White Collar

Season 4 Episode 10

Vested Interest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2012 on USA
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    White Collar's Mid-season Finale: Imposters Anonymous

    In "Vested Interest," we learned that SOMEONE was not who they seemed. Yes, it's exactly who you expected.

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    When Neal and Peter get word that a thief is trying to get his hands on defense technology, they visit a FBI conference to catch the thief in the act.

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    • 4x10 - Vested Interest

      I always get a kick out White Collar, but the whole storyline with Sam was so obvious I saw it coming since last season. I do hope from this season that the whole Peter & Neal trust-on-or-trust-off thing is at an end. I'm getting kind of tired of seeing that plot point show up over and over. It made sense the first couple of years. Not so much into season 4.

      I really enjoyed Jones vs the rat. And the panel that Neal and Peter had to sit in.moreless
    • Vest from "Vested Interest"

      What a great finale - Enjoyed the Show - A little tidbit of information for you all regarding the vest that was used on the show -

      It was made of stainless steel wire cloth made here: http://www.bwire.com/index.html

      Just a little inside information for you all on this show.
    Sharif Atkins

    Sharif Atkins

    FBI Agent Clinton Jones

    Tim DeKay

    Tim DeKay

    FBI Agent Peter Burke

    Matthew Bomer

    Matthew Bomer

    Neal Caffrey

    Marsha Thomason

    Marsha Thomason

    FBI Agent Diana Barrigan

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Elizabeth Burke

    Willie Garson

    Willie Garson


    Scott Evans

    Scott Evans

    Dennis Flynn

    Guest Star

    Ned Eisenberg

    Ned Eisenberg

    Agent Furlong

    Guest Star

    Jason Pendergraft

    Jason Pendergraft

    Ted Anderson

    Guest Star

    Treat Williams

    Treat Williams

    Samual Phelps / James Bennett

    Recurring Role

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      • Neal: Peter likes to switch up the color if ink he uses when he signs his name. It's a habit of his since we started working together.
        Mozzie: Incredibly paranoid and presumptive of him. I respect that.

      • Neal: I'm convinced there's a secret FBI handshake, and now is the time to use it.
        Jones: There is no secret handshake.
        Neal: Of course that's what you'd say.

      • Peter: Death certificates don't issue themselves.
        Neal: No. Coroners do -- for around $500, in my experience. I may or may not have faked my death on multiple occasions -- Panama City, Bangalore.
        Peter: Monterey Bay. I remember -- gored by a great white shark.
        Neal: Thought you might appreciate that.
        Peter: Who doesn't love a good shark mauling?

      • Mozzie: So, do you have the tracker?
        Neal: Not yet... Anderson's gonna try to steal a different piece of technology from the conference. When that happens, I'll seize the window of opportunity.
        Mozzie: Mm. Piggybacking on a fellow thief. Taking advantage of a craftsman's hard work.
        Neal: Okay, you're only saying that 'cause he's going up against the bureau.
        Mozzie: One against 500.
        Neal: I like those odds.

      • Neal: (discussing the panel) So what do you wanna talk about up there?
        Peter: Mortenson loan scandal?
        Neal: Loan scandal? Peter, we found a Nazi submarine dredged up by an infamous Ponzi schemer. That's a story.
        Peter: Wanna talk about what happened to the contents of that sub?
        Neal: Point taken.

      • Diana: You were right to think Neal was up to something.
        Peter: What did he do?
        Diana: Technically, nothing. You, on the other hand, authorized a surveillance request on Sam Phelps.
        Peter: I don't remember doing that. (looks into the file) And yet, here is my signature.

      • Peter: (about the case) Anderson is targeting a cutting edge bulletproof vest from the Hudson group.
        Diana: Word is, this will be the best protection on the market.
        Neal: My favorite method of protection is avoiding situations where people might shoot at me.

      • Peter: You ever wonder what would've happened if I hadn't made you my C.I.?
        Neal: Well, I'd still be in jail and your arrest rate would be in the low 70s.
        Peter: High 80s!
        Neal: Why did you take my deal?
        Peter: I told you, your expertise.
        Neal: That's all?
        Peter: I realized... all those crimes you were committing, they were never about money, or greed.
        Neal: What do you think they were about?
        Peter: The challenge. That's what we have in common. I love the challenge.
        Neal: I know you do.
        Peter: And after all those years of chasing you, your cryptic clues, your late-night phone calls from international numbers...
        Neal: Yeah, and the cookies, and birthday cards...
        Peter: Yeah. I realized I liked you. That's why I took your deal.

      • Neal: May I borrow Percy? (Sam gives them a strange look)
        Mozzie: My pet rat. He eats all the fancy cheeses that I... can't. In many ways I live through him.
        Sam: Many ways?
        Neal: Don't get him started.

      • Mozzie: So how did the things go at the Suit convention?
        Neal: Well, we're back to the status quo I can work with.
        Mozzie: Oh, so he is suspicion you're up to something, and you're aware he's watching you like a red tail?
        Sam: Hell of a dynamic you've got there.

      • Peter: (pointing to the screen) These are the newest hi-tech gadgets being unveiled at the conference this week. Now, which of these would be worth forging your way past five hundred federal agents?
        Neal: (enthusiastically) Those mini motion detectors would appeal to a cat burglar, the cams would cut the risk on a bank job... Is that a digital tracker?
        Peter: Got it. The conference is a candy store to thieves.

      • Jones: How many agents are in attendance this year?
        Peter: About five hundred.
        Neal: And one of them is an imposter.
        Peter: Yeah. Someone brazen enough to pull a heist in a room full of FBI agents.
        Neal: Hmm. I like him already.

      • Peter: (about Neal, while recounting their first case together on the panel) He works well with me because I set effective boundaries.
        Neal: Yeah, so true. For example, the first time we met Hagen was actually at a church that was under restoration so the priest wouldn't let us in. That is, until Peter gave me the green light to feed the priest a story. (laughter in the audience)
        Agent Furlong: So Peter authorized you to mislead a priest?
        Neal: Yes!
        Peter: No. It was... it was a harmless story.
        Neal: (innocently) Basically I just suggested that agent Burke was struggling with issues of fidelity.
        Peter: I wasn't. I wasn't. (strange looks from the audience)

      • Peter: We have the highest closure rate of any C.I. team in the country. They wanna know what makes our partnership work.
        Neal: I've been wondering the same thing lately.

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