White Collar

USA (ended 2014)




  • Season 4 Episode 8: Ancient History

  • Burke asks Neal if he is an Aries and Neal confirms by stating that he was born March 21. However, in season 2 episode 16 when Diana pulls up the tracking data for Neal's anklet, it states that his birthday is October 11.

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Wanted

  • Goof: All the locals in Cape Verde speak Spanish, but Cape Verde was discovered by Portuguese navigators and was part of Portugal for hundreds of years, so the official language is Portuguese.

  • Mozzie's chosen alias in this episode is "Barry Soetoro," which is a play on Barack Obama. When Obama was a preteen and teen, he preferred the nickname of Barry (instead of his given name of Barack, which exposed him to bullying), and his stepfather, his mother's second husband, was named Lolo Soetoro. Hence, Barry Soetoro is a proxy name for Barack Obama, and a wink of an alias for Mozzie.

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