White Collar

Season 2 Episode 5

Unfinished Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2010 on USA

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  • Entertaining dynamic

    Poor Neal... he had it tough in the beginning when he wasn't heard, but what a surprise when he had to do a job... killing someone he knew.

    I'm not sure it'd be good to have that character, Sara Ellis, for a whole season. An episode is okay. And enough.

    The plot twist was interesting enough to keep me watching. Neal's new look was also nice to see, and Mozzie mentioning it was well, very Mozzie.

    The scene on the roof was nice. To have someone compliment Neal, when everybody else wants something from him or wants to kill him or hurt him, was different. And the character definitely deserved it.
  • Good episode that was highlighted by the gorgeous Hilarie Burton!

    Insurance agent Sara Ellis played by the beautiful Hilarie Burton is the target and Neil and Peter have to bring the guy down. Having only watched this season of White Collar, I don't know if Miss Ellis is a recurring character or not but the chemistry between Neil and herself was very fun to watch. I loved the scene where Neil was sent to murder her as well as the scene on the roof with them eating dinner.

    Going back to what I said above about not watching the first season of this show, I don't know what the ongoing storyline is or if there even is one. Neil mentioned that Sara testified against him during his trial but I have no clue what happened. I saw the pilot episode and saw him escape from prison and I know he is working for the FBI as a consultant wearing an ankle band but what is the SERIES storyline? Or is this sort of like Psych which doesn't necessarily have one (although the Mr. Yin/Yang storyline is a pretty big one right now). If that is the case, then the show is still watch-worthy, it just most likely won't become a must-watch like Burn Notice, Royal Pains and Psych have become.

    I always like to look at other reviews of the episodes I review and look at the ratings, and I aways see some 6.5s or 7s and wonder if I rate the shows to high, but then I think if I'm reviewing an episode I probably watched the whole episode meaning it was bad enough for me to turn it off. That gets rid of 0-7 in my mind. Then I take into mind what I thought of the writing/storyline and if it made me laugh or kept me interested which most of the shows I review/watch/like do so that usually keeps it above 8. Then the really good episodes get 9.5s while some spectacular episodes that blow my mind like many of LOST's episode get a perfect 10. That is why my ratings are usually very high. Now that I'm completely off topic I'll end it here!