White Collar

Season 3 Episode 5

Veiled Threat

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 05, 2011 on USA



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  • Quotes

    • Peter: If I can't pick her up-
      Neal: -You're gonna have to drop her off.
      Diana: You're gonna have to seal the deal.
      Peter: No, no, no! No deal sealing.
      Diana: You don't want her dumping you and going after another victim.
      Neal: Diana's right. You need to impress her enough that she wants to take you home.
      Peter: Elizabeth got me into this.
      Neal: Yes, she did.
      Peter: So, technically, it's okay.
      Neal: Yeah!

    • Sara: We, actually, have never been on a date.
      Neal: Peter and Elizabeth's house.
      Sara: Dinner date, not date-date.
      Neal: Define date-date.
      Sara: One-on-one.
      Neal: What about lunches?
      Sara: Lunch is not romantic. Lunch is lunch.
      Neal: We have never been on a real date.

    • Neal: Are you scared to tell Elizabeth? (about taking part in the bachelor auction)
      Peter: Terrified.

    • Peter: It's an application for the Manhattan Millionaire Society Bachelors Auction. If she's gonna be at this auction, then so are we. Club has three open slots for eligible men. That means I need three volunteers. Neal, raise your hand.
      Neal: Do I have to?
      Peter: Yes. (Neal raises his hand)

    • Peter: Here's another case we need to make disappear. (hands the file to Neal)
      Neal: (opens the file) Selena Thomas. Who's she?
      Peter: Devoted serial monogamist. Marries wealthy men right before they die.
      Neal: A black widow.
      Peter: Could be. She has four rich late husbands.
      Neal: She gets around.

    • Neal: (spreads a deck of cards on the table, in front of Peter) Pick a card. Any card.
      Peter: What does this have to do with that property fraud scam?
      Neal: You'll have the whole thing cracked before I can say 'ta-da'. Pick a deed.
      Peter: (picks one card) Now what?
      Neal: Now I take these 51 deeds and figure out which one you took. It's not magic, it's math.
      Peter: We go through the title company's records, match them with the real things and figure out which one's missing.
      Neal: Ta-da.

    • (About Peter and Selena's "engagement")
      Peter: El, I'm risking my life here.
      Elizabeth: Yes, you are! I mean, this was supposed to be a date, not a Save the Date!

    • Sara: Can Peter draw?
      Neal: Unless she's expecting a breathtaking stick figure, he's in trouble.

    • (Neal and Mozzie unsuccessfully search for evidence during Peter's "bachelor party".)
      Peter: Great. I don't know who's gonna kill me first, my wife or my fiancée.

    • Selena: (whispering in Peter's ear) Let's go back to my apartment so that --
      (Feedback over Neal and Diana's headphones)
      Neal: Did you get that?
      Diana:The first part loud and clear.
      Neal: And the second?
      Diana: Never to be repeated.

    • Women: (chanting) Men! Men! Men! Men!
      Peter: Why do I feel like I need a pike and sword?
      Neal: For those about to date…we salute you.

    • (After Peter volunteers for the bachelor auction)
      Neal: Are you scared to tell Elizabeth?
      Peter: Terrified.

    • (Peter and Neal standing in the middle of the Peter "bachelor party" and Mozzie approaches them)
      Peter: What he is doing here?
      Mozzie: I love National Geographic. The mating habits of mid-level government employees, totally captivating.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Belgium: "La veuve noire" (The black widow)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: February 15, 2012 on FOX
      Czech Republic: September 1, 2012 on Prima LOVE
      Canada: November 5, 2012 on Bravo
      Belgium: July 16, 2013 on RTL-TVI

  • Allusions

    • Peter: Why do I feel I need a pike and sword?
      Neal: For those about to date, we salute you.

      Neal's answer is a modified variant of a well-known Latin phrase "Those who are about to die salute you," which was first quoted in De Vita Caesarim by a Roman historian named Suetonius.