, and Neal manages to convince Taylor that he's the right man for the job. The plan is to steal a rare baseball from Yankee Stadium. The franchise refused to sell the ball to Robert Withrow, so he's hired Taylor to steal it.

Elizabeth reveals that Peter was drafted by the Minnesota Twins, but injured himself during spring training, which meant that he had to leave his burgeoning baseball career. As Taylor runs through his plan to steal the ball, he runs a frequency jammer, which prevents Neal's hidden mic to transmit anything to Peter and Jones outside. Mozzie is charged with forging the ball, while Neal forges the signature. They manage to get a message to the team within the ball itself.

The ball is exchanged and Peter finds the message hidden within the ball's stitches. Now the team knows when Withrow is going to get his precious ball. Unfortunately, when Peter and Diana arrive at the location, Taylor is no where to be found. He sent a proxy instead.

Diana tells Peter that it doesn't look good for Neal. Agent Kramer's team has broken the code in Neal's prison letters, and they just need to figure out what the messages mean. Sara decides to testify on behalf of Neal during his hearing.

Peter nearly tells Neal about the letters, but decides not to when he notices that Neal wants to show something off: Peter's rookie card. Neal has also convinced the management to let Peter throw an opening pitch during a game at Yankee Stadium. Perhaps Peter won't testify against Neal after all.