White Collar

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on USA

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  • Peter and Neal are dealing with an Israeli counterfeiter who has turned to murder in the middle of models and fashion week in New York. Generally a little out of the ordinary for some like "The Ghost", who is a well known and never caught thief.

    Nice storyline with excellent twists and turns. They have managed to build characters that are enjoyable and interesting in a very short time. The development of the two stories so far has been complex, but simple enough for most to understand.

    We have plenty of great extra characters to go around starting with Peter's new partner brought in for this case, FBI Agent Lauren Cruz played by Natalie Morales. Also James Rebhorn as the head of the FBI Agency office in New York, Sharif Atkins who plays FBI Agent Jones, and finally Natalia Klimas who played Brigette. I did miss Marsha Thomason as FBI Agent Diana Lancing who was listed as a star in the Pilot episode. I'm thinking maybe Thomason has been replaced by Morales since the Pilot was shot. We'll see.

    We know who the villain is almost immediately in this episode, but the tension stays at a pretty high level all the way until the climax of the show. All of the main stars and guest stars are featured equally in the show and take part in the very complete and finished storyline. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay are both going to become major recognizable stars from this show. I think USA has another big hit on their hands. Thanks for reading...
  • Information smuggling and fashion week. Again? ;)

    To protect a witness, save a vulnerable designer coerced into breaking the law, and grab the mysterious Ghovat. An international criminal whose name means "ghost" in hebrew. Not that I knew that. It's just something I learned from the episode. To pass themselves off as potential buyers, Burke and Caffrey decide to throw a party filled with gorgeous models. Rejecting Peter's first option for a space, Neal finds a far superior space and secures the attendance of dozens of models. Forget wether this is believeable. If it isn't, don't tell me, and if it is, tell me how. When their witness finds herself in jeopardy as a result of their actions, Peter abandons the FBI the typical fed MO and acts on his feet. The girl's saved, The Ghost is caught, and everyone lives happily ever after, Except perhaps Kate.
  • Formulaic compared to the pilot.

    After the Pilot I found this episode a bit of an anti climax - even formulaic. Where the Pilot unwound its story this episode you knew what was going to happen. Bad Guy sets up a meet in Park - what happens? FBI/Police/What have you plant undercover agents in Park - it happens on all the shows and the episode ended the same way most cop shows ended up.

    I'm hoping that the other episodes are more like the Pilot- clever, not knowing whats going to happen next. And play more on Caffrey being a likeable and charming rouge. The start of a good series I hope