White Collar

Season 1 Episode 5

The Portrait

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2009 on USA

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  • Peter and Neal are charged with retrieving a painting that was stolen from a personal home. Things become complicated when a museum director comes forward claiming it was stolen before and then Neal loses the painting and the money to buy it.

    Not a really strong story line and a number of miscalculations that just don't work. Additionally some extra T&A thrown in that was a little obvious and had nothing to do with the plot.

    This program really shouldn't need to draw from gimmicks to be successful. The one really powerful piece to this story was the obvious skill of Neal to forge at least a semi-believable copy of a painting. No expert would fall for it, but obviously someone holding an original they never had the rights too would say nothing.

    The gentlemen who stole the painting was not a very smart man and let's face it, it was a little too easy to catch him at the end based on how good he had been up to that point. He had the $100,000 so even if he is trying to recover the painting why would he come himself all excuses aside.

    All the women they keep dangling in front of Neal are nothing but distractions. Now it looks like Kate is trying to take Neal as well as far as I'm concerned.

    Overall this episode was a little too contrived and they really need to work on more original stories. This and the last episode were not very encouraging. Let's hope they get it together soon. Thanks for reading...
  • Great stuff.

    Neal's charm and wide-ranging knowledge are in full effect as the team investigates the armed theft of a priceless work of art. Figuring out who toik it and proving it turns out to be a relative cakewalk, but when the initial handoff goes wrong and the perpetrator escapes with the painting and the money, Caffrey and Burke find themselves in seriously hot water. Further complicating their circumstances is a museum curator who claims the painting was first stolen from them decades ago. Still, the painting is found, the master criminal caught, and all parties find themselves reasonably satisfied with outcome. Loved it.