White Collar

Season 3 Episode 15

Stealing Home

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on USA



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    • Peter: (coming down the stairs) El, you're a tigress! A tigress!
      Elizabeth: Honey!
      Peter: Oh, I know when you... (notices Neal standing in the kitchen) Hey Neal. Grab some breakfast?
      Neal: I'm not hungry... anymore.

    • Neal: It will be like we're really doing the job.
      Mozzie: Yeah, without the fun.
      Neal: Or the threat of prison.
      Mozzie: Like I said.

    • Mozzie: Without leaps of imagination, we lose the excitement of possibility.
      Neal: Are you quoting Gloria Steinem?

    • Diana: Where's Caffrey?
      Peter: Prepping for his audition for Taylor's crew.
      Jones: A bit like putting a drink in the hands of an alcoholic.
      Peter: Reformed alcoholic, I know. And it's more like a bottle.

    • Peter: They want to know who's in your life. Are they a good influence, or are they gonna steer you back to the dark side?
      Neal: And you think Sara could be an angel on my shoulder?
      Peter: As opposed to that little devil you have on your shoulder now.
      Neal: Mozzie's more of an imp than a devil.

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