White Collar

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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • Goof: Peter says the original tale of Snow White was Aleksandr Pushkin's The White Princess and the Seven Knights. The actually translated title of Pushkin's story was The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights.

  • GOOF: When Peter is talking to the U.S. Marshall at the Prison, he says, "Why would Neal run with three months left on a four year sentence?" Later, when Peter is talking to Neal at Kate's apartment, he says, "They asked me 'what makes a guy like you pull a bone-headed escape with four months to go?'" However, Neal started preparing his escape about a month before he ran.

  • GOOF: When June sets down the suits she's donating, she takes off a glove. When the camera angle changes, she's wearing both gloves again.

  • GOOF: The museum curator says that the Spanish Victory Bond was issued in 1944 to support the Spanish underground fighting the Axis. This is historically wrong. Spanish Civil War ended in 1939 and although Franco was a Fascist and received help from Hitler and Mussolini he never joined the Axis and was neutral in WWII.

  • GOOF: The covers of the Snow White books read "Blanco Nieves", a bad spanish translation. The correct name is Blanca nieves (with an "a", as she is female).

  • GOOF: As Burke receives a cell phone call in his bedroom about Caffrey's GPS anklet, he is in a white t-shirt. He then grabs his shirt and tie from the bed. While descending the stairs, still on the phone with no break in the conversation, he is already wearing both his shirt and tie.

  • GOOF: The wine bottle that Caffrey is holding in Kate's apartment as Burke recaptures him is not a Bordeaux bottle, as is labeled. Bordeaux bottles have more of a definite "shoulder", instead of the gradual neck that the bottle Caffrey is holding.

  • Neal's note to Peter at the hotel reads: "Dear Peter, I have moved 1.6 miles. 87 Riverside Drive. XOXO, Neal"

  • Neal Caffrey was incarcerated for bond forgery and has been suspected of counterfeiting, securities fraud, art theft, and racketeering.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Threads

  • Goof: When Neal answers the phone that is delivered to him at the bar, the audience can clearly see that it is a flip-style phone (this is shown again when Neal answers the phone in the conference room). However, when Burke receives the call from the Ghost at the park, the phone he answers is not the same style.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Book of Hours

  • The priest says that the Bible originally belonged to the Church of St. Camillus de Lellis in Naples. There is no "St. Camillus" in Naples. However, St. Camillus is a Catholic saint and is the patron saint of the sick, hospitals and nurses (and, in some areas, against gambling) who was born in the Kingdom of Naples in 1550.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Flip of the Coin

  • GOOF: When Burke first meets Aimes and his bodyguard, the bodyguard has splash blisters on his left arm. But when the bodyguard draws his gun at Cruz and Caffrey in the museum, he has no blisters.

  • GOOF: Before Aimes and his party get bundled into the black SUVs, agents are seen unpacking gold artifacts from straw filled packing crates. The female agent at the back slightly juggles a large item and it bobbles about momentarily, just the way polystyrene (rather than gold) would.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Portrait

  • When the curator flips the forged painting by Neal, to see the writing by Neal, you could see that he had written "My dearest Walter, I know what you saw here last time. The real painting belongs to Juliana" But when the camera focuses on the writing, it is shown that Neal had written just "My Dearest Walter, I know what you saw here last time"

  • As he reads Kate's letter aloud to Caffrey, Mozzie skips the part which says, "Know that you're my friend, my only lover. You consume my thoughts. Every day I miss you more".

  • Goof: When Jones asks Burke "I've got a question for you" he leaves the room with him but when Caffrey talks to Julianna you can still see them in the doorway.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: All In

  • Lao's door code is 1969.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Free Fall

  • The shredded document that Neal puts back together refers to him as "Cafferty" rather than Caffrey.

  • When Peter first calls Neal about the heist, he calls the Le Joyau Précieux "the most expensive clothing boutique in the city". Later in the episode, when Neal shows Peter the documents Frowler shredded which contains transcripts of Peter's phone calls, the conversation is replayed and Peter doesn't say "clothing."

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Hard Sell

  • GOOF:When Peter and Neal are in the sealed room and the air is being sucked out, you can see Neal frantically moving the boxes on the shelf around. However when you see him unconscious on the ground and it cuts to Peter kneeling worried above him, the boxes are in perfect order again.

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