White Collar

Season 2 Episode 16

Under the Radar

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2011 on USA

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  • I know TV is supposed to be fantasy, but man, there were some major errors in this episode preventing me from enjoying the show.

    White Collar is usually fun to watch. It's filmed well, the locations are stunning, the acting is decent, and what's not to like about the secret world of con men with their funny names for cons? I understand that when watching TV, you need to suspend your disbelief and don't let the small things break you out of the moment. That said: there was a huge plot blunder with this episode that almost made me stand up and leave the room.

    ** Spoiler Alert **
    Supposedly, the arch-villain for the season found a scuttled German WWII U-boat. He raised the U-boat and kidnapped Neal to safe-crack the U-boat which is riddled with explosive booby-traps. They open up some crates and find over a billion dollars worth of lost art.

    So, how did the paintings survive underwater in seawater when they were stored in regular shipping crates!?! They should of all been destroyed. Also, TNT sticks back then were wrapped in a sort of cardboard. TNT would not of survived in that form underwater. It would of disintegrated. Also, the ENIGMA machine would of rusted to the point of uselessness. Boo! I say Boo! Couldn't they of just made it a secret cellar in Argentina instead of using a pristine U-Boat with magical water-proof wooden crates (that were still neatly stacked) ARG!