White Collar

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2012 on USA

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  • Ignorant and/or incompetent producers

    If you watch this episode you believe he is in a Caribbean island, while he's in an African archipelago (it is supposed to happen in Cape Verde). From the music to the people speaking spanish, to the "latino" looking extras, everything transports you to the wrong place. You want to understand how ridiculous this is? Picture a movie in Mexico, with characters speaking Italian (and looking Italian), with a Samba sound-track. Strangely, the only adequate scenario seems to be Maya's cafe.
  • Disapointing

    This episode says everything about the quality of this series... Cape Verde Speaks Portuguese, not spanish, it was a Portuguese colony until 1975. Plus the ambiece of villages and beaches loocks more like a island in the pacific or cuba, then of an african atlantic cost island, like Cape verde. Do your homework next time please!
  • Wanted- better writing!

    Disappointed!- Really sloppy writing specially at the season 4 premiere. First, In the Republic of Cape Verde the populace speaks Portuguese NOT Spanish. Second, does anyone believe that if some idiot in a bar offers $500K for the kidnapping of a wealthy resident would have anyone believe that it is a real reward? No,(particularly without proof of the money and being all by himself) plus a resident of the island, especially a rich one, would have the idiot " Who calls himself FBI without papers and warrants and no cash at hand" arrested if not worst- Actually, any self-respecting fugitive would have the "agent" picked up at the airport and promptly incarcerated. And lets not go into the audio tracking bit- which is ridiculous- since there are bells all over the world and each decays in different ways and no program can determine their origin specially when phone-audio has a reduced audio spectrum. Love the previous seasons lets hope that the writing gets better and less insulting of the audience intelligence.
  • Despite its flaws...

    I agree with all the flaws that Korsican wrote. It is pretty sloppy writing and a lot of deux ex machina being used... but you know what? I honestly didn't care. I'm not ashamed to admit it but even with all the little things that are bad, it has enough good to be a perfect summer show for me. The bromance between Peter and Neal, Neal and Mozzie.... The marriage of Peter and Elizabeth, the intrigue of Ellen Parker... Neal and his thing for hats... the manhattan skyline sandcastles... I mean I could go on but all in all a very intriguing way to start a new season. :)

    I don't know why people are complaining. Why must you nit pick everything, it is supposed to be fiction, not real, TV can get away with a lot of things. This episode had my on the edge of my seat the entire time. I really can't wait to see what happens next week. I love all the characters on White Collar, especially Neal. Mozzie's nicknames for people are fun too, Suit and Super Suit. I will be glad when they get back to New York though because that it a character in the show all by it's self. I have been waiting for this to come back for so long...can't wait for the next episode!
  • FYI on Cape Verde

    Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony, and the dominant language is Portuguese. That is why it is Latino. They're not speaking Spanish. They're speaking. Portuguese.
  • congratulation

    Very good
  • Entertaining and love the bromance

    Who cares if Cape Verde speaks Spanish or not. Yeah, it was a flaw but I'm not giving a bad review of the entire episode based on that. The writers took a chance having Neal run last season and there really isn't any way to bring him back that won't defy logic or reality. I don't want reality in my TV shows. I have a life for that. I love the way that Peter found Neal and intends to move heaven and earth to bring his friend home. Great season premiere for all the true fans of the how.